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hic et nunc  @unityjiujitsu

checkout full video in bio

my victory in Jesus name

Awesome time in Korea, I love this country, is a honor teach here! Thanks all the people that come in the seminars and @fightersmarket_korea! Next stop: Astana for @unitedworldgrappling Worlds, can’t wait!

the biggest of all lies in life is not living the here and now

love the life you live. so you can live the life you love

we are not determined by our experiences, but are self-determined by the meaning we give to them; and when we take particular experiences as the basis for our future life, we are almost certain to be misguided to some degree. meanings are not determined by situations. we determine ourselves by the meanings we ascribe to situations, alfred adler


frequentemente, alguém muito velho não tem outro argumento para provar que viveu muito a não ser sua idade - often, someone very old has no other argument to prove that he lived much longer than his age, seneca

looking backwards fucks with your neck @nick_suriano

you ask me, what is there to celebrate? and i answer: what is there not to celebrate? - voces me pergutam: o que há para celebrar? e eu respondo: o que não há para celebrar?

give me faith to trust what You say, that You're good and your love is great, i'm broken inside, i give You my life

relaxe em seu próprio ser, independentemente de quem você seja. não se imponha nenhum ideal. não enlouqueça a si mesmo; não há necessidade disso. apenas seja - renuncie a essa necessidade de tornar-se algo. não estamos indo a lugar nenhum, simplesmente estamos aqui. e este momento é tão bonito, é uma bênção tão grande; não traga nenhum futuro para dentro dele, pois isso iria arruiná-lo. o futuro é venenoso. apenas relaxe e desfrute - relax in your own being, regardless of who you are. do not impose any ideal. do not drive yourself crazy; there is no need for it. just be - give up this need to become something. we're not going anywhere, we're just here. and this moment is so beautiful, it is such a blessing; do not bring any future into it, as that would ruin it. the future is poisonous. just relax and enjoy, osho

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