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Paul Octavious  Photographer & Time Traveller living in Chicago

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At 7 months pregnant @luft.balloon looks radiant as ever! After I took this portrait, she gave me all the balloons! Traveling in the with a car stuffed with a basically the rainbow was quite thee experience πŸš—πŸŒˆπŸ˜€πŸŽˆ

As a kid, I was OBSESSED with balloons. So obsessed that my parents (bless them) would take me to get balloons 3 days a week and the balloon shop owner became a family friend. So when I stumbled upon @luft.balloon in Chicago, I immediately gravitated to the shop owner Elaine and her story. Like me, Elaine also had a love for balloons and celebrations growing up. She shared with me that: β€œAt the age of 8, I remember going through my mom’s entertaining books and being enamored by the beauty one can create to bring people together in celebration.”
Today, she runs her balloon shop with the idea of celebrating all the events in life no matter how big or small. Color rules her world and it was time to shake up the colors of the balloon world. β€œI wanted to rethink this medium of material like we are doing with cupcakes and donuts.” So, she came up with a new way to create any color she wanted. For instance, she could take a generic green color balloon, blow it up inside a generic blue color balloon and get a new beautiful color of Sea Green!
Now she creates everything from a single balloon for a small triumph to balloon-sculptures celebrating the big triumphs of life all around the city.
After the shoot she gifted me with the beautiful sculpture and I asked her β€œWhy Balloons?” Her response, β€œThey make people happy and the world needs a little more of the simple and a lot more of the happy.”
This portrait series is part of a larger series where I’m working with American Express to tell the stories of the people behind the Amex-accepting businesses I love. Over 30,000 more places in the Chicago area started accepting @americanexpress in the last year. I guess I have a few more portraits to take : )
#amexambassador / #amexwelcomed

In need of more pool friends πŸ™πŸΎπŸ’¦

Grow Light 🌿 went and bought a plant off Craigslist from a seller who was moving and this was the corner of one of their rooms! Swoon @crystalblackshaw 😍 btw that plant and all the paintings are for still sale...I need more wall space πŸ™πŸΎ

River Valley


🐳 The Blue Whale's tongue alone can weigh as much as an elephant. Their Hearts, as much as an automobile.


His name is Kid 🐿 His mom fell off a roof and left him and his sister. The two baby squirrels were orphans and luckily my good friends took them in to help nurse and they're back in amazing health ❀

Being a squirrel mom to baby squirrels...😍 These baby squirrels lost their mom recently and some friends of mine are helping nurse them to be released in the future. On a diet of Corn nibbles, syringes of milk, and plenty of naps. 🐿

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