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Paul Octavious  A New England Jamaican living in Chicago Photographer / Plant Dad Represented by @tinkerstreet


#tbt - When a brown boy was driving around the streets of Rome in a Lamborghini and cops would stop the car just to hear the engine 😍

When Olive the Dalmatian walked into the studio the whole team just all started to cheer! Our unicorn dog had arrived! Thanks for stopping by @laurenellis_y @danifoxhoven 🐶❤️ #rescuerainbow

These two images are some of my favorites. Besides photographing the dogs faces during shoots, I found the test shots just before with the owners hands calming their pups to be so loving and tender. The relationship between the two was so telling. #rescuerainbow

Had a great couple days in NYC hanging with a few good friends and taking my last bath before checking out of the gorgeous @thewilliamvale over in Brooklyn. I never knew how much I liked baths until I could find one that could fit this 6’3 body 😅 so now I’m on pursuit to find every great bath haha
REALTALK...I threw everything I possibly could in this last bath:
bath bombs
bubble bath liquid
milk powder
...I call that bath recipe the Benjamin Button 👶🏾

Without black, no color has any depth.
But if you mix black with everything, suddenly there's shadow - no, not just shadow, but fullness.
You've got to be willing to mix black into your palette if you want to create something that's REAL. #selfportrait

Finding a perfect sofa for my place these last couple years (when I could afford one..sofas can be expensive!) had been a complete bust.
One main reason Its been hard is because the living room is completely round. Finding the right shape for the room mostly had lead to dead ends.
Then one day a good friend @avenir_creative came over and decided to take it upon herself to first say she’d reupholster my current sofa then immediately scraped that idea and say “I’m just going to design you a new one!” I of course was left dumbfounded and replied with a “yay right! but sure I trust you!”
Yesterday morning in came this beauty and I *GASPED* it’s sooooooo SEXY! I’m currently in love with this piece and love my friends! I’ll grab a better photo of the color during the daylight!

This is Clarence.
He looks like a lowercase backwards h.
Thanks for stopping by and supporting your furry brothers and sisters over at @fcacc1! #rescuerainbow #adoptdontshop

This is Olive and this pup needs a home.
Olive is a 6-7 year pup. She is spayed, has a perfect bill of health, knows all her commands and is perfectly house trained. She’s not destructive and loves walks and cuddles!
She loves all humans but is dog selective. She should be the only dog in the household.
She’s available for adoption through @bffchicago, you can direct message them on instagram and submit your application through their site.
Lets find this cutie a home 😊 Tag someone if you know they’re looking for a friend.
Thanks for bringing Olive by @klyons3! #rescuerainbow

hot air 🎈

Yuki is my dream @lisa_frank spirit animal. Thanks for coming into the studio with your brother Togo! 😭🌈 @teammoretreatsplease #rescuerainbow

Lulu the Poodle @lulunreed came in with her dog dad @harperreed to help raise funds for her fellow brother and sister rescues pups around the city.
I exchanged a portrait of people’s dogs for a donation to @fcacc1 a rescue animal shelter. With those funds we’d buy the most requested items for the shelter like leashes, large collars, etc to do what little we can do to help the overcrowded shelters.
#rescuerainbow #rescuepup #🐶🌈 #dog

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