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Paul Nicklen  My new book “Born to Ice” is now available online at Amazon and TeNeues Publishing.

My good friend @pedromcbride has just released a beautiful photography book on one of the most scenic places on earth - the Grand Canyon. See rare vantages of this roofless cathedral but also learn how it’s at risk to change. Portions of the proceeds support the Grand Canyon Association, which helps protect the park. Head on over to Pete's feed to learn more about The Grand Canyon; Between River and Rim.

Photographing for @natgeo for the past 18 years has been one of the great privileges of my life. I have met so many friends, peers, colleagues, and editors who have become part of this powerful journey. A journey full of passion, commitment and purpose. For me, if these images aren’t being used for conservation and global awareness, then there is no point in doing all of the work. I came into National Geographic as an underwater wildlife specialist but I wanted to tell stories in the magazine that never had barriers. I wanted to be able to shoot equally above and below the water. Working for @natgeo is like being in the NFL except there is only one team. If you get hurt, you are off the team. If you have a bad season, you are off the team. They expect you to be your very best with each and every story you shoot for them. I spent most of my time shooting out of fear of failure. The work is physically and psychologically exhausting. My fellow photographers are the very best in the world at what they do. So, when the @natgeo followers chose this image as the top image published in National Geographic in 2018, I was in disbelief. I still am. Here are my favorite images from the series that appear in #BornToIce. All I know is that it is a privilege to have shot for National Geographic for 18 years and now we have the massive responsibility and privilege of running our own non-profit, @sealegacy. #muchworkahead #gratitude #photography #story-telling #adventure

I want to celebrate the work of my friend and talented photographer @amivitale. Head on over to her feed to learn more about her new awesome book about Pandas called “Panda Love”. All print profits are donated to the people and organizations caring for the environment.

I have seen many species of whales breach. However, I have never seen a sperm whale exit the sea, fly through the air and land with a thunderous splash that can be seen for miles and no doubt, a sound that can be heard underwater for many miles more. @sealegacy is here learning about Passive In-Water Whale Encounters (PIWWE..pronounced Peewee). What does it mean to give these animals space and respect? What does it mean to allow these whales to dictate the encounter? We are learning from the local Dominican guides, whale behaviourist @_Tomconlin @susanbird.wayofthewhale and we are learning from our own experiences. We have seen whale-watching done wrong all over the world and here, we are learning about what it means to do it right. #follow @sealegacy to see the release of our footage from these encounters With @cristinamittermeier for @sealegacy. #nature #whales #spermwhales #adventure #tournismdoneright #gratitude

I am passionate about sharing stories about places and animals without a voice. An enduring goal of my photography is to spark compassion, fascination, and motivation to those who previously may have not been aware or inspired by some of nature’s most compelling moments. I’m excited to share these captured moments in #BornToIce, on the finest, sustainable paper, where these images really come to life. I have also released a limited collector’s edition of the book, just in time for the holiday season, which includes some of my favourite prints. For more information on my latest fine art book, please see the link in my bio.

Every day I use the power of visual storytelling by combining my life’s work of photographs and personal experiences. I love transporting people through my photography to places most people likely will never experience; it gives life, context, and attention to vulnerable ecosystems that need it most. ‘Born to Ice’ to me, represents a collection of my favourite photographs that relay powerful stories to enact a positive change for our planet. And good news, #BornToIce features many photos of narwhals. For more information on my latest fine art book, please see the link in my bio.

I have met some pretty fantastic people along the way. What a pleasure it was to spend time with #PresidentJimmyCarter in a small inflatable boat, discussing ice, climate change, walrus and life in general. What a gracious and kind man. Whether it be in person or through my photographs, I love to share my passion for the polar regions. It is where I grew up and it is where my heart belongs. #BornToIce. Thanks for the photo @ralphleehopkins.

A baby fur seal uses a Trypot to avoid the stampede of adult fur seals on South Georgia, Antarctica. The irony is that these very pots were used to boil the fat off of elephant seals less than a hundred years ago. In fact, just 62 years ago, 6000 elephant seals were killed, rendering 2011 tons of oil. If you are ever about to give up hope with the state of the planet then please don’t as many things are improving. Just a hundred years ago, hundreds of thousands of blue and finback whales were killed for products to be consumed by humans. Fur seals were nearly wiped out for their fur. Elephant seals were nearly wiped out for their body fat. Since the killing stopped, fur seals have rebounded to historic numbers. Elephant seals are rebounding quickly. Sadly, blue whales and fin whales have not. In fact, countries like Iceland, Norway and Japan continue to whale. This is where the next fight is. Please join us on @sealegacy to lend your voice, your pen and your dollars to prevent us from reverting back to our barbaric ways. We must win this one together. #stopicelandwhaling #turningthetide

Hey followers, I am getting a lot of DM’s that I am not showing enough narwhal pictures. I hear you. They are one of my favorite animals as well. More importantly, they represent a changing arctic. Did you know that narwhals are even more vulnerable and susceptible to climate change than polar bears.? Hard to believe, isn’t it? We know so little about them but yet, the lives that we are living in the south are ultimately destroying their habitat and lives in the north. If we want narwhals and polar bears in our future then we need to get a grip on our carbon emissions. Shifting to clean energy, eating less or no meat and voting for people who care about our planet are all ways to fight for a more sustainable Earth. #climatechangeisreal #nature #naturelovers #love #beauty #whale #narwhal #thanksforcaring

I wanted this baby emperor penguin to make it into my new book “Born to Ice”, but the image itself really isn’t fine art. I only wanted my favorite, most artistic and creative images from a lifetime of living and working in the polar regions to make it into this massive tome. However, little “Happy Feet” penguin has had a place in my heart since the day I met her. Alas we found a place for her on the contact page of the book. I can’t believe that the book is now the #1 Best Seller at TeNeues and it is Amazon’s favorite pick for art books in 2018. The limited editions are selling out on my website. What a gift it is that this book will enable me to keep shooting and doing the conservation work that is so important and urgent. #gratitude #fineart #book #christmas #leavenopenguinbehind

Bearing witness to the changing Arctic landscape for the past twenty years motivates me to keep fighting for our polar regions. The Arctic could be completely free of sea ice during the summer months in the next 10 to 20 years. What will be the effects on wildlife populations that require sea ice to survive? 'Ice Waterfall' is one of the many impactful images from my new coffee table book 'Born to Ice' that I hope not only brings that question to the forefront of people's minds but also inspires them to take action. Link is in my bio! #climatrchange #borntoice

We came to Dominica on assignment for @sealegacy hoping to have one or two good days with sperm whales. Instead, I am craving a day off as we have had whales everyday for the past ten. And, we have five to go. The best part is that we have learned from the local guides and @_tomconlin about “Passive In Water Whale Encounters." We have learned about what it means to allow whales to dictate our interactions underwater. You don’t swim after them, you don’t pressure them, you don’t drive right up to them in the boat, you don’t alter their behavior and you definitely don’t put photography ahead of their well-being. There is a way for our two species to co-exist. Even our @omazeworld winners @asthecrowflies and @bostonnbeyond8 beyond8 had a social unit of sperm whales approach them closely on multiple occasions. What an expedition it has been. We are breaching for joy! Now, it is to apply what we have learned here to other whale watching tourism operations around the world. Stay tuned. #gratitude #nature #adventure

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