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Paul Pichugin  Landscape & Travel photographer Business and prints: 📩 Currently: home in the South West of Western Australia

Out on the dunes at sunset, searching for the next photo... and a place to set up camp!

I've spent the last 10 years visiting the south coast of Western Australia and I think there is no better coast line in Australia, there are possibly better small sections, but the wildness and mostly untouched beauty of this area just keeps me coming back time and time again.

I could spend a year exploring the coastline from Busselton around to Esperance and still not cover everything!

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Finding windows in nature, The Porongurups in @theamazingsouthcoast are absolutely worth the hike. So many amazing rock formations to climb through and over.

Castle Rock, Porongurups, Western Australia


Iceland in Summer! Potentially heading back there for their summer in 2019!


Point Picquet early in the morning...

The locals were getting pretty friendly with @NickBadger at Hamelin Bay yesterday. Was great to catch up with @kimberleyspirit and meet Nick and show him some of the South West.

#HamelinBay #Fujifilm #margaretriver

My last hike (or two actually) of the Stirling Ranges for the season, from here on the weather just gets too hot until autumn next year.

I hiked to the top of Bluff Knoll twice in about 14 hours, I don't recommend doing that too often!

The indigenous name for Bluff Knoll is Bulla Meela, meaning "place of many eyes", a very appropriate name I reckon!

Some of the best views are found not too far off the track.

#StirlingRanges #AmazingSouthCoast

Electric Avenue... the Field of Light: Avenue of Honour in Albany, Western Australia. This installation by Bruce Munro was commissioned by the not for profit @formwa, it is a pretty incredible experience.

Albany, Western Australia

#Night #FieldofLight

Sunset over the sand dunes outside of Esperance, Western Australia

#Esperance #Sunset #WesternAustralia

We all have that one friend who has to be in every photo... tag them 😋

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You ever had one of those days where you know you were in the right place at the right time and you were doing what you were meant to do? I had one of those days today... it has been awhile.

Sunrise over the rocks at Salmon Beach in Esperance, Western Australia

#Esperance #WesternAustralia

Spent hours wandering through the Field of Light: Avenue of Honour art installation by artist Bruce Munro in Albany, Western Australia last night.

This amazing installation was commissioned by the not-for-profit cultural organisation @FORMWA. @brucemunrostudio

#Albany #GreatSouthernWA #FieldofLight

After the sun had set over Sugarloaf Rock, Cape Naturaliste, Western Australia.

#Fujifilm #Sunset #SugarloafRock #CapeNaturaliste

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