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Paul Pichugin  Landscape & Travel photographer Business and prints: 📩 Currently: home in the South West of Western Australia

I'm currently wondering if it is time to delete this Instagram account. Engagement is at an all time low, at least 50% of the comments I get are generic and automated / bots (or indistinguishable from them), I block and report all of them.

I started using Instagram in 2010, back then it was awesome, people interacted, it was a real community without the garbage infighting and pettiness that seems to run rampant across the platform today.

The people I have met through this app have mostly been amazing. I've also managed to get a small group of haters who have spread lies and done everything they can to sabotage any sort of progress I've made, including lying about me to my clients and potential clients.

I haven't decided whether to delete this account or not just yet... but with the way things are going, I give it another 18 months before Instagram is just a bunch of bots commenting on posts made by bots if Instagram don't make some serious changes.
For me, most of the community has disappeared, or is being hidden by the algorithm. I used to get 10 times the engagement when I had less than half the followers I do now. I never set out to be an "influencer"(I still hate that dumb term), or to even grow a massive audience, I just wanted to see awesome places, capture them, share them and connect with like minded people!

What are your thoughts? Are getting any value out of this platform still? Will anyone actually even see this post and do they read captions?

Excited to be heading back to Cambodia with @andyyeephoto and @thegivinglens in late February next year!

Come explore the ancient temples of Angkor Wat, ride the Tonle Sap River and volunteer with the very awesome @Anjali_House.
Applications to join the team for this trip are now open! Link in my profile.

#Cambodia #TheGivingLens #TGLCambodia

Early stages of planning some new adventures for next year...

Canal Rocks Sunset, Western Australia.


Willie Creek, Western Australia.

Photographed with the @canonaustralia 5DS from a Robinson R44 helicopter during a project for @williecreekpearls.
#AerialPhotography #helicopter.

The colours of Cable Beach, Western Australia.

Photographed from a Robinson R44 Helicopter as most of the beach is a no fly zone for drones... plus helicopters are far more fun!

Spring is here... has anyone else seen their engagement and reach take an absolute nose dive the last week or two?

#spring #wheat

Aurora Australis, photographed from the South Coast of Western Australia.


Seljalandfoss, Iceland.

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