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Excited to be heading to Toronto with the @bethelmusic fam for the first night of #worshipnights. Let's worship together if you're in the area🙌🏻

Don't mess with Ez. Every night before bed he asks me to make up stories where he is the hero😂

I should have gotten a medal for not completely losing it during this😂😂😂 Worship fails are my favorite thing😂😂😂 I can't hear this guitar line without laughing and also getting super nervous-HA! #sonofgod #worshipfails @coryasbury

I normally don't post about these kind of things. It's not because I don't care, but because I'm overwhelmingly a pragmatist and if it feels impractical or that it won't actually make a difference, I don't want to hear about it. Please don't make me listen to something without an action involved-I get so bored. I would literally rather dig a hole in my yard than talk about theories or ideals. Haha, you get the point and I'll get to that more.
All that to say-I couldn't stop thinking about everything going on right now. I've felt super emotional about everything. It's felt more weighty than normal and I've been in a swirl for a few days now trying to make sense of what in the world is going on? It's not just the kneeling which is the hot button right now-it's the condition of us as a society.
Everyone is talking about the "kneeling" and I don't want to just be another post because it's the thing to do right now.
Here are a few thoughts if you care to read a long post:) Bottom line-RACISM IS WRONG. If you're a racist-you're a moron and you should leave the US and move to a mountain far away because we don't want or need you in this country. Seriously, how could you live in 2017 and be a racist??? Go away.

Bottom line-Kneeling during the National Anthem is wrong. Why is that so hard to say? Why do two wrongs make a right?
There is SO much nuance though, that if you say that-then you're labeled as someone who doesn't understand.
If we only stand during something sacred like the national anthem and only honor when our country is how we want it to be, then we would literally never stand. If that's not sacred, what is? If we won't stand now, who decides when we will stand again? Who will decide for us that the country is in a good enough place and that we will stand again? It's a fight that will never end.
President Trump was WAY wrong for calling anyone an SOB. Zero class involved in that and very disrespectful.
On the other hand-had he not used that derogatory word, I actually want a leader who will be passionate in insisting that we respect OUR Anthem and the people who have protected our liberties. You simply cannot.....continued in comments...

What a weekend. Wow. Beyond grateful to be in the room. Incredibly thankful for our leaders @brianjohnsonm & @jennjohnson20 . I really can't say enough about them. Such an overwhelming experience on a weekend like this to see a celebration of the things they've sacrificed for, paved the way for, prayed for, and paid the price for-most of which we've never seen. I love this picture because it shows who they are. Worshipping off stage-being authentic, real deal people who really love Jesus. This is the way you'd see them week in and week out at Bethel on a Sunday or at a conference in LA. It also shows how they have made space for us/me to be a part. No one champions like they do or empowers like they do. I seriously can't believe they let me be a part of their team and have a voice and sing the song on my life. They're a picture of generosity and I've experienced it in public and in private and I can't say thanks enough. Leaving this weekend hungry to know Jesus more. #heavencome2017

First time hearing @carllentz speak tonight-wowwwwww!!!!😭🙌🏻🔥. So inspired, challenged, encouraged, ignited, sheesh. I'm so moved😭 Words in a post don't do it justice, if you missed it go find it on the stream and watch it. My notes: 3 mindset shifts:
1) Realize you cant always have exactly what you want... but you need to grow anyway. Holy vs happy.
2) Realize that not every fight is your fight but you better be found fighting the right fights. (THIS!!! The church HAS to get this if we are going to change the world!!!) There's a difference in being an activist and and an angriest.😂 3) Realize God is always doing more than you think he's doing #heavencome2017

Bedtime singing by the man #ezrawright ❤️😂 #perfetemononyourweys #goodgoodfadder

It's so easy for me to read this verse and think "well so and so did this, or didn't do this, they didn't honor me, or they don't deserve this, etc". I have to constantly remind myself that humility is actually counter culture. It's not a valued thing in our world and is often seen as weakness. I have to remind myself that the point of this whole following Jesus thing is that I actually have to do things that are different from the world around me and what feels like my natural response. #romans12:2. Can you imagine how different our world would look if we all actually "valued others above ourselves"?! let's gooooo #humility #mondaythoughts

Who's coming next week?!?!? So excited to worship with everyone in LA next Thurs-Sat🙌🏻

My friend Jacob posted this today from his @spokenworlds account. Such a beautiful and encouraging gift from an amazing man. |PAUL MCCLURE|
You can hide in the shadows, you can bring yourself low.
That's when He will exalt you to the places you should go.
Kindness isn't quaint, it is sacrificial strength.
Polite people aren't pushovers they've just got bigger wars to wage.
Meekness is restrained and stored up for when it's needed.
When the apostles are depleted from screaming and they need a constant one to lead.
Religion is a silent library of dusty incantations on the shelf.
And in walks a zealous son to play dominoes and disturb the ancient spells.
In this new world of celebrity, worship has become an industry.
Counting coins for songwriters portions and corrupting the purest ministry.
Greed may be subtle to the eyes of men, but God will let the gluttons store up to give to men like him.
Who cares nothing about anything but the presence of his Jesus.
Who will weep and wail and devote without fail until that descending divinity frees us.
I know you discern all the fools wrong turns and yet you never drop the gavel,
I know you deserve more than what you get and still you never grovel.
It's the way you look upwards when your heart is draining.
To calibrate your compass north above the nethers to the throne room where our King is always reigning.
You build like Bezalel and you war like Miriam
You are filled like Gideon and you kill like Samson.
Your leadership is subtle like a gentle shepherds song,
but it is shifting our global culture in a world of warriors and we are watching you like a flock.
Take us to where you feed to the pastures where you praise.
Where you sustain your gratefulness all of your faithful days.
I wish you could see you as we see you, then you would never doubt your vastness.
You wouldn't think more lowly than you ought and we could finally get past this.
Shirking from the spotlight, hoisting everyone else.
To seize the grand nature of your eternal size and let the weight of it finally settle.
To be honest where we live is a land full of colossus.
Everywhere I turn is another massive destiny manifest. ⬇️(cont. in comments)

THE @kristenedimarco album is here🙌🏻 You can pre-order her new album “Where His Light Was” and instantly download 3 songs: “I Am No Victim”, “Fear Not”, and “Hope is Alive”. Worldwide release September 22, 2017: “The songs are written from the lessons I’ve learned over the past 10 years. My prayer is that this album empowers you to encounter the fullness of who he made you to be.” - @kristenedimarco #wherehislightwas

Praying for our friends and all of those affected by the hurricane. Our friends @leelandmooring and @mandylouisemooring and their family live in Baytown and have a church there as well. If you would like to help them, follow the link in my profile to give.

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