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Paul McClure  Husband to @hannahmcclure. Dad to Ezra Wright and Mae Wilder. Bethel Music Artist.

Loving this new Moments album🙌🏻
Introducing “MOMENTS: MIGHTY SOUND”-- our first spontaneous album captured live at Bethel Church is available now worldwide! This full-length album features powerful songs accompanied with moments of raw and unfiltered worship. We are so excited to share this project with you. [Link in @bethelmusic bio to listen to full album] *digital platforms only #momentsmightysound #bethelmusic #moments

My best buddies❤️ #ezrawright #maewilder

@brightones_ debut album is officially available worldwide! So impressed by these amazing world changers! I had a blast writing on some of these songs and helping choreograph most of the dancing....! Link in @bethelmusic bio to listen! #brightones #bethelmusic

Update from my bro Josiah and sister @carlyemcclure ! Please join us in prayer!

Thanks for praying for my brother @josiahmcclure and sister @carlyemcclure! Update below! 12PM UPDATE: Praise God we're over the first hurdle, but we still need your prayers!

Carly and baby did great during the surgery. Carly is resting well and we are all in the recovery room.
During the surgery the needle was placed on first attempt, the wire went across the aortic valve on the first attempt, and the balloon went into place on the first attempt! They did 3 inflations with the balloon because they said it's a thick, scarred valve. BUT they said there was a good flow through the valve so that's a great sign!

The baby didn't need any sort of intervention after the procedure as far as medicine for the heart, etc.
Now we wait. We're over the hump as far as risk from the actual procedure but there is a 24-48hr window where they have lost babies before.
Please pray the heart recovers from the trauma and that left ventricle snaps back to life!!! The whole goal behind this procedure is to open the aortic valve where the left ventricle can pump freely. We're asking God to touch and heal the left ventricle.
We love you all and sincerely appreciate your prayers and support!

4PM UPDATE: The OB overseeing Carly's care while we're here just came and did an ultrasound to check baby's heart. The machine can detect blood flow and visually represent that on the monitor by coloring the blood blue or red. She showed us where they opened up the valve, and compared to yesterday, there is a night and day difference! It's a beautiful, large opening, and they can see flow going through the valve.
You can also see how the left ventricle is dilated larger than it should be from the extra work of pushing against the closed valve. We're praying the opened valve relieves the ventricle where it can resume pumping.
In the OB's words, "She looks great. Hoping is a reasonable expectation." 🙌🏼 Please PRAY the left ventricles snaps back to life and makes a miraculous recovery in Jesus name.
Thank you everyone! God is good!

Please pray for my brother @josiahmcclure and sister @carlyemcclure baby girl. Below is an update from my brother. There is a link to a gofundme in my bio to help with medical expenses.
Carly is 24 weeks pregnant and our little girl is facing some pretty significant congenital heart defects. We're up at Boston Children's Hospital now for an in utero heart surgery tomorrow morning.
Basically the diagnosis is aortic stenosis where the aortic valve is narrowed or closed making it where the left ventricle can't pump blood out of the heart to the body. Our surgery tomorrow is where they go through a needle into babies heart to inflate a balloon to manually open the aortic valve. The hopeful outcome is to alleviate the pressure on the left ventricle where it can rest and recover. The ultimate goal is to save the left ventricle resulting in "bi-ventricular" circulation where both heart pumps work.

Please pray for
1 - successful surgery (resulting in an open aortic valve)
2 - miraculous recover for babies heart (left ventricle is saved and fully functions)

Another #worshipfail for you today. Enjoy😂 Posted with @lee.jonathan.lee permission and endorsement:)

This beauty, Mae Wilder is 2 today😭 So thankful for my girl.

The one and ONLY Steff’s album is out! You’ve prob never heard of her and she’s a little subdued and not very passionate but you’ll prob still like it....HA! Steff is seriously one of a kind. I’ve been amazed over and over again to watch as she refuses to let fear have any say in her life as she goes after Jesus. Excited for this album and for you @steffanydawn! You’re incredible. Also @bobbystrand is a beast as usual with his producing ninja skills. "I pray as you listen to this album that your insides would stand up, that the light switch inside of you would flip on and stay on." - @steffanydawn | "BLACKOUT" is officially here. Link in Steff's bio to buy or stream the album. #bethelmusic

We had an incredible weekend in Calgary with @seanfeucht & @kfeucht and the @burn247calgary team! Such a refreshing time of worship and friends.

Excited to head to Canada this weekend with @hannahmcclure and @seanfeucht for the Fire & Fragrance Conference! Get tickets at

So thankful for this babe @hannahmcclure and a much needed overnight getaway 🙌🏻 10 years married later this year and its only getting better. Also thankful for @loviebeks for watching our babies.

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