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Paul McCartney  New album #EgyptStation out now | #FreshenUpTour | Official #PaulMcCartney Instagram [by MPL]

Wings - Meet The Band (5/5): Henry Campbell Liken McCullough: guitar. Born: 21.7.43 County Derry. Wife: Sara Elizabeth McCullough, born 19.4.47, Ballinamallard. Child: Jesse Desmond Jed McCullough, born 17.11.70, Ashford, Kent. Height: 5.10 1/2”. Hair: Fair. Eyes: Blue. Weight: 10 1/2 stone. Hobbies: None. Favourite music: All sorts. Favourite colour: Green. Favourite food: Irish stew. Pet hate: Getting up early. Loves: Football, music. Ambitions: To make Wings a success. Before joining Wings played with Grease Band for 2 years, Air Apparent for 2 years. Joined Wings through Denny Laine. Meet the rest of Wings at #Wings #HenryMcCullough #PaulMcCartney #WildLife #RedRoseSpeedway

Wings - Meet The Band (4/5): Dennis (“Denny”) Phillip Seiwell: percussion. Born: 10.7.43 Lehighton, Pennsylvania. Wife: Monique Melanie Seiwell, born St Paul Les Romans. Height: 6.2 1/2”. Hair: Light brown. Eyes: Blue. Weight: Very 185lbs (13st 3lbs). Hobbies: Farming. Favourite music: Reggae. Favourite artist: Wings. Favourite colour: Green grass. Favourite food: Shellfish. Pet hate: Being put on the spot and finding no American football on TV. Loves: Radio interviews, American football – beginning to like English football. Plays: Basketball. Ambitions: To play the drums as well as possible. Before joining Wings did session work in New York. Meet the rest of Wings at #Wings #DennySeiwell #PaulMcCartney #WildLife #RedRoseSpeedway

Wings - Meet The Band (3/5): Denny Laine: guitar, bass, some vocals. Real name: Brian Hines. Born: 29/10/44 Birmingham, not married. Height: 5ft 7ins. Hair: Brown. Eyes: Green. Weight: 9 stone. Hobbies: Women and going on holiday. Favourite music: Varied musical taste. Favourite colour: Blue. Favourite food: Spanish and Vegetarian. Doesn’t like: TV, travelling – likes to be settled down. Sporting interests: Gymnastics – father was a boxer. Loves: Work. Ambition: To settle down and have a big house. Meet the rest of Wings at #Wings #PaulMcCartney #DennyLaine #WildLife #RedRoseSpeedway

Wings - Meet The Band (2/5): Linda Louise McCartney: piano, vocals. Born: I was. Birth place: It was. Kids names and ages: Hello, Goodbye and Maybe. Hair: Strawberry blonde. Eyes: 20/20. Weight: Varies. Hobbies: Rolling. Favourite music: Reggae. Favourite artist: Wings. Favourite colour: Sunset. Favourite food: Grass. Favourite sports and pastimes: Many. Loves of life: Husband and kids. Meet the rest of Wings at #Wings #FlashbackFriday #FBF #LindaMcCartney @LindaMcCartney #PaulMcCartney #WildLife #RedRoseSpeedway

Paul in #Nagoya at the end of his sold out #FreshenUpTour of #Japan #PaulMcCartney 🇯🇵❤️

Wings - Meet The Band (1/5): James Paul McCartney: guitar, bass, vocals, sometimes keyboard. Born: Yes. Birthplace: Liverpool, near Wales. Hair: Yes. Eyes: Yes. Weight: 2 stoned. Hobbies: Vicars, stamp collecting. Favourite Music: Good. Favourite colour: All. Favourite food: Chips. Favourite sports and pastimes: Running. Ambitions: Very. Loves of life: Linda and the brats.
Meet the rest of Wings at #PaulMcCartney #Wings #ThrowbackThursday #TBT #WildLife #RedRoseSpeedway

The ultimate wow moment on the last night of our Japanese tour. Thank you fans for giving us such a great time. Love Paul and the band x 🇯🇵👍

Arriving at the Tokyo Dome yesterday! 🤠🇯🇵 サイコー!
#PaulMcCartney #FreshenUpTour

Want to join Paul on stage at his Liverpool show? Flights, hotel and VIP tickets to the show are all included for you and a guest! Show your support for @MeatFreeMonday at #PaulMcCartney #MeatFreeMonday #MFM #FreshenUpTour #Liverpool

Halloween in Japan 🎃 🇯🇵

In the light of the recent tragic shootings in the USA I hope the American people will vote to elect politicians who advocate sensible gun control laws. #PaulMcCartney

Paul arrives into Haneda Airport for the Japan leg of his #FreshenUpTour which kicks off at the Tokyo Dome tomorrow! #PaulMcCartney #Japan #Tokyo #ICHIBAN

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