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Pauline Nordin  ▪️Founder & Trainer of Fighter Diet. ▪️Certified nutritionist by the CISSN. ▪️NSCA ▪️PROPTA ▪️#fighterdietwarrior #fighterdiet

If you wonder what gives me energy for my work, this is it. Scroll left to read!
Thank you @mammanessy for making my day!
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I can be nice, I can be hard, I can be Blunt and I can make you laugh. You get all versions in my challenge. As your trainer & coach I won’t always say what you want me to say, but I try my best to push you to success! #fighterdiet #fitnesschallenge #workoutmotivation #healthylifestyle #getfit #fitnesslife #personaltrainer #nutritionist

This is my favorite dinner except the spinach. I add it for its health benefits. The cabbage I buy in bags because chopped up brassica means the enzyme myrosinase that activates sulforaphane and isothiocyanate and other cancer preventing phytochemicals . Cooking can deactivate some but that’s why #fighterdiet rocks: the volume makes up for the mini loss! Deactivation of these compounds is beneficial in regards to thyroid health. In predisposed individuals, goitrogenic foods like peanuts, unfermented soy, strawberries, radishes and cabbage. I am hypothyroid (medicated and controlled since 2010) but there’s no way I’d stop eating healthy foods “in case”. You see the carrots? I don’t count them as carrots when they come in the bag in sporadic amount; I simply count them as cabbage calorie worth. Why? I don’t sweat the small stuff until the small stuff shows it’s not small. #fighterdiet #healthyfood #thyroid #hypothyroidism #sulforaphane #myrosinase #phytochemicals #plantpower #veggies #healthylifestyle #nutrition #diet #eatyourveggies

Positivity Wednesday! Tag a friend who needs some encouragement and give them a sincere compliment! Add it to your calendar on repeat every week! I usually do this while enjoying my heaven in a bowl! #fighterdiet #motivation #inspiration #goodmorning #positivity #payitforward #fitfam #positive #compliment #bekind #beyourself #fitnesslife

“You’re too skinny”, “you’re too huge”, “way too muscular”, “looks like a man”, “too scrawny”, “should not be able to see ribs” bla bla bla. Stop it. Just stop it! Stop judging women’s bodies non stop! We didn’t ask for it and we don’t care for it. Our bodies are not “for you”. Our bodies are for US. Nothing makes me more furious than women bashing women for what we choose to look like and live our lives for. Look in the mirror before you comment on women’s posts and ask yourself “is this something I should comment on with negative tone so I feel better about myself?”. You probably won’t type the same message you’d have to present face to face to the ones you body shame. #fighterdiet #women #body #bodyideals #skinny #strongwomen #beyou #fitfam #bodybuilding #enoughsaid #feminist

I always vary the programs in my fighterdiet challenges but no matter what you do as a trainer you’ll have a few “I don’t like this”. If the program calls for heavy, you get the “it hurts”, and if it calls for “light” which sucks much more than heavy sets since the burning sensation is quite annoying. For some reason people think 20 rep sets are supposed to be easy, however, if they are you’re just not lifting heavy enough for those 20 reps. There’s not one “the best” way to build muscle; you should incorporate all styles unless you’re an athlete who train for performance, not for pure muscle gains/physique development. #fitfam #fighterdiet #workoutmotivation #bodybuilding #physique #fitness #tuesday

Yesterday during rehab my physiotherapist Chelsea had me do prone resisted leg curls and recumbent bike. I’m a kid in a candy store! The muscle function tests are interesting: stronger with each contraction and also, I haven’t flexed against resistance for 2 months! Took my measurements:
1 cm up around my glutes, 1 cm up around mid thigh. Upper thigh same.
It’s amazing to wake up with a little bit more plumpness while my abs stay lean! I wish I had a physiotherapist all the Time! 😊 #fighterdiet #fitnessmotivation #hamstrings #quads #workoutmotivation #buildingmuscle #bodybuilding #legs #physiotherapy

Closing in on week 8 post hamstring surgery now! Rehab is going great! It’s fun to have a trainer! Shorts by @valhallawear! Thank you love of my life @thejeffbosley for coming to film me! #rehab #physiotherapy #hamstring

“I won’t quit”. Get that sentence out of your mind! There’s not even a glimpse of uncertainty that yes you will keep going but without that “will not” discouragement you put in there as a disclaimer that it’s ok to weaken up and surrender. Who are you kidding? Do you know you were born to be you and be you through good and bad times, through misery and ecstasy, to be there for you when you feel alone and to be there to fall back on when you face resistance? There’s no doubt you have the power. Stop giving yourself an option to back out. Yes it’s very scary most of the times to simply go for what your heart bleeds and beats for but why waste your time on earth with uncertainty about your ability? You have it in you! You know you’re living life the way it’s intended to when you wake up every day with a bit of a “OK let’s make it happen because I’m on a deadline and I intend to be great, one day at a time”. Let the rest think you won’t succeed while you work your way up, let them be surprised when you make it while they’ll tell you they never had a doubt. Hav a great day!!! #fighterdiet #mondaymotivation #fitfam #podcast #nobswithnordin #fitnessmotivation #trust #success #empowerment #focus #determination #dontquit #paulinenordin

A Negative mindset is like weight gain: it happens very easily and the more you gain the more you give up and the more you feel like crap.
Positive thinking is like weight loss. It requires tons of work constantly, it’s pretty much against our brains who remember bad things and forget the good things. If you stop positive thinking you lose the results of your hard work, if you keep thinking negatively you’ll never lose the weight because you already messed yourself up. Stop the negativity, work on the positivity! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
In the video my friend . I watched this long time ago and was 100% inspired by his determination and mindset. The podcast with him is up on iTunes. Please listen, you won’t regret it: episode 162 of No BS with Nordin. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
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It’s been a couple of fun weeks now with my upper body in building phase while my lower body rests up from surgery. Rehab started last Wednesday and I was so disappointed I didn’t get sore. It takes more than high rep band work without super-setting with heavy squats or Glute thrusts, but that Pilates ball between my thighs? Oh yes I like that! I’ll keep it in my routine but with much stronger squeezes and harder balls 😂. The workouts I’ve done for upper body has been pretty low volume but very frequent, I really like it! 6-8 sets and out. Strength is up. This low volume high intensity has always been my body’s favorite. Now, to the glutes: Here I am actually contracting it which I have not been able to do for 7 1/2 weeks. It has naturally inflated. The rehab keeps me patient and I’m no longer a cry baby about it. I can’t wait to build my buns, but let me express what I want since trolls and assholes seldom get it that not all women want a porn star butt without hamstrings or Lumbars. I want LEAN glutes. Round but not wide. I do not have an hourglass figure, my shoulders are wide and hips narrow, so that kind of body wouldn’t work for me anyway. If I were to just work for a phat fat butt, again, nothing wrong with it, it’s feminine and not unhealthy, my abs would fatten up. That’s where my fat goes first! I’ll definitely incorporate my new routines in the upcoming challenges! #fighterdiet #fitness #fitgirl #bodybuilding #glutes #fitnessaddict #healthybody #bodygoals #fitchick #workoutmotivation

Look!!! Look!!!! I’m featured in “new” in the health & fitness category on @iTunes !!!!! And thank you @joerogan king of pods for igniting my fire for it!!!!Thank you thank you thank you guys for making this happen by listening and sharing!!!!! This made my life!!!!! #podcast #nobswithnordin #goals #hardworkpaysoff #podcasters #health #fitness #talkshow ➕thanks to @thejeffbosley for convincing me to go for it! And thank you @pavelythjall for making it happen!!!!!

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