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Pauline Nordin  ▪️Founder of Fighterdiet. ▪️Certified nutritionist by the CISSN. ▪️NSCA certified▪️PROPTA certified ▪️#fighterdietwarrior #fighterdiet #420

What piece of advice would you give your young version of you? I know what I’d say to myself: do it Pauline do it do it do it. Trust your heart! It speaks the truth! Trust your intuition! It knows what you yet don’t! Push hard work hard Pauline you have it in you! Don’t complain, don’t nag, don’t brag and stay cool! Bring it! 🙃🔥#fighterdiet #fitnessmotivation #tbt #fitspo #fitnessgirl #intuition

Rope lunge. Keep an eye on the shin so it’s about a 90 degree angle there. The great thing with this exercise is how you can stay erect and still get a great stretch and workout for the glutes. You can see I have no strength to do this without holding onto my towel. If you have a @trxtraining TRX, use that instead of towel. #fighterdiet #glutes #butt #legworkout #workoutroutine #fitgirls #personaltrainer ▪️▪️▪️▪️▪️▪️▪️▪️▪️▪️▪️
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“I want to but it’s so hard! I just give up. And then I lose my motivation............” Ok. Let’s go through some fundamental truths in life.

1) what you want the most will never hand itself to you. It’ll have you chase it

2) are you giving up because you sit on a better alternative?

3) does motivation execute your tasks or does your discipline?

4) motivation doesn’t save you and doesn’t make you. Relying on Motivation is doomed to fail since motivation fluctuates and you’ll never know when you get its wind in your sails.
5) it costs a lot to keep fighting an uphill battle, but what costs more is knowing you could’ve but didn’t. Keep going.
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Sometimes you need an oxygen mask to keep going and some days you need to pretend life’s all a simply complicated game...and everything will be ok in the end..but you’re playing roulette...and as much as you wish you didn’t know what the consequence would be would you do know...I don’t have any comfort to give, I don’t know how to combat the beast of fear, but I do know that I’m too scared to stop, too scared to slow down, too scared to let myself drown, I’m too scared to miss the train, or forget to run with it or what if I can’t resist the temptation to stand there and take the hit. All I know is it’ll take all from us. It’ll take so much courage it will fully consume us. Like a boomerang it will return, and we just have to keep throwing it forward with the same power. Over and over again. #fighterdiet #courage #motivation #staystrong #positivity

Didn’t want to train. Had zero motivation. Dragged my ass procrastinating departure destination gym with several hours. Then, every set was a “let’s go home”. My muscles wanted to train, but I didn’t. I still trained. Why? It’s about principles. I don’t allow any princess manners. Luxury problems like gym motivation won’t ever change what I do. I don’t have to feel like it to do it. #fighterdiet #gymmotivation #bodybuilding #fitnessmotivation

The Ab wheel is a a great training tool with many variations to choose from. Avoid arching your lower back and don’t go further down/forward than you can maintain your spine at normal curvature.
Sorry for the typo loose on “lose”and “expecting” instead of sexy 🤨! I hope you can understand the message anyway!😉 #fighterdiet #absworkout #abwheel #workouttips #tuesdaymotivation #personaltrainer #fitfam #losangeles

You should be happy about what the future has in store for you, you should take out that joy and euphoria of accomplishing goals and chasing dreams before you get rewarded. “But what if I get disappointed and fall short? Then what was all the happiness worth?” You GAINED days of being happy! You GAINED days of being positive and excited! Nobody ever died from disappointment. Wouldn’t you rather be happy first rather than not allowing yourself to be happy in case all your hopes come to nothing? Simple math that even I can do: happy first + maybe happy later + maybe sad later = two positive out of three so that equals the odds are good. Compare that to not happy now + not happy later + maybe happy later = two out of three negatives.
Choose being happy even though it’s just a state of mind... which at the end of the day is what matters. #fighterdiet #stateofmind #happiness #happy #mentalstrength #fitfam #motivation

You can choose to believe in Santa Claus, in “crap, I just overshot my macros with 2 g sugar now I can just as well give up and start over on Monday, but let’s also self sabotage to max by adopting gluttony every day until Monday”, you can choose to focus on finding “the one” perfect workout plan and meal plan so you have an excuse to do nothing since you don’t have that magic plan of attack yet and never will. You can choose to worry about artificial flavors, sweeteners, worst case scenarios, forgetting relativity and real life likeliness it’ll ever be a real concern, you can choose to villainize a whole macronutrient group, or pretend they were healthier in the Stone Age era because they didn’t drink coke or had a cookie.
So, since you’re so inclined to believe in the weirdest stuff out there for no apparent reason, and you tend to focus on the most extreme strategy to establish a state of control, but you know what? Why do that when not even reasonable approaches can keep you on track? Why expect you can be perfect when you struggle with being pretty good? Don’t get mad here, I’m just wondering and would like to know your train of thought, since I believe in things that actually work: discipline. Hard work. Love for what you do. Dedication. Patience. Perseverance. Desire. The last one is critical. You must want it. You truly must want it...even on days when you don’t even want the day. #fighterdiet #motivation #dedication #commit #bodybuilding #positivevibes

Hello Monday! Today this is the protocol we execute without hesitation:
▪️remember who lives your life ▪️work towards what completes you ▪️build your future ▪️you promise to engage in zero useless discouraging communication ▪️you walk away from what hurts ▪️you welcome change ▪️you continue and you BELIEVE in your ability ▪️Treat yourself with respect. When you do, you respect others automatically. ▪️Live today with one goal: to be better than you were yesterday, and to always strive to be.
If you want to live a fulfilling life you owe it to yourself to create it.
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The biggest reason you don’t gain muscle is most often a lack of effort. Not on a conscious level but due to the fact muscle does not grow like weed! When you lift you have to consider the weight your enemy to annihilate. It’s a competition: who will slow down last. If you do not lift like your life depends on it, nothing will happen. Nothing despite your nutritious protein rich meals and rest. You must hit it hard to gain. In the gym and in life, pretty much.

In picture, me in a most revealing body conscious attire, selling out like all the other insta chicks! 😂😂😘 #fighterdiet #bodybuilding #gymmotivation #instachick #fitnessmotivation #mig29 #travel

Be careful what you wish for. It might come true. #fighterdiet #fitspo #motivacion #motivation #fitness

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