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Pauline Nordin  ▪️Founder, President & Trainer of Fighter Diet. ▪️Certified nutritionist by the CISSN.

Frank Doggie Smalls came into my life at the perfectly ripe age of 13. He was dropped off at a fancy shelter owned by a TV celebrity but he wasn’t taken care of and when @thejeffbosley and I adopted him he had a whole row of rotten teeth that needed to be extracted, open wound on his neck and too long toe nails. His previous family had had him 13 years then decided he was not wanted anymore. Wow...those kinds of people should be put in jail. They had the money to keep him; how I know? They left him because they were going on a vacation. Anyway, there’s a reason for everything and I’m grateful they were assholes so I had the privilege to take him home. Frank loved the video camera just like Goosegump the shelter senior rescue cat did. Here he is asking me if he could monitor the comments. #rip #frankdoggiesmalls #dontshopadopt #shelterdog #rescuedogsofinstagram #furbaby #seniordog #dogsofinstagram

Our metabolism doesn’t know it’s weekend but for some reason we are all like Pavlov’s dogs with our diets Saturday-Sunday. I too have to stay extra focused. How I do it? The following self pep talk: “Nordin, don’t eat this today, wait til Monday. Monday you can eat everything and it won’t show! You know how much you hate that feeling of first being very lean then eat beyond my ability to bounce back. It’s so easy to undo all hard work and dietary discipline, while it’s as easy as looking at a chocolate bar and you feel how your fat cells are drooling!😂. Eat your veggies today, then we can evaluate on Monday.”. The best part of this is who is that stupid we blow our diet on a Monday? Nobody! Nobody ever blew it on a Monday! Haha! #fitnessmotivation #personaltrainer #fitfam #workhard #discipline #nutrition #fighterdiet #abs #bodybuilding #goals #glutes #fitgirl #weekend

Rise and shine, strike a pose and go to work. #fitfam #goodmorning #girlboss #fitness #fighterdiet #freecity #selfie #workoutmotivation

Multitasking! What do YOU combine to get things done? #fitnessmotivation #fitfam #fitnessjourney #stretch #cooking #fighterdiet #fitgirl

10 tips for you who have a long way to go on your fitness journey:

1) consider this a lifetime investment. It’ll pay off over time the longer you work at it. Just like money on the bank won’t grow if you take them out and spend them, neither will you lose the bulge if you don’t consistently change your lifestyle to allow that shift.

2) learn nutrition and macronutrients. The more you know the better you’ll be able to manage grocery shopping like a fitness pro.

3) lift for size and lift for strength. Yes, I know, you feel like you’re too big and should just do light weights high reps and cardio, but don’t fall for that mind game! You need muscle mass to support your efforts to cut body fat. You did not gain fat from training and training will not make your fat cells hold on to their fat.

4) actively seek out and try different vegetables. They are the best carbs on earth for us who want to be lean. Are you one of those who hate veggies? Don’t hate the ones you never met! Never let one bad veggie experience ruin it for the rest.
5) use positive affirmations: you are strong, you have the power to change, you’re working hard etc. There is no need to reinforce “I’m fat” etc since it doesn’t make you happy and also, why focusing on that like you’re trying to stay fat? What you say you are, you stay.
6) get rid of negative “friends”. If they don’t want you healthy they’re not your friends.
7) have patience! If it took you ten years to gain 100 lbs, then allow at least 2 years to undo it.
8) write in a journal about how you feel, what you’re doing and why you’re doing it. Every day.
9) if you slip, get back on track: if you feel like giving up, ask yourself if that would make you succeed. Remind yourself everyone messes up now and then, but only those who keep going will win.
10) never feel like you’re alone in this or that something is wrong with you: food is seductive, high calorie refined food can be very addicting, and you’re a human, trained via evolution to never miss a calorie opportunity. Can you win? Sure! You can use your determination and drive. Those skills can be found in all of us if we truly want to succeed. #fighterdiet #fatloss #fitnessmotivation

I’m excited about these two upcoming challenges for women! Why should you join my program? Do you struggle staying accountable? Do you fall off the wagon after the first weeks? Do you need a plan to follow? If you say yes to these questions, join me or find a fitness challenge you want to do! #fitnessmotivation #fitfam #fitnesschallenge #bodytransformation #workoutmotivation #workhard #fitgirl

Dog lovers! Had the pleasure to chat with @thedrewlogan and his dog Lucky about fitness and workout programs. Go check out his books! Big thank you to @rickywhittle for snapping the pic and paying attention to the light! 👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻 #fitfam #fitnessmotivation #personaltrainer #losangeles #drewlogan #authors #gymlife #dogs

Why do I wear sunglasses when it rains? With @thejeffbosley . Today’s topics: All about anti aging in skincare, how to decrease accelerated photo aging, supplements and foods for skin and hair. That’s what is on today’s No bs with Nordin podcast today. #nobswithnordin #podcast #skincare #sunprotection #collagen #coolibar #sunglasses #fitfam #acne #eczema #eyes #cancerprevention #fitnessmotivation #fighterdiet

My favorite hoodie! Pic of me by @larrynavarroart ! Subliminal message! 🙃 #fighterdiet #hoodie #fitness #workoutmotivation

The best way to woman up and stop being a baby is to train with men double your size. Why? Your weights will look puny, you will lift more since seeing what the men lift will break your self limit and you’ll expect more from yourself. Always train around stronger, better, greater athletes when you get the chance. With @mikeohearn who is probably the strongest guy at the famous Golds gym Mecca! #bodybuilding #workoutmotivation #fitnessmotivation #fitfam #fitgirl #fighterdiet #paulinenordin #mikeohearn #naturalmuscle #fitfriends #doglovers

Eating for performance vs looks, wrinkled stomach, cellulites and the many different looks of butts on today’s no bs with Nordin. #podcast #nobswithnordin #fitness #performance #aesthetics #bodybuilding #fighterdiet #fitfam #goodmorning #skinnyfat #fatloss


20. You feel sad.

19. You feel like someone died.

18. You miss your old life (your brain makes sure you’re selective
here though so you

don’t reminisce how FAT you felt but only the wonderful days of you
dancing with cookie jars on cloud 9.

17. You want to shoot someone. Because everyone’s a freaking PAIN IN DA BUTT.

16. You’re dragging your feet to work out. This is an attempt by your

15. You wake up during the nights. You’re restless.

14. You think about going to Dunkin Donuts to eat dinner.

13. You’re SO HUNGRY you can’t think about anything but food.

12. You feel like your skin looks worse, getting more dimples

11. Your feel weak and have headaches

10. Your sex drive is now at the North pole.

9. You just want to go hide from the world.

8. Even though you’ve lost several sizes in clothes you just can’t
appreciate it. You don’t know why (but I do, it’s the diet
depression). 7. Caffeine pills or coffee just doesn’t boost your energy anymore. (I
don’t know how it works but when you’re too depleted NO matter the
caffeine intake you STILL don’t feel it. Remember caffeine can not x
your underlying cause of fatigue, it can only HELP when you’re ready
for it). 6. You don’t want to move at all. Even getting up to grab a remote
feels like a marathon.

5. You want to nap all day long.

4. Your husband/wife/partner irritates you a lot more than usual.

3. You don’t want to eat at all even though you’re hungry.

2. You doubt that you will ever succeed.

1. Your heart rate is lower than usual and you’re feeling cold.
#fighterdiet #diet #depression #fitness #fatloss #myfitnessjourney

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