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These days I’ve been obsessing over working out—Pilates in particular—so much so that I’ve suspended my IG hibernation to pay tribute to all the tiny muscle groups it works to stretch, strengthen and tone. Also, @onelifestudio just opened 1300 steps away from my home, and I NEED them to grow old and grow roots in that space otherwise I’d have to make the drive again all the way to Greenhills to train.
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See also the #VIPilates I hosted for them in my Stories, which @nailspa_ph proudly sponsors
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Perhaps it was it was the intercontinental flight or it was having my pointy sling-backs behave like mules (ouch!) that prompted my inner sungit queen to emerge. And @raffyjuan was having none of it! Richard Serra's "Matter of Time" saved the day; how lucky were we to turn around and find ourselves feeling like wide-eyed six year olds again in a playground again.
#GuggenheimMuseo #Bilbao

The husband and I hightailed it to the Guggenheim (in our airport attire, no less) as soon as we found out our room wasn't ready. I was out like a lightbulb during the commute anyway, still I wasn't sure if my body knew it was supposed to be awake. Viewing Richard Serra, Cy Twombly (a fave) et al on the Masterpiece floor would be pretty visceral for me. Now the video installations (seminal artist Bill Viola has a retrospective), on the other hand, were a challenge: walking through a warren of pitch black rooms, I suddenly wasn't sure if I wasn't in a dream.

Ten minutes before the guests arrived, prep was a family affair. We modified last night's boodle fight for our Japanese guests and served Kurobota lechon, fresh lumpiang ubod, sugpo in Alavar sauce and kinilaw na tanigue with crispy tawilis and salted egg + tomatoes on the side. Oh and burong hipon, mangga and amplaya and atsara.
Dessert was a buko macaroon pie topped with macapuno ice cream and fresh macapuno balls.

Was at the market bright and early to buy my supplies—crispy tawilis, Alavar sauce, fresh macapuno, and Spanish tomatoes ('twas indeed a revelation. Oval and blood red, they reminded me a little of guavas)—for a dinner @raffyjuan and I are throwing tonight. I'm always looking for an excuse to go a little crazy with the flowers. I swear I asked for the names of these gorgeous foliage; I blame three epidurals for forgetting them.

I have a love-hate relationship with posting on @instagram. Or maybe I'm just lazy... but I thought today would be a fine day to post, since I've been up and at it since 2am (Gosh, shouldn't I have beaten jet lag by now?). 📷| #InstagramSon Max, the second of two attempts he took for "mommy's IG"

Home—and wrestling with jet lag. Back from a series of trips feeding my wanderlust, and my homecoming was met with a balikbayan box full of cook books (an impulsive midnight binge during #amazonprimeday). I know... If, like @raffyjuan, you think me foolish since there's a gazillion recipes online, I will have you know that I've been there and done that!
Couldn't contain my excitement as I flipped through the pages; these will ease me through the sleepless nights (I was up at 2am today). Can't beat the printed page I'm afraid.

#printparin #ihaveebooksinmyipad #itsnotthesame

During my job interview for @previewph , I was asked if I preferred to work the fashion or beauty beat, and I chose the former. Lucky for me because @agoo_b came onboard as beauty assistant the next week; we've been working together ever since.
Yesterday, she launched a collab on a line of fashion-forward nail polishes in Nail Spa (I decorated this branch), which a couple of high school buddies and I put up off a semester living in New York.
Cloud, Smitten and Posse are the products of a mani-pedi obsession that knows no other, and, over quesadilla and chismis, we spent yesterday with girlfriends getting lacquered up.
#SoliqueXAgoo #Solique #Girlstuff #Nailspa #NailspaPh #ManiPedi #💅🏼@nailspa_ph

This week's flowers: cabbage roses, Queen Anne's lace, Indian berries and my favorite snapdragons. It seemed like it was one fine day as we set about shopping for kefir (great for the gut), fresh macapuno (what a revelation) and blue peas (to infuse into gin). Luckily for Max, my perennial Salcedo market date (I made him swear to accompany me always when he was 3!), and I, we had just set foot at home when the deluge fell.

Borrowed from the boys
Once upon a time I planned and styled their outfits. Last night we were choosing between two outfits, and I modeled this tee and a hoodie for them. Then they vetoed my new Dries heels in favor of skate shoes. #WhatHasTheWorldComeTo
Regram from @previewph 📷 | @theandreabeldua

Fortified by the sweet-savory-buttery pork buns from our dim sum lunch in Che's Cantonese, we speed-shopped (well, @darylchang—who prefers to look first, buy later—did anyway; I secured my purchases earlier on) the hours waiting for our (last) flight back to Manila. It was delayed, of course 🙄, but it didn't really matter. This was another hour and a half where we could continue being silly fashion girls amongst ourselves.
#girlstrip #nojudgement #ifc #ifcmall #hongkong #hk

We set about for happy hour after a pilgrimage to Cos, and arrived before the crowd set in. I was so intent on capturing the interiors, I only just noticed the couple kissing in the corner (nerdy fact: butterfly is a synonym for kiss). This set my imagination on overdrive, of course: You've all heard of the butterfly effect, right? What would be the ripple effect of a kiss underneath a shower of butterflies? Chaos? A stolen smooch? Or an eternity of being reincarnated into this reckless forbidden love? The plot thickens... @darylchang

#ironfairieshongkong #hongkong #hk

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