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PauletteGigante  Philippians 4:6-7✨ Ⓜ̣̣̣ᴏᴛʜᴇʀ ᴏғ ᴛᴡᴏ ᴊᴏʏs❤️❤️ ℂʀᴏssғɪt Ꮆames ℳastersℚualifier🏋 🅒🅞🅐🅒🅗 Crossfit L1/ ACE Pt Cert/KB Concepts ɪɴᴛᴇʀɪᴏʀ ᴅᴇsɪɢɴᴇʀ

•People do not decide their futures ,they decide their habits , and their habits , decide their futures. ~ FM. Alexander •

What are you making a habit ?? How are you setting up ?? What are you creating ??✨✨Something of value ? Something you’re proud to be a part of ? Something that lasts ? Something that is getting you where you want to be ? Where are you putting your time ? What are you investing in ?
Just something to think about .
Happy Wednesday friends 😚 #foodforthought #thinkaboutit #habit #invest #value #setup #future

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•Entering this week as the unstoppable woman I know I am .. I suggest you do the same 😘

#yougotthat ?? #goodvibesonly 🙌🏻🙌🏻💋 #unstoppable #strongwomen #youareunstoppable #getafterit #sunday #mood @gemmatroypoetry

•Let me pour a little color from my soul into you ~ 🙏🏻✨Harpreet M Dayal •

•Today is my birthday. ☺️
When I think of what this year has brought me .. the challenges I’ve faced .. how unstable my life had felt at times .. I can’t help but be reminded that the one thing that remained constant was the love of my father in heaven . How he’s kept me under his wing . Unwavering and unconditionally.
His strength had become mine . ❤️
The lessons I’ve learned about others and about myself were life changing . But isn’t that what growth is about ?? 🙏🏻

So on my birthday.. I’d like to make a few wishes for you ✨
✨May you always know you are worthy.
✨May you always feel respected.
✨May you always know that you are enough ✨May you never be afraid to grow ✨May you always count your blessings .. I have too many to mention ..🙏🏻 But they start with my boys ❤️❤️. •

my friends 😌
Here’s to growth,
new strength ,
new opportunities,
new loves,
another moment in time,
another stroke ,
And another year ❤️
Here we are .. at FORTY ONE💪🏼👊🏻🔥

#ageisjustanumber #fortyone #gettingyounger #fitter #fitoverforty #happybirthday #cheers
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So as soon as you get home from work , school pick up , a day out .. whatever ..
Turn on the grill or pan .. set to high heat and blister these bad boys up!
They are super easy !! and you can snack on them while you make the rest of the dinner 😃🤗..
because ...
A.) who doesn’t want to snack while preparing dinner??
B.) they won’t ruin your diet and tend to fill you up a little on good stuff so you wont eat as much over all
C.) they’ll fit into virtually any kind of meal plan (almost 😉) D.) they are super nutritious
E.) they’re easy and take virtually no time
F.) they’re yummy 😋and not boring 🙄..But you might get a hot one .. if that’s the case .. well... don’t get a hot one 😬 #carefulsweetheart 😘
#yourewelcome 🤗

1 tablespoon sesame oil
6-8 oz. Shishito peppers
Season with sesame seeds and sea salt
Set heat to high .. and sauté above ingredients! •

#healthyeating #nutritious #cleaneating #healthysnack #lowfat #lowcarb #foodie #healthychoice #snack #delish

Happy Mother’s Day lovelies ❤️

The most beautiful thing about her was all of the love she carried in her heart . People like that turn everything they touch into love . ♥️
~ cwpoet •

Sometimes it takes a little while to get back to a place you call home . Sometimes you never think you’d get back ... that home is who you are . Who you were before doubt , fear , hurt and pain set in . Though it’s a part of life , the experiences we go through often leave us hopeless .. until that one day .. you wake up .. and touch your skin .. and it feels the same as it did before the hurt , and you feel your face ... and it has the same softness you always knew so well ... and you slowly breathe hope back into your lungs.. back into your heart , and you see yourself again ... like you were before the pain set in ... you’re there again , in your home .. loving ... always .. the way you were always meant to love ❤️ #home

I’ve been writing a lot again lately .. which is one of the things I used to do but had stopped . I encourage you to pick up something you’ve done before , something that made you feel good .. remember what that was? ... something that moved you ... do it again .. and again .. till you feel the same things . Life is about change but it’s also about remembering and not losing sight of things that made you YOU . Don’t lose that 💝. •

#life #change #hope #love #future #godsplan #bestchoice #happy @adidas
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So here’s what’s happening friends! I’m sooooo excited about the opportunity to train at lifetime with so many other amazing and passionate coaches 🙏🏻!! And the opportunity to do more of what I love to do ❤️
This mama is officially an Alpha coach ! 🤗 so yes ! You can take my class and train with me ! 💪🏼 Come by for my 12 o’clock class M,W, and Friday for a kick ass workout !! And more to come !! message me for details about personal training ! @alphatraining @myrnabradyfitness @freezy30

If you’re interested you’ll do what’s convenient. If you’re committed , you’ll do whatever it takes 👊🏻💥 •

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Party of 8 minus 5 .. you play doubles,we order them 😬#sohomule #whatsthebet #3people9dirtyplates #yesmaam

You should be held like a diamond and a bomb .
Loved like it’s dangerous to drop you 🖤 ~ Erin Van Vuren •

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I’d rather be completely exhausted from the hard times which breed success than well rested from achieving nothing 👊🏻


•Few things are set in stone. The outcome of your life is not one of them. Take control. - RH

You are not what happened to you . You are not your past . You are who you create in the here and now . Make it something you are proud of ✨

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