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Paul Blackthorne  Wildlife lover/Actor/Director/StepDad. Brand enquires:

Who’s shooting who? Lest we forget the unheralded hard work of the camera operator - in this case our man Chris Banting who does a brilliant job shooting ‘A camera’ on this very successful TV show #Arrow. Successful for many reasons, one of which is his capturing of the action through the lens. Another reason might be the brilliant talents of @kirkacevedo Well done chaps.

Finally I get the attention from the hair dept I’ve been yearning for, for years! Thx @pauledwardshair ,now I know what it feels like to be @katiecassidy Hurrah.

Trees kind of blow my mind.
They’re basically a slow motion explosion of life bursting out the ground.
And then they give us oxygen...
One big old leafy tree produces as much oxygen in a season as 10 people inhale in a year.
That’s kind of mind blowing right?
Thanks Earth.

Nothing better than a few laps round the #Vancouver seawall after a 530am #Arrow wrap. Just love this place. Ready for bed now.

Zoom in to the center of the pic, there is a person working on a step ladder.
I think I’d prefer to be the other side of the safety net.
All in a days work I suppose.

I must admit,it was a bit chillier than I expected, but it woke me up...
Love it!

Greetings one & all - I want to give away money and I need your help!
For the last three months I’ve been cycling up & down mountains in sleet, sun, snow & rain.
I’ve become a #MAMIL - Middle Aged Man In Lycra, strange but true.
The reason for all this is those nasty California fires last year.
42 people died and 100’s of homes were lost.
I saw that fire burn at the end of my road and it was horrific.
I got lucky, but many didn’t so myself and a few mates are cycling from Santa Rosa (just north of San Francisco) to Ojai (just north of Los Angeles) 470
We leave Santa Rosa April 29th and ride in to Ojai seven days later on May 5th.
And we are asking YOU for a good cause to raise money for...
Do you know anyone or anything who is in need of help ? A community rebuilding project perhaps ...??
In the fire effected areas, of course.
PLEASE - help us give away money!!
Whoever comes up with the best cause is cordially invited to the gathering in Ojai we’ll be having on May 5th...

The Directors view. After two weeks of prep work, the time to shoot comes...
Tonight’s #Arrow episode is directed by our man @buntone .Mr Mark Bunting has worked tirelessly & brilliantly as a 1st Assistant Director on this show since the PILOT! Last season he directed his first Ep and tonight’s Ep is his second turn at the helm. A very fine man and a very fine director. Nice one Mr B!
I’m looking forward to seeing it...
And of course that’s Juliana preparing diligently before the camera rolls.

When #California’s good, it’s very very good.

Any guesses?

I really hope that man in the White House closes his mouth for at least one second and opens his ears for slightly longer. To listen to the people, to hear the marching on the streets, to hear the cries of anguish, that enough is enough.
And to listen to a voice of reason somewhere deep in that dull beating heart and recognize that this could be a pivotal moment in American history. And that he has the power to enact it...
The only thing permanent is CHANGE, but change takes strength Mr President and you have that strength, so please, please, please listen to the people and the voice WITHIN and use that incredible position of yours to enact CHANGE.
So children don’t die in schools.

Those Lance’s getting themselves in a pickle again... #Arrow

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