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Paula  Interior & Graphic Design enthusiast ⋅ Edinburgh ⋅ Travel ⋅ Food ⋅ Yoga ⋅ Mum to Leon, forever 5 days old 👼🏼. Second Instagram : Heyho.designs

When people ask a simple "how are you" and I wonder how to explain the feeling of either all or nothing. ( ✏️ picture credit ; @selftherapista)

Some days are better than others. And then some you just need to get through. Hold on tight to the very little hope you have left and stored somewhere deep down for days just like this one.
Living with anxiety breathing down your neck every day, not knowing what's going to trigger you is not easy. But with the right support and help around you - it's possible. Being open about it helps people understand your behaviours therfore it helps you. There's nothing shameful about asking for help.

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Take me back to Thailand 🙏🏻
Feels like a previous life that one.
NO worries, NO anxiety, being naive and trusting that if I'm a decent human being treating everyone right - people will do the same and good things will happen to me. Kind of struggling with that concept lately. But bare with me when I build all my believes from scratch here ✌🏻️
On a positive note - look at that tan!
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Give yourself a break.
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I love receiving cards just as much as I like to post them. These two beauties were designed by my lovely friend Gemma and I'm proud to say you can get them in selected Edinburgh card shops or online on @marinsmummy website.
25% of profits is donated to charities supporting research into the causes and prevention of pregnancy complications that lead to misscariagge, premature birth and stillbirth.
Such as @tommys_thebabycharity and @miscarriageassociation
These are great in those lost for words moments.
#marinsmummy #cardstock #edinburghvibes #babyloss #randomactsofkindness #sendacard

Today I choose my glass to be half full. It's not always easy but the key is to try. Always. Even if life scares the shit out of you.
First day back at work. I've got this 💪🏼 #mentalhealth #mentalhealthawareness #fellingok #facingthesun #motivation

Warms my ♥️when friends remember Leon and send me those photos. Knowing someone thought of our boy and remembered him - is everything.
It might seem silly to some and not everyone will understand that, but when your world falls apart into million pieces after loosing your baby and all the plans you had for your life... you need to find little things that bring you comfort & help you get through those darker days.
#babyloss #breakthesilence #feelinggrateful #leonslegacy #neonataldeath

In loving memory of EU 🇪🇺👋🏻 #brexitbullshit #brexitjokes #Edinburgh #bench #benching #benchdedication

Summer is here.
Appreciate all those little things, moments and people you have in your life.

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F I F T E E N ⋅
Fifteen Mums & Fifteen Dads world will collapse today. They will find out their baby's heartbeat is not there, or that their baby is not going to survive. 15 BABIES A DAY DIES in the UK at the moment. That's the shocking statistics.
To provoke a discussion as of why those numbers are so high in a well developed country such as UK Sands will erect washing lines with 15 baby grows today in major locations such us Scottish Parliament, London Tower Bridge, Edinburgh Castle and many more.
Those numbers are unacceptable and the more we talk about it hopefully the more can change in healtcare leading up to birth.
To put that number into perspective here's 15 baby grows we got for Leon. I remember picking up, washing and ironing all fifteen of them while waiting on his arrival. He only get to wear one.. ♥️ Stillbirth, infant loss or misscariagge. Don't be afraid to talk about baby loss. Things will not change if we won't fight for them to change!
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