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I know I've already posted about this attack but I just wanted to elaborate a little bit more, I think yesterday's attack has really affected everyone and at moments like this we all unite & support each other. But, things like that should never happen in the first place, especially targeting young adults/children who went to enjoy themselves at their idols concert. Concerts should be the most fun & exciting experience, not a place where you can get killed. Seeing things like what has been said on this photo breaks my heart. These children and some adults haven't returned home either due to getting killed or injured. Imagine having a child, dropping them off to a concert and never hearing from them again! So terrifying. This is the world we live in now, the world of fear. We shouldn't be scared to live but we are because of things like that and this is the reality for many 3rd world countries which we don't hear about as much or at all, this happens every week for some countries. Innocent children lose their lives, innocent people and animals too. It's so so so upsetting and knowing that this could happen to anyone, terrorists don't pick and choose. They have no mercy. All we have is politicians saying we shouldn't worry or shouldn't be afraid, but how can we not be afraid when this is the reality. These children never even thought that this could happen, when you're a child these thoughts just don't exist because you don't know what terrorism is. These children were growing up at primary/secondary school and college all waiting to grow up, have futures and experience life but they won't be doing that now because someone took their lives away from them in the space of few seconds. Let's not forget about their families who will never forgive themselves now & will seriously be mentally scarred. This isn't about religion, terrorism doesn't choose. Terrorist attacks kill christians, muslims, etc. So please do not generalise & blame this on muslims. We need to recognise the fact that someone's religion doesn't make them a terrorist. Let's be a bit more open minded, because there Muslim taxi drivers, doctors, police men/women, who helped everyone affected. Be kind ❤

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I'm actually heartbroken that this is the world we live in. We go out to concerts to enjoy ourselves and have fun. WE SHOULDNT BE AFRAID TO LIVE. Thoughts and prayers are with everyone that has died and been affected both physically and mentally during this very upsetting time. It's actually heartbreaking that some children didn't make it back home that evening. Absolutely terrifying😞❤ #pray4manchester @arianagrande

2nd post in a row lol OOPSSS

Soz lads, a bit revealing but oh well #hoetings after all the mental breakdowns, crying I FINALLY FINISHED MY COURSE so I guess I'm now a qualified Level 3 Personal Trainer and I can train people?!?! MADNESS!!! Even though I dreaded every other weekend and having to wake up at like 6 I met some new friends and proved myself that I can achieve anything 💪🏻 #fitness

2012 ➡️ 2017. I know these posts are cringe asf but I am cringe so get over it 💁🏻 the photo on the left is of me when I was 14. I was unhappy, struggling mentally and physically. I am not ashamed to admit this, I had binge disorder and I had a really unhealthy relationship with food, I used to eat to the point where I felt sick and then I felt angry/guilty afterwards. Started my fitness journey when I was nearly 16 and I am not afraid to admit that I have been properly training for about a year and a half where I've been actually taking my training seriously. Before then it was just a bit of fun. This is not a post of me saying "look how amazing I look" or "look at my abs", I don't have any and I'm okay with that. I used to get so upset about not being like all the girls on the social media to the point where I was getting frustrated with myself. I learnt that when you put so much pressure on yourself it makes everything less enjoyable. I'd rather feel happy and healthy rather than keep getting frustrated. I may not have abs and a beautiful lean body, I may not be perfect or everyone's dream girl but I am me and I'm starting to accept that it's okay. I am starting to love my curves and try not to focus too much on what I haven't got and focus more on what I have got and what I've achieved because 5 years ago I would've never thought that I'd be doing a Level 3 PT course and applying for a sport related uni course. You gotta embrace the changes. Also, strive for progress not perfection. ⭐️ I know everyone is banging on about how social media is a bad influence but I feel like the realness and motivation of some fitness people (that I've tagged) on here has actually helped me to feel more motivated and determined. #fitness

Best evening @katie_silv

Cute evening with @katie_silv

in love with my new jacket from @aurorasangelsuk ⭐️ "PAULA30" for some ££££ off 👀
Shoes n leggings both from @misspap 💁🏻

#sober 🤔 lol what a throwback💁🏻💁🏻💁🏻💁🏻💁🏻

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