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Paul Pogosyan  Anulik 💕

Set GOALS and don't stop working till you achieve them. DON'T let anyone or anything keep you from reaching your goals. #dontstoptillyoumakeit #success #nevergiveup #motivationalquotes #motivation #goals #growth #businessmindset

A little morning motivation. Stay positive stay motivated! #motivation #motivationalquotes #grantcardone #positivequotes #success

Finally the day has come where I can call her my fiancé ❤️ @anahitchilgevorkyan

Happy birthday🎂 🎉🎊🎈🎁to the most amazing and gorgeous girl in the world. The girl that drivers me crazy 24/7, but always manages to make me happy. I wish you all the best in life and may there be all green lights throughout your life. Wish you a long healthy life filled with nothing but joy, laughter, happiness, success, and ME! You're amazing and one of a kind and I'm glad to know your mines. I love you and hope you have an amazing birthday!!!! 😘😍❤️

You could not have said this any better! We as Armenians have came a long way and overcame many struggles. After all these struggles we have gained great awareness about the Armenian Culture and the Armenian Genocide. This all couldn't have been done without all of the support. Many countries, politicians, actors and public figures have recognized the Genocide and have been supporting us on our journey to Justice. Thanks to the Clooney Family for their support and continuous fight for recognition. The world knows and will continue to know more about the Armenian Genocide. The entire world will know how beautiful our culture, motherland, and language is. Thanks for the continue support. The recognition will not only benefit us Armenians, but all humanity! #armeniastrong #RecognizeTheArmenianGenocide #1915neveragain #theclooneyfamily

Today marked the 101 year of the Armenian Genocide and we stand stronger and louder than ever. Regardless of how long it will take us to reach JUSTICE we will continue to fight stronger and louder than ever. We will not let such an inhuman act rest without any punishment. The world has recognized many genocides and Germany itself has taken fault for the Holocaust and this should teach a lesson to Turkey. We will continue to educate the world on the truth and soon we will reach JUSTICE. The strength that lies within the young ARMENIANS today will make sure JUSTICE is reached. For those that are not aware of this historical tragedy of the first GENOCIDE of the 20th Century. Please ask one of us or take a moment and read about it. ARMENIANS will keep fighting and won't give up. What we are going through is no where near what our ancestors went through. So I assure you, we will not give up and will fight to the end. Stay strong my fellow brothers and sisters, never loose faith in your culture JUSTICE will be reached. The blood that runs in us and the pride within us is strong enough to fight through anything. Pray for our troops and their families, fight on until victory. #101years #101yearsofdenial #101yearsstrong #1915neveragain #turkeyguiltyofgenocide #turkeyguiltyofcrimesagainsthumanity #armeniansunited #turkeyfailed #shameonturkey #shameonobama #artsakhstrong #artsakhisarmenia #armeniangenocide #armeniastrong #musalertsi #araratamerlerna #MarchForJustice #openwounds1915

The girl that always puts a smile on my face! Love you ❤️😘😍

Yes I'm sitting on her, no she didn't die lmao #lovemybaby 👫❤️

Hey everyone! Please join us on September, 12 at 7pm at the Glendale civic as we celebrate the 100th year anniversary of Mousa Ler.
Tickets are available $50 per person, contact us for tickets.
DM or txt 626.823.2133

My love😍

I want to wish a happy birthday🎂 to the most amazing and gorgeous girl in the world. I wish you nothing but the best. Wish you a long healthy life filled with nothing but joy, laughter, and happiness. Your the most amazing person and I'm glad to know your mines. I love you and hope you have an amazing birthday week. 😘😍❤️

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