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Just smile 😃
Don’t let the difficulties of this world take your smile away!

Think outside the box!
Don’t just be a follower. Often times our success can be limited by doing what everyone else is doing

Bullying is never right!
This young boy Keaton Jones is a hero for standing up against the bullies.

Praise Him in advance!
The best is yet to come...trust God and know He has a plan for you.
Don’t give up now...your promise is on the way.

Had an awesome time speaking/MCing the Les Brown You Got To Be Hungry 2.0 Conference in Long Island.


This is one of the toughest lessons in life... Many times in leading you will have people that you love and care for the most simply walk away and abandon you.
People who said “I’ll always be there for you...” 💨Poof - Gone!
It takes a strong person to be able to continue walking. We see even in the ministry of Jesus, He experienced this countless times. One of the most painful verses we see people leaving Jesus and he turns and looks at His disciples and ask “Will you leave me also? “ (John 6:67).
Try not to take it personal and understand some people are only in your life for a season. GOD will never leave you.

Whoa! I didn’t expect that... 😂😜🤣
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Isn’t this the truth...

This guy was PLAYING 🔥🔥

This ref was taking his job to the next level 😂
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