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Patricia Carmona  Food & Photography

"In every life there is a moment. A crisis. One that says: what I believe is wrong. It happens to everyone, the only difference is how that knowledge changes them. In most cases, it is simply a case of burying that knowledge and pretending it isn't there. That is how humans grow old. That is ultimately what creases their faces and curves their backs and shrinks their mouths and ambitions. The weight of that denial. The stress of it. This is not unique to humans. ✨The single biggest act of bravery or madness anyone can do is the act of change✨". #TheHumans

"Maybe this is what beauty was, for humans. Accidents, imperfections, placed inside a pretty patern. Asymmetry". #TheHumans 📸 por el talentoso @chezcko. Gracias por esta foto 💛

"Our disconnection with the earth translates in a kind of disrespect with the feminine (...) As long as the feminine is diminished, the connection between us and the earth is gonna be always under a big question mark". #innsaei

Hoy es el segundo día de la cena india de @comidaclandestina feat. @lapunnet. Demasiado agradecida con @jairogudino y @alilopez90 💛✨✨#lléguense

The kindest heart I know.

Turista en el Centro de Caracas.

Una metáfora de @alilopez90 🌼

Fábrica de ilusiones.

La mirada de Mateo 👶🏻☁️

"Anxiety, personal crisis or trauma occurs when the story you tell yourself about yourself is no longer convincing. But sometimes that kind of doubt, that kind of crack in our house of cards, the vital lie that is our character is ripe for renewal and transformation. Sometimes a moment of anxiety is an excuse to create a better story, to reclaim the narrative(...) Don't be afraid to upgrade your story. If you find yourself in a situation in which the story you tell yourself about yourself is no longer convincing, the time for transformation has arrived". Meta quote de @jasonlsilva. #Selfie

A veces al revés 🔄

Throwback extrañando(te). En algún lugar de BC, maravillados con el planeta ✨