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Patxi Terreros  All Photos taken by me with Canon 7D M2. Love diving, traveling and nature. Spanish doctor living in the Uk.

Juvenile harlequin sweetlips mimic the movement of poisonous flatworms. Indonesia Lembeh Nov 2016

Spectral Tarsier The critically endangered tarsiers live in family groups of two to eight in the dark hollows of giant Strangler Fig trees, sleeping during the day and hunting for insects at night. Indonesia North Sulawesi.

The Celebes crested macaque (Macaca nigra), also known as the crested black macaque, Sulawesi crested macaque, or the black ape, is an Old World monkey that lives in the Tangkoko reserve, northeast of the Indonesian island of Sulawesi (Celebes), as well as on smaller neighboring islands.

Araña tigre
Mendaza Navarra Spain 2016

Praying Mantis Navarra Spain 2016

Southern hawker
Aeshna cyanea Male. Messingham nature Reserve

Red Admiral Vanessa atalanta photo taken at Messingham nature reserve 2016

Jumping spider Mendaza Navarra Spain 2016

Hummingbird hawk-moth
Macroglossum stellatarum Mendaza Navarra 2016

Marbled white butterfly Mendaza Navarra 2016

Libelloides coccajus
Mendaza Navarra Spain 2016

Puffin from Farne Islands Northumberland 2016

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