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Happy Anniversary Jess + Mike! And also happy anniversary to a very fun day spent with my best friends in the same exact dress.
#Everett #WaterCountry

Trust in me. I will keep your wines and your ciders safe. #Vermont #WineryGoods

Took a picture of this beautiful sunset while 2 kids kept screaming "LESBIAN ORGY" at me (I was alone) and a bunch of old baseball players talked about their balls (not the base ones) next to me. So, pretty quintessential Boston. #Boston #NoFilter

All of a sudden, I'm dying to go to Mohegan Sun. Strange.
#Boston #MoheganSun #Brainwashed #Codzilla

Finally using a notebook that @jcap07 gave me as a bridesmaid gift and keep finding little love notes throughout the pages. This one hit home today. ❤️
I recommend you all find friends who are much nicer and more thoughtful than you are. (Also if you've ever seen my handwriting, yes I absolutely stole hers.) .
#LuckyInFriendship #TheFriendShipNeverSinks

Good weekend with good people who remind me that bad weekends and bad people are dumb! SO THERE. .
#Everett #Boston #Salem #NewEngland #HarborCruise #Pancakes #Beer #CannedWine #SpikedSeltzer #AllTheThings

They're inside. I'm outside.
We're all on a boat! #BoatBitches

Happy Birthday to my dad. He pronounces the "j" in jalapeño, he says "yuge" and "pa-day-das" instead of "huge" and "potatoes" and is OBSESSED with my cat. He's a good dad, although he is the reason for my stubbornness and my temper. And yeah, one time he drove through the woods of New Hampshire with us in the car after a few too many mini bottles of White Zinfandel. Ok, many times. #MrBarrett #JohnPaul #LikeThePope #PattyBonnetRisesAgain


Today, we kind of hiked and I definitely fell and I hurt my butt. So we gave up and went wine tasting instead

Everett may be getting cool now with all these breweries and distilleries and the soon-to-be casino, but we can't forget the OG cool factor: Richie's slush. #EverettsSlushIsEverettsPride #bluevanilla #straightsugar

I've been in a funk lately. But then I saw this picture in my Timehop from my 25th birthday when I was SUPER excited to go to HOWL AT THE MOON. I had just got the crow boob tattoo and I was wearing my favorite Target dress and I had spent the day getting my nails done by Shalyn's mom and I was dumb and young and stupid happy. And you know what?? .
I'm roughly 7x better at 31 than that dumb 25 year old. So, look at that. #perspective #howlatthemoon #redhairneveragain

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