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I trial drugged my cat today and now she's literally passed out on me and forced to love me and oh my god I'm a predator. #SVrUthie #CatAnxiety

I like pets more than people. And one of these pets isn't even mine. For now... #Ruthie #Copper

I got cyber bullied by a robot this Valentine's Day! 💕💕💕

Holy fuck. I'm going to miss you, 72andSunny. Thanks for letting me go rogue and hire 42 summer interns to mentor. For letting me teach improv. And for letting me host a FUCKING AWARDS SHOW. Will be forever grateful for the personal and professional growth I accomplished here. I love and will miss all of you, but mostly the dogs and definitely NOT @anneolson325. xoxoxox

I wrote an essay about self-worth and the time I got hit by a teacher when I was 13. Now I just hit myself with fake hands. Link is in my profile. xoxo Thanks for being a patron of the arts. #SelfPromotion #CrossPromotion #Locomotion

I like to believe she's picking up my yoga habit, but the truth is she's just a fucking weirdo. Unlike me... who is totally normal. #Ruthie #Loves #HeatingPads #Patty #Loves #Muppets

It's my mom's birthday. In this picture, she was my age and we kinda look alike. Except she is holding the baby version of my older sister... and I'm holding a glass of whiskey. We're clearly on the same track in life.
#MyMotherisAGroundhog #SheSawHerShadow

Gary Colen + Patty Barrett: #1 comedy writing duo. For 4 years, I worked at AMP Agency in Boston (where Gary is CEO) and booked his travel and planned his meetings. 5 years after leaving, he asked me to write + perform DURING one of those meetings... and this time HE booked MY travel. #WorkHardBeKind #AMPers #NothingLike9amCorporateComedy

My best friend's niece loves me so much that she wears my face around the house. I'm so lucky!! And not the least bit terrified. #TBT

I know this is obvious to everyone, but words can't describe how much I love Doug. #ItsTheRoséTalking #CoppersDad #ChickenAndWaffles #HeLikesBoys #IfIWereABoy

Feeling inspired today by all the amazing women in my life. Posters made by my talented friends and co-workers at 72andSunny: @jointheuproar. Designed by my lovely little skater girl friend, @ericacanup. Love is love is love is love. 🤶🏻👧🏽👱🏽‍♀️👮🏼‍♀️👷🏿‍♀️👩🏻‍🍳👸🏽👨🏼‍🎤👩🏼‍🔬💃🏼👯