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  I make edits because high school is boring. They/them pronouns

Ok so this is the last depressing post I am going to do so im going to go back to my old "theme". Please note that I picked the word alone for Thomas because he is always with friends he probably doesnt want to be alone so that is why I picked that word. Also this "theme" was supposed to be the sides fears I dont think that way about any of then I promise.

Say what you want about deceit i still think he has feelings

I just wanted to let you know that I in no way actually think what the word says over any of the edits I made it is just for the theme

I was going to make a dark/depressing edits for all the sides but I want to know if you all actually like my dark/depressing "theme" please let me know if you think I should make a couple more of this "theme" or just go back to the old "theme"

Ok so I am going to be more active I promise but I may be making a few dark depressing edits in the near future so watch out for those

yesterday I asked you all if you would want a video of how i make an edit and i made one for you all! This edit is a lot easier than most of my other ones so that is why it didn't take me 30 minutes and i had already gotten all the pictures ready. Music: Third wheel. By @setitoff

Sorry I have been so inactive lately I had to focus on track and I didn't have enough time to make edits

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