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I've been tagged by a few people now to post 10 things about me, and I guess it's time. I don't have a current picture of myself that I'm happy with, so I'm throwing it back to my month old girl and my still kind of pregnant face. Okay, prepare to be dazzled. 😄
1. I've been in love with my husband since I was 14.
2. When I was young I couldn't wait to be a mother and was married with my first baby at 22. I am beyond grateful that I get to do it all again.
3. Avery was conceived naturally even though I was 44. One of my clients told me nobody would believe me, which I think is hilarious. The reason she was a surprise is that I'd had several losses prior and was told by my doctor that another baby was highly unlikely without IVF.
4. I still have a baby tooth. There was no permanent tooth behind it.
5. Public speaking terrifies me. I know where the fear came from but I don't know how to fix it.
6. I have scoliosis and almost always have some degree of back pain, especially after a photo shoot. It's one of the downsides to my chosen career.
7. I joke that my diet is 80% paleo and 20% ice cream, but I'm not really joking.
8. Since my daughter was born I've had a really hard time balancing work and motherhood. Gavin was 7 when I started my business, so being a working mother of a baby is a new experience for me.
9. Our boys have never been to traditional school. Homeschooling is common now, but in the mid 90s our friends and families thought we were nuts. If I could go back I might do a few things differently (isn't that always the case with motherhood) but overall have no regrets. I'm not sure yet what we'll do with Avery.
10. My dream travel destination is Australia, and it's been planned and fallen through a few times. I think 2018 is my year. 🙌🏻
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For the past week our sweet natured girl seemed to have gone on vacation and left a different baby in her place. She was shrieking a lot and hard to please, wanting up and then down, wanting something and then smacking it away (I forgot how much fun all of that is), and did I mention shrieking? Not crying, just ear splitting yells... leaving all of us scratching our heads and wondering wtf. She was sleeping normally and didn't seem unwell, just really mad and hard to please. Finally it occurred to me to poke around in her mouth, and sure enough, her bottom molars were almost all the way through. Did any of your babies get their molars at 13 months? I feel like the boys were much older. And since I don't have a picture of her teeth, here is one of her wiped out from all the shrieking. 😬 #dearestviewfinder

She's been trying to say her brothers' names, and it's possibly the cutest thing I've ever heard. 🤗 #siblinghoodlove

Today I had the idea to photograph her in the teepee with some of her animals. The only way to get her to sit for a minute was a grown up dance party and a coconut popsicle that ended up everywhere. Hello, toddlerhood!

There is a sign in our rental house that says "Beach your children well." I couldn't agree more. 🤗

Usually when we travel I like to post a lot, but this week I've been staying in the moment, taking lots of pictures but not worrying about going through or editing them until later. I'll be sharing some highlights, but for now, since the joke has been how Avery has taken over my Instagram, here is a throwback to another family trip from our 22 year "boys only" era. At the time of this picture I thought they were so grown up, but now those young, pre tattoo arms put a big lump in my throat!

Throwing it back to last summer and a newly sitting Avery who hadn't figured out yet how to pull things off her head. We'll have our feet in tropical sand for a few days this week, and I couldn't be happier about it! Does anyone have any tips for keeping a sunhat on a toddler? 😅☀️

🌸GIVEAWAY CLOSED🌸You might think from my feed that my baby sleeps a lot, but she doesn't really. She is, however, in my arms a lot! 😄I've teamed up with @madebymarywithlove to give away a personalized necklace to one lucky winner.
To enter:
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That's it! The winner will be announced here in 24 hours. Made By Mary will also be having a Mother's Day sale starting tomorrow night, so after the giveaway ends there will still be time to shop for a sweet gift for yourself or one of the mothers in your life! #mymadebymary

There are so many amazing products available now that weren't around when the boys were little. When Gavin was a baby in 1999 I had a ring sling, and it did the job, but is was bulky and awkward with too much padding. It also had an unfortunate (okay, fugly) print on it that clashed with whatever I was wearing. Fast forward to our little caboose in 2017, and thanks to @mywildbird I have ring slings that are both pretty and easy to wear. The spring/summer line is coming soon, and I can't wait to see the new colors... I'm sure I'll want one of each! #mywildbird

Right before she spontaneously (not really) grabbed her bunny. #onefromthecuttingroomfloor

Cold sand... it's what's for dinner. 😬

"Isn't this book a little basic?" ~ Patrick #bigbrotherlove #averyjk

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