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p a t t i 🌿  photographer and lover of travel and simple living mama to three big boys and one baby girl hello@pattischmidt.com

Today was a beach day for the books! Perfect weather, a low tide sandbar and a sleeping baby under an umbrella. The sleeping part only lasted twenty minutes, but the rest of the day was just as peaceful. More like this, please! 🙌🏻

I’ll probably be storying (is that a word now?) a lot today, but since I’m not prepared with a proper post I’m throwing it back to one of my favorite pictures… sleeping newborn Avery and the guy she already had wrapped around her finger. One day she’ll know just like her brothers how lucky she is! #bestofdad

Kind people are the best kind of people. ~ unknown
Thank you to @thekinndproject for Avery’s adorable organic onesie! You must check out their page and see the tees and onesies with sweet messages available for purchase with 50% of profits donated to children in need. #kindnessmatters

I'm so thankful for sweet cousins. The girls are sitting on our new bonded leather mat from @gathre, and I love, love, love it! ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
p.s. If you enjoy behind the scenes look at my stories. 🤗

“To live a creative life, we must lose our fear of being wrong.” ~ Joseph Chilton Pearce
This space was originally intended for client work, and then it became personal when my daughter arrived and reconnected me to the reason I fell in love with photography in the first place. It’s been an incredible creative outlet for me, but if I’m not careful I start worrying too much about what to post and what people will think and who will like it and who won’t. It is “social” media, so there is a place for considering what might be well received, otherwise why bother to post anything at all when you could just admire it on your own phone? But when I start fretting about what others think more than what I think I have to remember this brilliant quote and get my head on straight again. So here’s to posting with a little more abandon and a little less anxiety. ❤️

Mothers of toddlers... do you find that when your camera comes out your little one runs towards you to be picked up? So Patrick said "Mom, if you can't take the pictures why don't you just be in them?" p.s. the water in Bermuda is phenomenal. We only had a few days there, and I'm already plotting how soon is reasonable to go back. This beach! 📷 @patschmidt

She prefers her flamingo floatie on land rather than sea. Actually she doesn’t prefer it anywhere, she just thinks her dad is really funny.

Wouldn’t it be nice if all of our problems could be solved with sunshine and breastmilk? 💛

Peonies and tutus. 🤗 #fridayflorals

Even though I'm thrilled spring is here I'm currently stuck inside for the most part thanks to my insane tree pollen allergies (if you know of non medical remedies that work I'm all ears). So I'm remembering a time last summer when I could sit on our porch swing without sneezing and Avery could peacefully nurse without trying to get a workout in at the same time. If you've seen my stories lately you know what I'm talking about. 😂 Thank you @cherylmuhr for capturing this moment! 💖

Some flowers for your Sunday and a question. What do you all think about blogs? If you have one, do you update it often? If you don't have one, do you still read and enjoy them, or has social media taken over completely? I've been sitting on a half finished personal blog for ages now and deciding how high on my priority list I want it to be. I would love to know your thoughts! 💐

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