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Pattie 💗 Cosplayer in Japan  パティーです!日本で住んでいるコスプレイヤー🇯🇵❤️💍twitter @PattieCosplay Cosplayer in Japan❤️ get HD photos, short clips, and lewds on my Patreon ⬇️

Mai from King of Fighters❤️
Only 1 week to get her on my Patreon, only $10 ~it won’t be this low price again so check it out if you’re interested ❤️
Is it weird my favorite part of this cosplay is the balls on her sash? I think they are such a cool touch!

Swipe for a surprise ❤️
My first shibari set, what do you think? Shibari is Japanese rope bondage, kinbaku is the proper name for it. It is both sensual and also an art form here in Japan. I had be wanting to do this for a very long time, I’m really happy I had the courage to try it, it was a great experience!
Also I love wearing fundoshi, if you guys like it I’d be happy to wear it again in the future⭐️

My original character for the month, Matilda ❤️
Matilda is a very sweet maid, why not let her take care of you?
Get her on Patreon:

Ikumi Lewd version❤️ Top or bottom?
This set is my first time wearing this kind of “swimsuit”, how do you like it? And I’ll be honest, I only wore the shorts so I could take them off haha
Get this set now only on my Patreon:

Ikumi Mito from Food Wars! Otherwise know as the meat general,
Extra thicc grade AAA 🥩
Get her set for $5 on my Patreon this month,
Ikumi is definitely a fan service-y character, but her personality is just too adorable I couldn’t help but love her❤️ Sexy characters who are also adorable and sweet are my best waifus❤️

It’s Friday and I’m so ready to relax 〜
This is my Takao from Kancolle cosplay, it was so fun to do and we shot it in many sets at the studio. I don’t actually drink though, I’d much rather treat myself to some sweets 🍭

I can’t wait for the Sakura to bloom soon!
This kimono has a lovely print, and the combination of kimono and lingerie is one of my favorite gravure looks❤️
Only 2 more days to get these sets at my Patreon:
Have a great day everyone💕

Only $1 to get this selfie set of Shantae and Tharja on my Patreon! Everyone gets it as a bonus⭐️ My $1 tier patrons get exclusive behind the scenes and first looks, they already know some big surprises coming in March❤️

GranBlue Fantasy’s Kumbihra cosplay
All hand made by me, I really loved her design so I just had to cosplay her!
I have baby board with me because Kumbihra is the character for this years zodiac, the boar or pig 🐷Baby boars are so cute!

Shantae Booty❤️
Feburary is coming to a clise already, only 5 more days to get dancer Shantae in my patreon!

Oh, hello❤️
Get lots of goodies on my Patreon, only a week left!

My Lisa from DOA gold lace set✨
This set is available on my shop now, but only for the first 20 people ❤️ Already 2 sold, so 18 left⭐️
It’s a very unique and sexy set, with some body oil as well~ It’s a bit too lewd for me so I debated putting it in my shop, so that’s why it’s limited, it’s very special.
Get 15% off if you’re my patron ❤️

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