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Ashley!! (美灵周/ BreezyCosplay  Come get y’all juice. Next Con ➡️➡️ Otakon Next Cosplay: Miroku, Mandalay ❤️ KDA Akali

I’m gunna miss con season :( on the bright side I’ll be at otakon again! I’ll be bringing KDA Akali and Mandalay
#otakon2018 #magicalgirlsymmetra #overwatch #overwatchcosplay

“Your favorite Best friend Spaniard” @josicuesta (yes we got matching sweatshirt and I love it)

Life Update .
It’s been an extremely rough couple of months for me and my mental health hasn’t been the best and is extremely important to me. I’ve been feeling this way for a few years now and it’s been getting worse and I’m out seeking the help I need. I honestly just ask for support and love from everyone one, cause I’m completely lost. I always try to keep a smile on my face and make others happy but I’m honestly just hurting on the inside......Depression and Anxiety hurts so much and i want people to know that if u know someone who’s going through it to always tell them they are loved and they have a shoulder to cry on :)
(No I don’t want attention. I want to bring awareness that people can look happy and hurt so badly behind closed doors. I’m a prime example)

Welcome to my Reality (I reallllly miss making cosplay and I’ve had the urge to get some out the way but I can’t cause saving for Japan still! I’ll have some great work for next Otakon though)
PC: @visualsly
Design by: @shourca
#magicalgirlsymmetra #overwatch #otakon2018 #otakon #owmagicalgirls #overwatchcosplay #overwatchcosplaygirl #overwatchgirls


I don’t go BLAH BLAH BLAH! *I went from like full serious to don’t take me serious 🦇 spoopy szn

Come on and slam and welcome to the jam

Space Jamming our way through Halloweekend! I love you guys ❤️BUNNIES UNITE

Wait which shark was I again? Do doo doo doo doo doo

Welcome to my Reality -Symmetra
Cosplay design: @shourca
#overwatchcosplay #otakon2018 #overwatchgirls #magicalgirlsymmetra #cosplaygirl #blackcosplayer

Stress is kind of a constant this year whether it be social, academic etc. (learning from mistakes, learning about myself, and learning what’s toxic and what’s not to me) I’m aiming to not let that get to me as often and break thru with a smile 😀

One of the many beautiful photos from my photoshoot with @visualsly! ^\\\^ we were meant for greatness
#magicalgirlsymmetra #overwatchcosplay #otakon2018 #overwatchgirls

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