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Ashley!! (美灵周)  My friends call me a walking meme but u can call me Ashley *wonk wink* ☺️I cosplay sometimes Next Con Magfest) LUM '20


I’m seeing a lot of these lol but like I just wanna say thanks for an amazing year! To all the people I met (from school and cosplay friends) To cosplay friends: thanks for being there! I don’t talk to people a lot because I have very bad social anxiety and basically think most ppl can’t stand me but like I actually love the people that’s I’ve met through cosplay (you’ve opened up a door for me and i really enjoy cosplay , also will continue for a while) ❤️❤️❤️ to my college friend and friends from school: i love you guys! Thank you for accepting me for me and letting me be myself. I’ve learned so much about myself and college and every experience with you all has taught me something new 😊😊😊

So like 2 more weeks and I’m outta here.....couldn’t be happier for Winter Break tbh

HAPPY TURKEY DAY!!!!! 😂😂😂😂😂 this is one of my fav videos

Roses are red violets are blue ITS KATHRYN’S BIRTHDAY (part 2) ——this is gunna be a running trend HAPPY 20th girly

I have the confidence of a wall but I can at least say that Glo ups exist (and flower crown filters).....*cringee* I’m still kinda the same person 😂😂😂 (hoping u still love me for me though)

Not the cutest picture of me.....but it shows how excited I am for Magfest next year!! :D

Happy Halloween from your favorite kid next door #NumbaFive #codenamekidsnextdoorcosplay

We Bare Bears is probably the most relatable show to us! 😂😂

(It’s been an Un-Bear-able weekend) Happy Halloweekend!! It’s been lit 🎃🐾🦇🦉🌕 #wellbebears #webarebears

I miss con season 😭😭😭 photocred:@timelord13 #otakon2017 #otakondc #xayahcosplay

Whether you see this when you wake up or you see this later! Remember that your beautiful and don’t like anyone tell you otherwise. I know a lot of people also so like if ur reading this also I love u too and ur beautiful (Flick that hair and brush em off) —�— have short hair sooooo I can’t but yea...❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

Just in case y’all were wondering my Halloween costume (but it will serve as a cosplay also 😁😁)the shirt isn’t finished 😂😂😂 but I’ll finish it this weekend

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