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Ashley!! (美灵周/ BreezyCosplay  ummm I make costumes LUM 2020 🔜 Kansai Gaidai 💚⚪️ Chinese Student~ Next Con ➡️ Otakon.

They are beautiful beyond compare and when I needed them they have always been there! HAPPY MOTHERS DAY TO THESE BEAUTIFUL WOMAN!❤️

Summer is like a day old for me and I’m already in my beach feels (also should I cosplay Moana or maybe Lilo?)

I present to u the two cosplays that I’m working on for Otakon! Wish me luck bbs
Magical Symmetra: by Shourca
Star Guardian Ahri: League Of legends

AHH I commissioned a chibi from @killakuma and I love it so much! 😭😭 here’s a side by side of my Xayah cosplay and the chibi (go gooo commission her!!!) Chibi drawn by: @killakuma
PC: @tatsuuaju

#xayah #xayahcosplay #leagueoflegendscosplay

Ahhh no quote here but I can’t wait to start back working on cosplay over the summer (pls support me on my Kofi to help ^__^) #xayahcosplay #leagueoflegends #leagueoflegendscosplay #xayah #rakan #leagueofgirls

PC: @fascettiphotography

At this point I’m waiting to get out of school......SUMMER HURRY

A little late for this but a little after a year and my hair is a lot healthier from when I first cut it!

According to my Facebook it’s been 3 years since I’ve been apart of CFCY but it’s also been 3 years since I’ve seen you all T^T I miss u guys


Are u telling me u don’t appreciate ur cosplay husbandos? He’s precious 😭😭😭 I really hope to meet him again!!!

Dreaming of being a photographer 📸📷

Gunna pass that heart to the ppl I love ❤️

I’mma hit u with the part 2 and we’ll see

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