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Patrick Thun  • Alaska • Canon 6d • 📧 - • my doggos account: @isis.the.pitbull 🔴 prints and presets in link below 🔴

Little bit of’s been cloudy and raining a lot. Wish Alaska would stop being moody n go back to being sunny 😩 on a side note the trees are changing a slight orangy color. Best season starts end of next month! Can’t wait for that yearly drive to Valdez 😬

Alaska is such a beautiful state, happy I live here 😬

Made a Sunset adventure to glennallen last night with @photo_brenn . I’d say sunset turned out perfect 👌

This was such a perfect spot to take a rest. I’m so happy that the weather cooperated! This place would look amazing in autumn with all the colors. I can see the reds, oranges, and yellows already 🤤 😬.

#tbt to driving to glennallen on this winter wonderlandy day in Alaska. A day Alaska actually decided to Alaska 😅

This reflection was just too perfect 👌 absolutely incredible, nature has a way of blowing my mind 🤯

Moody camp views...⛺️

This was a little opening on the trail that over looks this river that is glacier fed. It was a perfect spot to take a rest. 👌

Walking down the mint hut trail about 10:20pm just before the last of color dissipated from this hidden sanctuary at hatcher pass I stumbled apon this nice little creek running off into sunset flanked by these bright pink flowers. #WHPhidden

Alaska just keeps on giving and giving...absolute beautiful out here, so many epic hidden lakes n small ponds to be discovered. Too bad flying wasn’t a real power, cause I’d be flying to all the hidden lakes 👌 #WHPhidden

A trek I won’t forget and I’m sure @isis.the.pitbull won’t forget either 👌 #WHPhidden

Alaskas paradise 👌
I have so many messages to look at! Holy moly...Thank you everyone for the kindness. Sometimes I can’t help the way I feel, I don’t like the way my mind works. I wish numbers on here didn’t bug me. But I struggle with being social and meeting ppl. My whole time Iv been on instagram Iv always done it for the likes...because having notifications pop on my phone makes me seem like a somebody and important. It’s hard to explain, but that’s the main reason why I started this account.

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