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Pancake love... by @kozyparis why do I have to wait until the weekend ... wishing I could order some this morning! Cause it&: what I need right now after receiving 180 emails for me to accept the new Instagram terms and conditions on 180 accounts 😮😶😣... waiting for the other shoe to drop #topparisphoto #topparisresto #communityfirst

This happened, I am at the supermarket and my wife @stephaniecolpron calls, "Is everything okay, you have been gone 40 minutes..." what the what... Okay I left with my little stunt man trying our new Stokke Stroller, first time out of the house with it, "Dude!..." I call everyone dude... "... I left with my camera over my shoulder, I wasn't planning of making photos of the canned goods at Monoprix..." pronounced 'Mono-pricks' I made this photo way before heading to the super market, they are both, the Champs de Mars and the Monoprix - at about the same distance from my place, but in opposite directions... plus it took longer at the Champs de Mars cause my kid is 6 months old and was flirting with a 6 year old girl... all smiles and giggles being cute and all that jazz. Truth be told, I try to go out and make a couple of photos with my Leica M10 everyday and since I had not really been out today and will be working late - I took my chance and left with Calvin @calvincolpron for a walk, my guess is that Calvin and I will have a lot of men time together these coming months. By the way that stroller is the shizz, I can make faces at Calvin and ... he giggles back at me - these days he is sticking his tongue out a whole lot! being able to see him and having him sit way high is a major plus in my humble opinion @stokkebaby #Stokke #Stokkebaby #Xplory #DesignedToBeClose #StokkeXplory #StokkeAutumn #StokkeDad #sharemystokke #thisisparis #topparisphoto #communityfirst #leica #leicam10 #leicastoreparis #leicacamera #leicacamerafrance #summilux50 I actually preset my focus and used live view on the Leica M10 to shoot at a very low angle to have Calvin against the blue sky

That spring feeling, strangely out of three people only Manuela @mbuenof was fearless and didn’t blink, make scarred faces or try to avoid the petals when thrown in the air, she embraced that moment with all her heart ❤️ shot with a Leica M10 and Summilux 50 at f/1.4 ... yup Spring is finally here just in time for summer. This little park is right by Place Cambronne in Paris and is covered in Cherry Tree blooms every spring, I don’t have to go far for blooms, right by where I live #thisisparis #topparisphoto #communityfirst #leica #leicacamera #leicastoreparis #leicacamerafrance #leicam10 #paris #france #spring #bloom #summilux50

I need more coffee... not enough water in the ocean is how much coffee I feel like having. I know it’s Monday just realize every day for me as been both a Monday and a Friday for the last 5 years which I really don’t mind (I love working) but had a 6 months old on top of it and - yea, coffee required #thisisparis #topparisphoto #topparisresto #communityfirst

Istanbul viewed from the air with @kaanhavacilik when we flew over the city with @inflowsummits #inflowsummits #tulipfestivalistanbul #istanbul #turkey #istanbulmoments

Istanbul morning, beautiful and stunning. The only time the city seems to stand still is just before sunrise @inflowsummits #inflowsummits #tulipfestivalistanbul #istanbulmoments #istanbul #turkey

When we ate at @nusr_et this was the teaser, I really did not maker a whole lot go food photos after this one but there was 4 other servings each one much bigger than the next one and the meat was exquisite - much much better than anything I have had in France, you can see more in today's Story @inflowsummits #inflowsummits #tulipfestivalistanbul #istanbulmoments

This is what 565000 tulips look like, it is incredibly impressive! I made this photo with a smartphone, from the press side, looking at the V.I.P. side with both giant screen showing the Turkish flag, there is a reason why the press was shooting from this point of view during the festival inauguration ceremonies, that’s the most photogenic point of view IMHO @inflowsummits #inflowsummits #tulipfestivalistanbul #fssultanahmet #istanbul #turkey #turkishairways

Diana taking in the blooms in Paris @dianaperillachica made with a Smartphone #thisisparis #topparisphoto #communityfirst

... this is the reason people no longer trust online reviews, I googled "Best Coffee Shops in Dijon" and this came place came up first on 3 sites, nice table - but they had no clue what a flat white or a latte was. The espresso was okay but not something that would go in anyone's top 10 yet this was number one on three sites 😶😣 There are tons of review sites out there that do not actually review anything in person. There is a reason more and more people are finding places to eat, drink, stay at and visit via social media, what to buy and where to shop, on social media - from people who actually visited the places and used the products. What is worst the pie, was not great - and I asked for water which never came. This was the typical bad experience one can have at a French Café, the photo is as great as the coffee - so so ... right. If you have a business and you are not active on social media today, you’ll be in trouble 3 years out #topdijonphoto #topfrancephoto #communityfirst

Waking up in Dijon this morning, I arrived yesterday and one of the first thing I did was to go up the Philippe le Bon tower, built from 1450 to 1460, with 316 steps & sweeping city views, this is looking North at the Church of Notre-Dame of Dijon, a Roman Catholic church in Dijon a masterpiece of 13th-century Gothic architecture, work on the church began around 1230. The old part of town is something else, really beautiful and worth the trip. When you come do go up the tower, it is an easy climb. This is a smartphone photo made with an iPhone 7 plus and a wide angle @zeisscameralenses @exolens smartphone lens attachment. #topfrancephoto #topeuropephoto #topdijonphoto #communityfirst

Where there is a blooming tree, there is an Instagrammer making photos of it, this is @parisian.kitty caught making photos of the blooming cherry trees on rue de la Victoire last Saturday. Made with a smartphone. These days I feel like I am living out of my suitcase, back from Istanbul, never fully unpacked only to repack and head to Dijon for a wonderful shoot which I will talk about next ... October !! But I’ll make photos of Dijon while I am there ! I will miss my wonderful wife @stephaniecolpron and my beautiful son @calvincolpron #thisisparis #topparisphoto #communityfirst

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