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patrick beach  my life sharing yoga www.patrickbeach.com subscribe :: youtube.com/beachyoga ⬇yoga teaching schedule!⬇️


develop daily rituals to enrich your life

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this is the longest time in the last five years that have been in one location. i love to adventure and my mind is accustomed to constant change but over these past weeks i have been focussing on creating growth while staying grounded. so often it is easy to feel the frustration of stagnation, i decided to change my perspective and focus on one thing at a time to fully hone in on myself. my practice is feeling better, my mind is more open, and i'm inspired for all the upcoming workshops and trainings i am teaching!

#yoga #yogapractice #yogainspiration

sunny sundays filled with yoga and yard work 😊


we made a podcast and it launches next week! stay tuned for the details πŸ˜ŠβœŒπŸΌπŸ™πŸΌ #yoga #health

strawberry harvest season in california πŸ˜ŠπŸ™πŸΌ #health

Hey Everyone, I have teamed up with @KeVitaDrinks to tell my digestive health story, maybe you can relate! #ad

My whole life I have struggled with digestion. When I was a kid doctors use to tell me it was because I was anxious - which i guess they concluded from my over active imagination and high levels of energy- or that i should just limit the usual dairy products. Growing up as a huge ninja turtles fan it was hard to fathom life without the greasy gooey goodness of pizza so their recommendations to avoid dairy often went out the window. Over time it began to get worse and I slowly started to eat less and less, afraid of getting sick especially during any kind of social situation. I was scared of the most basic human necessity: eating. Constantly worried about what would happen - would today be another day when my body just rejected what I was putting in it?

At the time there was very little information around food allergies and with no solution in sight the years passed and I just accepted things as they were, believing that being consistently sick was just part of my reality. It all came to crashing halt my first year of college when the lymph nodes in my neck swelled up so badly I found myself in the hospital. My journey exploring alternative medicine began with a few stumbles out of the gate but over time I found out that by not eating dairy, wheat, soy, eggs, peanuts, caffeine, and oysters life was much better.

Eating more mindfully was a real launching pad into an exploration of my own health. I was constantly looking for other ways to help my system run better. Through a bit of research I found that probiotics could greatly benefit digestion and gut health. On my trips to the local health food stores I began to hunt out different ways to add probiotics into my daily routine. Although there were many options that I tried out, @KeVitaDrinks became my daily go to because the products were delicious and the probiotics are derived from a water kefir culture as opposed to dairy like some others brands. They also have caffeine free options which is a huge plus for me! The path to health and wellness is a daily journey worth investing in.


i think protection and power are overrated. i believe it is wise to choose love and happiness. there are reasons each of us are born. we have to find those reasons but also keep them in perspective. everything has equal value but not everything has equal utility. we are all more similar then any media source or politician would have us believe. it is easy to get split up based on social identity and hard to remember it is not a requirement. choose unity.

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blurry shot from my practice today, getting back into the swing of it and adding a bit more of this QDR action to help create shoulder stability. this pose has really helped me create more strength through my side body which i don't always get from many traditional yoga poses because the practice is often moving in clean lines forwards and backwards. if you practiced today hope it was a good one! @hm #hmsport #hmman
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when i was growing up my dad use to tell me attitude is everything. it is a simple statement that has always stuck with me because it rings true on many levels. over time this mindset has evolved for me to a thought process of always finding joy in the journey. how can you make hard work fun? how can you truly appreciate the moment you have? some days these answers are easy, while others not so much. and really that is where the work begins, but it can also be where the adventure starts. it really just depends on how you want to look at it. hope you all had an amazing start to your week!

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i am teaching at some amazing places in July and August, come practice with me!
β€’july 28-30 @barefootandfreeyoga
β€’august 2 @pureyoganyc
β€’august 4-6 @sukhayogavt

sign up using the link in my profile or visit www.patrickbeach.com

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it's nice to take it easy on sundays. allow the body and mind to recover, but most importantly spend quality time with my son πŸ˜‚πŸ‘¨β€πŸ‘¦πŸ₯‘ #sunday #puppylife

happy birthday @carlingnicole lovesss youuuuu

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