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  THIS IS MY ONLY PAGE..........💋

When it’s cold outside so you cook a big bowl of chicken for now and later... we in for the night God Bless💋

Thankful and blessed.... thank you God for keeping my family and safe and warm... I wish I could go pick up all the homeless and tell them come by me if only for tonight 😞 41 degrees 🙏

Count down to my bday 11/17 baby💋

Lmao I think for parties my kids invites the whole school lol

They. Didn’t want me on the bus but what they didn’t kno I didn’t want to go lol and they off

Yep it was a party

Much needed fun time with these ladies ain’t nothing like a good ole girl talk and sum drinks

All of the days won’t be perfect..... just make the best of it anyway kisses

Gm im back at it again early morning construction ....o excuse our hair it’s raining 💋

My movie date for tonight my mini me❤️

Ok so today I said I need a little rest imma sleep past 7 get up at ten... I told All my workers we gonna start late today at the house renovation in Baton Rouge. Then boom I get a knock on my knock on my door at 8am and I hear... ummmm hey Paticiay look at the name lol... you said come to your house Thursday today Thursday we are ready to install your new back door to your home.... I look and said alright come on fuck..... no rest... and on top of that I still have to go to meet the workers for the Baton Rouge house... It ain’t easy being me... o and did I not mention I’m cooking dinner early so when they kids come home they straight gotta make sure they good first... so this what I mean when I tell people y’all just see my glory but y’all don’t kno my storyyyyyyy💋

I said o wait I’m going to Ms Pattie LaBelle concert imma have to put a good wig on for tonight.... lol

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