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  THIS IS MY ONLY PAGE..........💋

God have been moving sooooooo many positive directions in my life. Not people but listen to what I’m saying directions. I am and I will stay focused. We all as human go thru ups downs bumps and humps but it’s ok. It took me a min to sit down and observe when people are trying to steal your joy or just stir up something they think about you. It’s called misery it’s ok maybe we all been then before too. But see how it’s set up in my household my personal life my finances my baby. I only tell you what I want you to kno. So when you think you coming for me to upset my life. Just kno you are the weakest link you lost already.... i prayed before I layed. I prayed before I slayed. I prayed before you ever had thoughts to prey on me. I pray before you ever knew the thought of me. I can go on and on but you get it. My ig page and my home have two things in common ain’t no curtains I want you to see. So there’s no need to screen shot and post then take down. I didn’t say the things that I could have said and done I spared you because imma a woman first. O but just wait cause this too shall pass and when it do it will. No need to tag you kno who you are I’m not gonna put your biz out over the whole world smh it’s ok imma let you live . Mrs ...... Ann. Now that’s how you let the beat build bitch kisses pic

Bathroom video about to get fresh and sexy for bed 👅

It might night much but it’s a blessing I can provide a meal for my family every day... 💋


It’s about to go down my lunch o how I luv a buffet kisses

Night Night my loves kisses

Dinner gn I’m tired long day. But Thank you Jesus it was a very productive and prosperous day. I spoke it into existence and I asked that whatever he do please just don’t do it without me Amen.....

Gn kisses

Airport flow I’m On my way! Home baby kisses

The love I have for bling kisses

Kish what them drinks do boo lol had fun

Girls night out one night only I’m from out of town💋

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