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Patreon  👋🏼 Patreon is a membership platform that gets artists and creators paid.

No culinary challenge was too stretching for @bingingwithbabish... until milk steak. 🤢
(link in bio to learn more about #BWB)

“Being a procrastinating perfectionist will kill you.” 💡@beleafmel

“I still had that notion that having a TV show is the biggest thing you can do, and then I realized I have all autonomy - I can do anything as fast or as slow as I want. I can say more or less anything I want. It just gives you such freedom and a much more genuine relationship with the people who are following you.” See @simonegiertz full story in our bio

It’s a bit gnarly 🤖 Link in bio for full video on @simonegiertz

Simone Giertz creates shitty robots (and happy fans) for a living. Head to the link in bio to see a day in her life 🤖

Clark Dinnison turned the first website he ever built into @noonpacific, a must-have for music lovers.
(link in bio)

Creative freedom means everything, especially for @noonpacific’s independent record label. Link in bio for the full story.

See how Clark Dinnison, creator of @noonpacific, turned his first website into a thriving community-built record label. Link in bio for full story 🤙🏽

“The ability to express one’s self creatively is being democratized. It’s a really excited time to be alive. It’s also frightening, because it means there’s a lot more competition out there - but, as always, it’s not the wand. It’s the wizard.” -Andrew Rae of Binging with Babish (link in bio)

Creators make the world go round. We’re so thankful we got quality time with you at #PatreCon this year. Link to many more pics in our bio 🎉

#ThankYouPatrons. You’ve changed my life and the lives of everyone here.
I remember the day we all looked at our Youtube income vs expenses and agreed we wouldn’t be able to do Kinda Funny full time for at least another year.
Then, we found #Patreon. We never looked back.” Greg Miller of Kinda Funny.

Here’s what happens when you rally a bunch of Patreon creators to LA for PatreCon, our annual conference. Full video link in bio👌🏾

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