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Abi  A 22, Plymouth based disabled gal

I need another holiday asap. Gonna turn January into a road trip month i think, getting too fidgety 🤷🏻‍♀️ rip the sun

I’m in so much pain today I actually cried lmao. Haven’t had that happen in awhile. Here’s a totally unrelated picture from earlier in the year when i felt OK 🙂 I actually hate my body but not for the way it looks. I hate this fucking flesh prison that makes it hurt just to live 🤙🏻

Fell in love on the way home today.

Treated myself to a book while i was finishing my Christmas shopping earlier. It’s no secret I hate Christmas and it’s a stressful/shit time of the year for me but now I have a book about cows to read over the festive break 💁🏻✨

Really need to do something about my hair man, yawn.

Ya girl high-key wishes it was still 2011 and she could be a scene kid going to White Rabbit again (rip)

My one tru loves

Worst photo of me ever but i'm so fucking happy

Today has not been a good body day and I'd much rather sleep for all of tomorrow than go to class. But alas, I gotta go learn me a thing.

Uni might be taking over my every waking moment but i'm having so much fun. Life is good even if my health sucks. I love my friends fiercely from afar even if i'm too exhausted to really maintain contact. Being alive is just so rad.

I put eyeliner on today and all i can say is, to my gals that wear eye looks on the reg i fuckin salute you. The eyeliner has made my eye skin feel tight, cannae rub my eyes, constantly paranoid i've accidentally smudged it and my face is covered in black shit and lets not even talk about how much longer it takes to get ready!!! I salute you, i dunno how you gals do it all the time but it's bloody magic i tell ya. Massive props

It ya girl 💁🏻

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