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the green strap on this Ref. 5167 Aquanaut really makes this watch that much better. Too bad I keep hearing you aren't always able to get them. @nawafalabdooli at @stompinggroundsdxb

مبارك عليكم الشهر | Ramadan Kareem

speechless | Ref. 5711P + Ref. 5204R @hamdihnr

do you?

passion, defined.

can you see it?

the city of love, loves | @benedictwormald

True story: two cousins met for dinner, they went to reach for the steaks and their cuffs were pulled back reveling a 5088P and a 5088P

name all three Nautiluses and @khaledbinsaeed will throw in a gift. 😂😂 #JK

not everything is love on the first sight, but love is love. | @danielmichaeli Ref. 5524G

Nunu and her Ref. 5711R #MyNeice

the watch owner on the left had the crown screwed down well before jumping in the pool. the watch owner on the right forgot the crown unscrewed and he got screwed with a nice bill, then he enjoyed his watch for years until he noticed that the dial faded, then came a long a bunch of "people" who called this effect Tropical and the clumsy man sold his watch in 2030 at a Geneva auction for 10 times what the one on the left fetched, it was after all a tropical Ref. 5980 🌴

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