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Pat Dyrdek 

Gene, myself, Mason and Kodah in Beverly Hills at Rob's house celebrating Kodah's 1st birthday September 9, 2017.

Mason and Grandma Patty playing Star Wars. Found Uncle Robbie's Darth Vader case with all his Star Wars action figures from 25 years ago up in the attic. Mason loves Star Wars and knows the name of all the figures. It amazes Grandpa Gene and myself how he knows the names and remembers them from the original shows and the names of the new movies.

This is a view out our great room window. We had a bad storm today. It's 9:30 and dark but the sky is displaying GOD's amazing artwork. The bottom was a sea foam blue. The middle was an orangish color and it changed as it moved up to a lighter blue and then amazing white clouds. This shot didn't show the colors very well. You'll just have to take my word for it. It was simply beautiful.

Happy 43rd Birthday to our son, Rob. We spent this past weekend with Rob, Bree & Kodah in Beverly Hills. They had a baby reveal party and they didn't know the sex either until it was revealed to everyone together. It was so exciting. We will be Blessed with a granddaughter by the end of the year. I asked GOD in my nightly prayers for a girl but I told him we would love whatever HE sent. I knew HE wouldn't disappoint me. Rob is a great father and loves his family with his whole heart. I can't believe you are 43. It seems like just yesterday you were this little boy. Love you all so much.

This is Kodah Dash Dyrdek (9 months old). Rob wore this same outfit at 9 months. I've kept it for 43 years. Happy Birthday tomorrow Rob. You are a wonderful husband and father. We are so proud of the man you are. Love, Mom & Dad.

The baby on the left is Rob at 8 months and the baby on the right is his son, Kodah, 8 months. I think they look alike what about you?

Rob sent me this huge, beautiful bouquet of fresh flowers along with a note for Mother's Day. He thanked me for raising him to be the successful man, husband & father that he is today. At church Sunday the minister said we should be happy when our kids go out on their own and are successful. It's sort of ironic though because it was so painful for me when Rob left home to move to LA to make his dreams come true. I just wanted to keep him close to home and me. I'm proud of the man, husband & father you've become. Never doubt that for a minute but I still would like for you to be closer to home. Love you so much.

This picture was taken January 22, 1966 (the day of our wedding) I was 21 & Gene was 24. Back then you changed out of your wedding gown and put on your "going away outfit". This was mine. My cousin, Marianne and her daughter, Laura were going over some old pictures and sent me some of me. I think I still have the outfit.

This gives you an idea how big the Ark is. That's Denise and Mason in front and they looked tiny in comparison to the Ark.

Denise, Jason & Mason took Gene and myself to see the Ark in Kentucky today for my Mother's Day present. It is built to the exact size as GOD instructed Noah to build his Ark. It was simply amazing. If you get a chance to go, you should go. Thank you Denise & Family for coming up with this great idea. I loved it.

I can't find a picture of Big Black and myself. He always called me mom when he'd see me. There are so many memories. My favorite Rob and Big show was when they flew to Arizona to get Meaty. It was instant love between Rob, Big Black and Meaty. This is my favorite last picture where he's holding my precious grandson, Kodah Dash Dyrdek. RIP son. You will always have a special place in my heart.

Happy Siblings Day to my two brothers, Leroy Hackenberg and Bob Hackenberg. I miss you Bob. I know without a shadow of doubt that you are happy in heaven with our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

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