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Pat Brumfield  Designing things for the internet. Taking pictures of other things.

We’re always down for a river, lake, waterfall, ocean, pretty much any water source. Two lakes & a waterfall is a bonus.

We made some changes a few weeks ago. Sold the house, put our stuff in storage, & moved into this silver beauty: a 2006 31’ Airstream. And we hit the road. We’ll journey through the Western US and Canada over the next year, seeing things we’ve long wanted to see, living life at a different pace, and making memories together. We’re pretty happy with the changes so far.

Oregon has welcomed us with 1,000,000 dead bugs on our front grille

Thirteen of the best years with this one. So happy to be living them with you, @hippobrigade

Oh yeah, we went to Hawaii 🤙🏼

Not a problem here.

Love to watch the Ducks beat the Kings... twice in one week.

This is a metaphor, of what I’m not quite sure...

Good beer, open space, great light. I may never leave.

2nd annual Ducks Star Wars night with this dude

Went to the dunes last week, still finding sand this week. Worth it.

My youngest son turns five today. Has been fighting since his first minutes out of the womb. Love his fierce spirit & the ways he challenges me to be a better dad.

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