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pata pata jewelry  Refuse To Be Ordinary! Quality badass, handmade, perfect fit custom septum rings, tragus ring, nose ring. SHOP NOW πŸ‘‡

How long was it, from the moment you decided to go for it, until you actually got your septum pierced?

Soon to become a Neptun's Child septum ring. Yah, it needs some more work... I know 😸 Did you check the link in bio? Well...go check in now

Honestly I'm so excited!! Thank you SO Hiral. It means the world to me πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™ LOVE Delicate Beauty septum ring on you. What a great match!!

Did we tell you already how much we LOVE!! @luna_celetse_blog ? Septum ring is Delicate Beauty. Yes, she likes wearing them BIG! Check the link in bio β˜„β˜„β˜„

Love Bliss septum ring on badass @saranadjabeauty πŸ’£πŸ’₯ Did you find the link in bio? Click it now..

Speechless! Too perfect to even begin to understand it. Mega babe @lindahallberg wearing her inspiring @lhcosmetics and @patapatajewelry Tribal Beauty septum ring πŸ‘‘ #repost

Did you ever receive an annoying comment on a tattoo you have? From whom? ...what did he say?

My soldering spot β˜„ definitely one of the best places to be! β˜„β˜„β˜„ Making septum rings β˜„ DO WHAT YOU LOVE!! REFUSE TO BE ORDINARY!!

Soldering time πŸ”₯ in my studio, making septum rings πŸ”₯ the front shot is way too hilarious with those goggles... well...I just might post the future πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

Another breathtaking @beatrizmarianophotography amazing project πŸ’£ Can't have enough!! Septum ring is Tribal Beauty πŸ’£ Did you find the link in bio?

We LOVE!! @sigridjonasdotter πŸ‘‘ Isn't she's gorgeous? Septum ring is Cool Breeze β˜„ Check the link in bio now

Beautiful @constancerobbin in a killer look, wearing gold Neptune's Child septum ring πŸ‘‘ Did you see the link in bio? it...

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