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Pata  Explorer and photographer / filmer. 20 years of expeditions to the polar areas, jungles, deserted islands and other beautiful places. ✉️info@pata.fi


The name Greenland means "Land of People. That is quite funny, because almost 80 percent of the land mass is covered by ice, so there aren´t that many places to live on. Then again, that leaves us a lot to explore! 😎

Penguin calls are individually identifiable, allowing mates to recognize each other and also their chick. This is important because members of a large colony of penguins are nearly indistinguishable by sight. And I can tell you, it is a loud and smelly crowd 😬

The Navajo call it ‘the place where water runs through rocks’ and that is literally true. At the same time Antelope Canyon owes its existence, in one of the driest places on earth. Magic and dusty place 😳

In a few weeks I will travel down to Antarctica with a bunch of extremely experienced divers / scientists from Finland and New Zealand. They will dive under the sea ice, and I will film it for BBC Earth. This is professor Alf Norkko on a research dive close to Tvärminne Zoological Station. With a stare like that, I am sure he scared all the fish in the area 😳

Hawaii’s Mauna Kea volcano is the tallest volcano in the world. In fact, if measured from the base (below sea-level), it is even taller than Mount Everest. It measures 10,210 meters (33,500 feet). Here is a pic I took on its slopes. The heat radiation was quite intense, so you could easily have fried an egg from where I was standing……or two 😬

Science in the coldest place on earth. In October we will travel down to Antarctica to dive under the sea ice close to Scott Base. I will be filming both normal video and 360 footage. More will be broadcasted on BBC Earth, so stay tuned 👌🏽

When this lizard wants to escape predators, it has the seemingly miraculous ability to run across water. That is why it is called the Jesus Christ Lizard. I tried to get it to run over the river, but it seems I wasn’t that “predator like” after all 😁

Just 30 min from downtown Helsinki in Finland! The land with the thousand lakes.

The Seychelles was once a pirate hideout, in particular Pirate’s Cove. It is believed that the famous pirate Olivier Levasseur hid a treasure worth more than $160,000 somewhere in these corners. With that money I could do a nice expedition to Antarctica! Let's search some more.

A stare like no other animal and super long fingers that can catch insects or even birds - tarsiers are such extraordinary creatures! The most noticeable thing about tarsiers are their eyes. They have the largest eyes relative to body size of any mammal. Each eyeball is around 16 millimeters in diameter, which is as large as the tarsier’s entire brain. What would a human look like with the same ratio? : ) This picture is from Madagascar last week.

James Bond author Ian Fleming visited the Seychelles in 1958 looking for adventure and inspiration for his then-latest collection of stories, For Your Eyes Only. Well, this photo is to please your eyes only 😎

We threw an apple on the red lava and in a few seconds it was gone. The temperature can be over 1000 degrees Celsius. It was a bit tricky to get this macro shot balancing on the edge.

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