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Pata  Explorer and photographer / filmer. 20 years of expeditions to the polar areas, jungles, deserted islands and other beautiful places. ✉️

An Owl cannot turn its eyes around like humans, so they have to turn their head instead. This Spectacle Owl can turn its head 270 degrees. This is a young chick we found in the Costa Rican jungle. I was standing in the middle of a river balansing on slippery rocks with its father looking at me angrily from a tree next to me. Even I started turning my head 270 degrees that moment 😬

Can a reptile look more scary and fascinating at the same time. With the tail it was about 1,5m long. An interesting fact is that young green iguanas will often eat the poo of grown up iguanas to get the necessary bacteria required to digest their food 😝

You automatically feel happy when you see a frog like this!!!! You just cannot touch it or eat it 😜Greetings from Costa Rica!

The mountains on Hawaii are like gold and the rivers like silver. I wish I could finalise the sentence by saying “and my skin is brown”….but I burned myself in the sun yesterday so it feels more like red lava.

Today we had some action with the lava running into the ocean. Captain Ikaika drove us up to the point where hot steam and red lava flew around. Big waves, floating rocks, boiling water......and a lot of FUN!!!!

Hot things in a cool place! If you want to do something epic, fly directly to Hawaii and run after the lava flow. It moves 400m / day at the moment. The contrast and colours are just unbelievable!

I heard that Geckos do not like Teflon. It has a low surface tension and as a result geckos find it difficult to stick to Teflon effectively. Fortunately the jungle in Hawaii is Teflon-free 😜

ALOHA everyone 🤙🏼Here are some nice waterfalls in Hawaii......but a bit hot and humid for a Finn 😅

I have never seen a wolf up close, but got to see it now a week ago in Alaska. He was pretty cool about it and didn´t go “Uuuuuuuuuuuuuu”. On the other hand, I went “JIIIIHUUUUUUUUU”. Thanks Canon for the long lense 😁👍🏼

5 hours of + 44 degrees, sand and sweat.....but worth every minute!!!!! We walked through three canyons: Antelope, Rattlesnake and Owl. Of course I hoped to meet a rattlesnake or see an owl, but we only saw our Navajo guide, Kirk, and a lizard.

Where can I get a kayak?!!!! This day was hot with +44 degrees Celsius. Tomorrow it will be even warmer ☀️when we jump head first into Antelope Canyon with taped and protected cameras and lenses from all the desert dust. Rock'n Roll!

My wife says something is wrong with me because I always want to climb up on things. This was a hard day for me. Just looking and taking photos of these magnificent mountains in Banff.

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