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Pata  Explorer and photographer / filmer. 20 years of expeditions to the polar areas, jungles, deserted islands and other beautiful places. ✉️info@pata.fi

I have a birthday this week and learned a good phrase in Greenlandic that is good to know when you are getting older : “Ilissiverupunga!” ….which means "Damn! I've put it away in a safe place and now I can't find it." 😁

This Gekko posed like Kim Kardashian in a green dress on a red carpet. Moved around and waved his ass….and finally ate a fly 😋

Pfffjutttttt....and the apple was gone! You have to look where you step taking photos of running lava. We threw an apple on the lava and it didn’t take long for it to disappear. Smelled like apple pie 😋

President on the bottom of the sea - For an island country like Maldives, climate change and rising level of oceans is a major threat. A number of islands have already been cleared because of the rising waters in the ocean. For drawing attention towards this thing, The President Mohamed Nasheed, transferred the cabinet meeting of October 2009 right to the ocean’s bottom. The President along with his 13 government officials put on scuba gears and placed themselves on the desks that were sunk at the sea bottom in order to get attention to the threats that Maldives are facing. Pretty cool! 👍🏼 We tried to look for some politicians on the bottom, but saw only a few well fed sharks 🦈😬

Looking at this view I made a decision. A decision to collect my best Antarctic photographs into a book. A BIG book. A book to somehow explain the beauty of this contingent to those who doesn’t have the possibility to travel there. If I can make someone think Antarctica is beautiful, I may change his or hers way of looking at nature….and maybe even how this person behaves towards nature. 😉

Explorers Cove - All of a sudden we heard a cracking sound, and the ice under our feet moved like an earth quake. Shit and corruption! Was our camp going to break up the first night? This place was named in recognition of the large number of explorers that have worked in the vicinity of this cove. The ice was 3,5m thick so the sounds were pretty good. Capt. Robert Scott, Ernst Schackleton and the guys were probably as amazed as we were with all the cracking ; ) I bet they also slept with their knifes close by to be able to escape your tent fast if needed. 😬

There are over 4,675 species of lizards. Included in this large number are lizards with four legs, some with two legs and some with no legs at all; lizards with frills, horns or wings; and lizards in nearly every color imaginable. Don´t know so much about this lizard in Hawaii, but it had four legs and was fast! 😉

On the way back to Scott Base from our diving expedition, this Adélie penguin looked a bit lost and I snapped a pic of it. The light was really strange that day, and made this situation look pretty cool like a graphical drawing or a painting. Anyhow, these birds are named after Adélie Land, in turn named for Adèle Dumont D'Urville, the wife of French explorer Jules Dumont d'Urville, who discovered these penguins in 1840. Don´t know if my wife would like it if I named a penguin after her 😬

Mount Erebus is currently the most active volcano in Antarctica and at the same time the southernmost active volcano on Earth. Mount Erebus was discovered on January 27, 1841 by polar explorer Sir James Clark Ross who named it and its companion, Mount Terror, after his ships, Erebus and Terror. In the Greek mythology Erebus means "deep darkness or shadow”. Looks like James was right. Would have been pretty dark up there with this lenticular cloud over the top : ).

Today is a big day for all the Finns. As a gesture to Finland 100 years, we named a mountain on Antarctica ”Mount Suomi”. (Suomi means Finland in finnish). It is a small but great country to live in!

On our last diving expedition to Antarctica we used Scott pyramid tents. These tents are based on the design of the tent used by Sir Robert Falcon Scott in the early twentieth century. Of course they were a bit modified with collapsible poles and stronger fabric. It is supposed to withstand very hard winds, that we unfortunately didn’t get. Would have been nice to see how they perform. For me it was the first time using these heavy duty tents. It was an interesting experience…...but still I prefer my Fjällräven Polar tunnel tent 😎

This is our camp in Explorers Cove in Antarctica. Flying my drones here was a bit complicated. First you have to get the permission (would have been easier to learn to fly yourself). Then you have to call Mac center at MacMurdo station 30 min before flying. Another call have to be made at takoff and landing. To get the satellite phone call through, takes about 3-15 min, so you have to time it right. Then the drone wount take off because the geomagnetic field is quite different than anywhere else, so you need to override that. Then you need to tape "handwarmer" bags to the console for the batteries not to freeze. When you get it airborne, you need to fly it constantly. It can just start to drift off. You also possible need to be able to operate the joysticks with thick gloves on and under a jacket because it is so light outside you cannot see the screen. You are not permitted to fly "blind", so you meed to see the drone at all times. Doing that you need to wear good sunglasses, that of course you can't see the screen trough because they are very dark. If you get all these thing right, it is quite easy to pull the trigger 😁The blue diving tent is on the left, the yellow lab/camera tent in the middle, and the blue big mess tent on the right. The small tents are our accomodation tents.

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