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Patrik Macej🇨🇿  FC DAC 1904🇸🇰


Okay, I said something yesterday. Im hungry for success! That’s true. Fear of failure is now not my option. If you want something as bad as you wanna breathe, than you will be successful. That’s another true. There are some keys to get your achievement. But you have to keep your smile on your face, because only you know that some kind of shits what happened to you in your past, be your next step to get where you really want to be! Do it with a passion, but still smile and enjoy your game!

#KeepSmile #KeepPassion #HardWork #FailureIsNotOption #GoGetIt

New year, new plans, new opportunities?!..I don’t give a f*ck for this! I have plans for a long time ago and I am still hungry for success. For me, it is every single day in my life to be better person or goalkeeper! So keep going through everything bad in your life, it will makes you stronger! Dream bigger, train harder! Here I come!

#Success #HungryEveryDay #Achievement #Goals #BeingGoalkeeperIsntEasy #ButYouCanBeTheBest #AndIdolForManyPeople

Kus šebe na night coffee👏🏻🙈..někdy prostě není čas když vstáváš ve 2 odpoledne a to podotýkám bez párty😂..už ať startuje sezóna nebo mě jebne!

#CantWaitForIt 💛💙⚽️🏆

Jak na Nový rok tak po cely rok! Ja myslím, ze na to ma! Co vy na to?!🙈👏🏻 wait for it✌🏻@malisova_michaela @rytmusking @igorkmeto @anitasoulofficial

Tak Vám všem přeji krásné Vánoce! Mějte se rádi a buďte zdraví!❤️ #ChristmasTime #Holidays #FamilyTime #EnjoyYourTime

That was a few months ago. When everything started. Next mission in DAC. And now, half of a year is gone. I have to say that was good ride, but it could be better and it will be better! Have a nice every day and think positive because that's the way to be the best!

#HajraDAC #FortunaLiga #Faith #Positive #Rest #HolidayNow #FamilyTime

This guy scored first goal for our team! His celebration was incredible and finished at my place in front of the goal☝😂😂🙏
#FortunaLiga #DAC #SimonPambou

That disappointment what I feel..but how bad do you want it? It's your journey & your story! You might have had it tough, but where you start from means nothing. ALL THAT MATTERS is WHERE YOU FINISH!

Treba rozdávať radosť a úsmev! 🙏😝 #HajraDAC #radostPreMalych #jenomTakhleSeMuzouPosunoutIOni #futbalSpaja

Now if you know what you're worth, then go out and get what you're worth, but you gotta be willing to take the hits! And not pointing fingers saying, you ain't what you wanna be, because of him or her or anybody, cowards do that and that ain't you! You're better than that! #keepGoing #keepGrinding #dontLoseYourFaith #youHaveToBeWinnerInYourHead #afterYouWillBeWinnerForTheWorld

This is the TEAM!

Jak už jsem sliboval #Hypervenom od #Nike!🙏
Jednoduše #PlayFire🔥..tady se už Ježíšek nezastavil a ani neměl šanci. Jenom jsem přišel, viděl, koupil! #TOP #RideOut #FastFurious #BlackSquad

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