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Pastor How  @HOGC Singapore 🇸🇬 I am not afraid of failure. I am afraid of succeeding at things that don't matter.


Looks like we have a squatter.
Standing is too mainstream.
Happy Calories New Year.

#AllTheLights - #HOGCworship’s latest single. Check out the full Lyric Video, now up on HOGC’s YouTube Channel.

What a weekend - new pastors, new songs—new season!
Musical geniuses @danielgohjengin @aaronnycheong did an amazing job with our latest single - All the Lights.
My favorite screens of all time too!
#AllTheLights #HOGCworship

This is not an altar call for salvation, prayer, ministry, or blessing. This is an altar call for people who want to become pastors, full-time / part time staff or interns.
At the end of our 3 ordination services, we challenged the next generation of pastors and FT staff — hundreds responded to the call!
HOGC will never lack pastors and staff in the next generation!
#Generations #Reinforcements

Today is one of the most significant days in the history of @HOGC — the ordination of 3 new pastors. @charleston_lim @garrettleejw and @lynettegoh
New Season, New Levels and New Breakthroughs!

They all came when they were 9-13 years old, and today they are ordained as pastors.
This is probably one of the most fulfilling and emotional days of @pastor.lia’s and my life.

Repost @hogc
It’s going to be a history-making weekend at HOGC! For the very first time, we will be ordaining 3 new pastors - @charleston_lim, @lynettegoh, and @garrettleejw! Join us as we celebrate this significant weekend!

“I was in church for 6 years, but I never wanted to rise up. Every week, I came for service; but whenever I thought of doing more for God, I held back. I thought ‘There are far more exciting things to do in life.’ I spent my time joining triathlons, climbing mountains and going on adventures all around the world. But I still felt visionless and empty.

One service 2 years ago, I felt a tugging in my heart that I couldn’t ignore. It hit me that I had not done anything significant in the past 6 years. That day, I made a decision to rise up. I started to avail myself for God and church. As a new leader, Pastor How gave me the opportunity to travel with him to Taiwan for a preaching trip. There I caught a vision for my future — as I saw people making a commitment to live for Jesus, I realised a life lived for God is the greatest adventure of all!” - Yun Hsiu

Over the last 2 weeks, more than 400 people have made the decision to rise up. So proud of you all. Welcome to the great adventure.
#TransformationalLeadership #LEAD1000

While I am preaching back home, @pastor.lia and team are out changing the world! 🌎🌍🌏
She absolutely hit it out of the ball park this past week in #Sweden!

After our successful campaign to win and Light 1000 souls for Jesus in 2013 and again in 2016, we have a new challenge - now our goal is to raise up 1000 leaders. #LEAD1000

To be a Transformational Leader, first be transformed by Christ.
#TransformationalLeadership #HOGCmessages #LEAD1000

Sneak peak of my message this weekend — Part 2 of #TransformationalLeadership. You will love it. Bring friends.
#LEAD1000 #HOGCmessages

38 Senior Pastors and Pastors from Moscow, St. Petersburg, Saratov, Ukraine, Finland, Latvia, Germany, Hanoi, Saigon and more came for our 5-Day #HOGCexperience 🇷🇺🇺🇦🇱🇻🇫🇮🇩🇪🇻🇳

It’s so good to meet you all. Let’s build strong churches with and for GENERATIONS of YOUTH.
#HOGCx #HOGCglobal #Russia #Ukraine #Latvia #Finland #Germany #Vietnam

@mishoel - Your words below make everything worth it.
#HOGCx #HOGCexperience

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Thank you #hogc @pastor.how and @Pastor.lia for an unforgettable week. You have impacted our churches and movement so strongly, we leave much richer than we arrived. Your hospitality, passion for Jesus and wisdom about how to train young people have left a lasting impression on us. So proud to serve God together with all of you in HOGC! 💒

Jesus said, “FOLLOW ME, and I will MAKE YOU.....
Disciples can be ‘made’.
Leaders can be ‘made’.
If you want to be a leader, Follow-ship is more important than Fellowship.
#LEAD1000 #TransformationalLeadership #HOGCmessages

Every morning when I wake up, I think - "I can't believe I get to do this...to serve God, lead His people and build His church..." and thanksgiving just flows... #Privilege
Anyone else feel this way?
#TransformationalLeadership #HOGCmessages #LEAD1000

• M I G H T Y •
Proud of our newest single...! A song that captures the heart and spirit of this #NewSeason!

We are leaving this valley
To the place of Your Glory

Now available on Spotify, Apple Music, iTunes, Deezer, Amazon Music, Google Play, Pandora and other music services. Full lyrics and chords also available on our website.
#Mighty #HOGCworship

So proud of all 85 HOGC mission team members to #ChiangMai #Thailand.
12 sessions in 2.5 days for 3500 conference delegates.
Our Ops teams ran the lights, sound, projection, screens, effects and visuals production.
Our missions support team served as ushers and atmosphere architects.
Our Worship Team broke through the atmosphere and brought down the presence of God.
Over 1,200 salvations — Only possible because you served with your 200% best. Respect.
#TeamHOGC #HOGCglobal #HOGCmissions #HOGCworship

Happy to host all 70 pastors and leaders from 16 local churches for the HOGC Experience. I hope our time together has helped you. Let’s build strong churches for Jesus! 🇸🇬
#HOGCx #HOGCexperience

• D A Y F O U R •
#Recap Final Day of the @messengerintl conference - and that’s a wrap for #ChiangMai!

#JourneyOfADream #Generations
#VLOG #Thailand #HOGCglobal #HOGCworship #TeamHOGC

After spending 3 days together in Singapore and then seeing each other almost 24/7 for another 3 days of conference preaching in Chiang Mai, what do you do? Spend another day together playing with the elephants of course. @johnbevere @lisabevere @pastor.lia 🐘🐘🐘🐘
#CantGetEnoughofEachOther #MinistryFriends #WorkHardPlayHard

This is what it's all about — Over 1000 Thai young people made a decision for Jesus at last night's youth outreach event in #ChiangMai #Thailand.
#AllForJesus #AllForSouls #HOGCglobal

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