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peter  sanctifier/sanctified

mom and her maternal grandparents 1968

[foghorn sound effect]

hey uhh guess I kinda went on hiatus there.. things are rly bad.. havent felt like this much of a failure since I dropped out of high school.. I fall asleep any time I try to get work done.. have only handed in 1 essay this semester.. my school has no infrastructure to help me.. i don't even have an advisor as far as I know.. im too embarrassed to talk to my professors about whats going on.. wish I could rewind to the beginning of the semester and/or disappear.. dont know why im putting this here 4 everyone 2 read but what do I have to lose at this point lol!

narrowly avoided crying in front of my russian 101 professor today - молодец!

дзига вертов и виктор цой 📽 happy centenary !!!


sappy post 2 say that I love this thing even though it's shoddy & uneven and will bleed very badly. who cares! it's the jester's life 4 me 🃏

FOR 1 NITE ONLY witness the city of brotherly love become the city of goblins, ghouls, goth cowboys and marlene dietrich

fried egg & hot sauce breakfast after stumbling off the 4:35AM greyhound bus back from philly 🃏

ROGUE KANSAS DEBUTANTE SEEKS HALLOWEEN REVELRY 👹 I had bronchitis last year!! help me overcompensate!

when ur dream job is unattainable despite being super close to your apartment because you're an unemployable scrub with an already busy schedule :')

I skipped my shitty lecture to eat dumplings at home

가장 인기있는 인스타그램 해시 태그