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peter  decadent ascetic!

this is my finals week alter ego pyotr petrovich petrov he wears a fur coat eats way too much spaghetti airbrushes the holy hell out of his photos and he WILL write 10 pages on the role of women in crime & punishment by thursday night

trying to figure out my ideal color palette πŸ‘€ definitely red/blue/yellow plus pink and perhaps the occasional green... is it bad that I'm in a color rut?? someone get me a wes anderson prayer candle I truly need his πŸ‘ for color

the "brotherhood church" in bristol england is a tolstoyan commune founded in 1894, 16 years before tolstoy's death. that makes the commune 123 years old, 77 years older than america's oldest commune

get thee behind me speedo satan

1) this pic of dolly and cher is THE summer 2017 mood
2) I love decadence but I'm too butch for any of these clothes who wants to throw a bunch of money at me and let me be their stylist 🎷

ramen shop employee bathroom.. infiltrated #withpermission

;^) 🚌🚨

mcdonalds chicken sandwich thank you for blessing this afternoon and giving me the strength to finish a midterm paper I am turning in the week of the final

for someone who wears the same pair of shoes every day and does not plan on stopping, I am spending a ridiculous amount of time drooling over these beauties

I wasn't planning on a mothers day post since everybody already knows she's the MVP. but a little reminder never hurt anyone!! momma, you are my best friend and the biggest influence in my life. I love you more than I love the idea of ira glass and depeche mode collaborating. thank you for not questioning when I was constantly getting parcels from bulgaria & ukraine, thank you for being my baseball buddy, thank you for dealing with our needy goblin dogs. thank you for the daily snapchats ever since I started first semester, thank you for bringing me home for the mountain goats concert, thank you for believing sasha fierce & the oklahoma soundtrack belong on the same playlist. thank you for helping me move to new york, and for helping me to survive here. you look like the long lost sister of cher or anjelica huston. I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!

we love you saint joan

every time I impulsively shear off several inches of hair I feel closer to joan of arc

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