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2/22 it was sunny and gorgeous yesterday, today it's grey and rainy. I am rejoicing over unexpected bike rides and yearning to linger in wrapped in blankets. The season has me wanting comforting soups and lazy days.... this creamy butternut squash soup is keeping me in the moment and grounded in my roots.
February is racing by and spring is marching forward. Be sure to check out @fractureme for a beautiful resource for hanging your moments on your walls.

2/21 Its the strangest thing to have a new view on a place. To look with fresh eyes and see the details that make an area unique and familiar.
Have you checked out @fractureme yet and used PHOTOADAY for a discount - get some art on your walls!

2/20 What keeps you active and moving?
Day 20 had me torn for my @fracture challenge. There's a lot I have discovered I have missed showing here but also, the desire to keep things instant, and authentic. There are so many moments I am focusing on.
Adventure feeds my soul. Wholesome food keeps me moving. Let's close this month out strong!

I am dreaming of rich foodie prints lining the walls of my future remodeled air stream.... what do you think? My friend Jenni has beautiful prints of her work on her walls and I love this idea! Use PHOTOADAY on the fracture print site for a discount!

2/19 Who are the friends youd want travel with?

2/18 what are the simple moments you overlook? With the whole world over packed with busy schedules and the dings and bells of ever present media, what are you missing?
I will totally admit to working on taking remeber to pause and take notice of all the simple moments that bring us comfort throughout our days, the ones we overlook.
The 18th day of my daily challenge prompted me to be present.
What daily moments do you over look?

2/17 sometimes you just have to embrace the small adventures and let that eternal inner child have some fun. For me its needing out on the @nationalparkservice #juniorranger program. I collect badges at all our national parks - this year's goal is one new one a month so I pulled into the coolest train museum and let myself get lost in history last week. New stamps, new badge, happy girl.
Day 17 and this @fractureme challenge really has me loving instagram and snapping pics and mostly remembering to #FocusOnMoments again.

2/15 we capture these moments to share them with one another. To connect our stories and see the universal threads that link us all... From the simplicity of my table, day 15 of my @fractureme challenge is inspiring me to think outside the box for my promt and put my spin, share my story with you.
Have you checked out their site yet? It's a cool new way to print your moments, share those stories. Use code PHOTOADAY for a discount.

2/15 We look up to drown ourselves in a sea of stars. The deepness of evening and mystery of those millions of flickering dots will always captivate me. I hope I never lose my curiosity for the night sky and continue to hunt out stars whenever I travel.
Stars have been one of my favorite thing to photograph and print - perhaps since I grew up seeing so few as I look over my curated images from day 15 of my @fractureme image challenge. I have watched the stars on 5 continents and can't wait to spend long nights chasing them more. I could fill a wall with maps of the sky and still find myself dreaming of them.

2/14 'I don't believe in magic', the young boy said.
The old man smiled, 'You will, when you see her.' Halfway through my daily challenge with @fractureme and this holiday for lovers has me contemplating poetry and lyrics yet to be written....

2/13 cold nights camping with friends led to playing with light. Cant beat a good trip off the grid to disconnect and recharge.
I cant wait to hang this on the wall of my new place to remind me just how amazing my days can be! My 13th day of my @fractureme challenge has me energized and inspired. Most of all, its been great to #FocusOnMoments!

When's the last time you recharged your creative energy?

2/12 Break rules. Play with your food. Play with shadows. Love what you create. All day every day.
Day 12 of the 28 day @fractureme challenge has me wanting to line my walls with my best foodie finds since I started this whole traveling shindig.
Whats on your walls?

2/11 This one time, I stayed in a tiny house in Austin and life was pretty freakin rad. Where's the coolest place you've ever stayed?
Day 11 of my @fractureme daily challenge has me sharing a self portrait - not my favorite thing, but as I look back over this visual gallery of my adventures, I have to give myself the grace to be a part of the story - as it is mine - that I am not just outside looking in.

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