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"When I left my job to travel in November 2015, India was the first destination of many. Seeing this photo now makes me nostalgic. It’s nice to reflect on an experience after the fact, but I always miss the excitement and chaos of being in the midst of a trip."
@livelikeitsthewknd Jodhpur, India

Last year, we spent Earth Day in Los Angeles celebrating the work of the talented students that took part in #PassportToCreativity. The lessons we learned in those endangered ecosystems are even more applicable today.
To find out more about this life-changing program that took students to remote, protected areas in Chile, Kenya and Australia, click on the link in our profile.
Footage above from #PassportToCreativity Trip #3 in Lord Howe Island, Australia feat. Hugo Germain (@graphonaute), Amelia Le Brun (@amslebrun) and their mentor Adrienne Pitts (@hellopoe).

It's Earth Day, and we want to see all your #PPMonochrome colors to celebrate!

Guest judges @aneeshkothari and @yellowillow can't wait to see your palettes: blues, greens, 12pm ET tomorrow.

Check the "Community" tab on our site and swipe left for further inspiration!
Photo by: @reubennutt Berglistüber, Switzerland

Only 20 people are allowed to see the Wave per day, and you have to be chosen through an online lottery. @trailofwonders visited in early March. “You’re given a map as a guide, but we couldn't find the markers to let us know we were going in the right direction. After getting lost on our way, we got there right as the sun was coming out. The Wave is beautiful, but not quite as big in person as it looks in photos. Still, we couldn’t help but wonder at how nature created this amazing, colorful place.”
The Wave, Arizona, USA

"The difficult thing about photography is figuring out how to convey in a picture how I felt in a certain moment. With this photo, I tried to incorporate the sense of beauty and mysticism I felt when the sun peaked through the clouds and illuminated this hilltop castle without making it seem too unrealistic."
@thefella Hohenzollern Castle, Germany

Share your #PPMonochrome canvas with us as well as guest judges @aneeshkothari and @yellowillow for this week's challenge theme!

To get you inspired, @icelandic_explorer takes us to Reykjavic, Iceland: "This night was one of the most intense snowfalls I've experienced. We literally got 30-40cm (15in) of snow in a few hours. I woke up at 3am from the sound of trees breaking in my backyard, so I decided to get out and take some photos...."
Visit the "Community" page on our site (linked in bio) and follow the steps below:
1. Post photos/videos relating to the theme during the entry period, Tue. 4/18 - Sun. 4/23 at noon US-ET;
2. Tag @passionpassport and #PPMonochrome in your caption; and
3. Take us into the moment with you by describing the circumstances of your experience in the caption.

Get creative, have fun, and be safe!

New York City: a city never done being built. A living organism of a place constantly providing new inspiration.

Photographer @samhorine's Instagram feed paints a beautiful portrait of this moving, ever-changing city he calls home. Read our profile of him on

"We arrived at Yoshimizu Shrine a few moments after closing and set off down an isolated path in hope for one last great view before the sun set. As I stood on the hill looking out over the cherry blossoms, I could hear the gentle chime of bells and a soft breeze blowing through the trees. It was a moment not at all expected, but one I will remember forever."
@sherese_romo Yoshimizu Shrine, Japan

"When I made it to Shi Shi Beach, it looked so unnatural that I felt like I had arrived on a foreign planet. The sea stacks were staggered out as far as the eye could see, and when the sun set behind these towering cliffs, I remained on the beach completely mesmerized by it all."
@lucas_boland Olympic National Park, Washington, USA

What's your favorite color? This week’s Instagram challenge is all about the #PPMonochrome scenes you’ve come across on your adventures and travels!

Follow the steps below to enter:
1. Post photos/videos relating to the theme between today 4/18 and Sun. 4/23 at noon US-ET;
2. Tag @passionpassport and #PPMonochrome in your caption;
3. Tell us about the experience; and
4. Visit our "Community" page (link in bio) on our site for full details and further inspiration.

From urban landscapes of city slate to rolling hills of green, guest judges @aneeshkothari and @yellowillow can’t wait to see your gradient hues, so get going!

Photo by: @wout.dejong Larung Gar, Tibet

"We were getting farther and farther from the city center when we stumbled across this quiet, romantic scene. After I took the shot, I was practicing parkour in the adjacent alley and a crowd of elderly Italian women began to gather around me. They laughed and clapped as I flipped and jumped about. They probably thought I was crazy, but it was one of the best moments of the trip."
@reubennutt Venice, Italy

Congratulations to our #PPLocalExpert Instagram challenge winner, @rosacs, who shares a quick history lesson from the streets of Berlin. Now a popular tourist attraction, Checkpoint Charlie is a not so subtle reminder of what used to be a divided Berlin, and has now become a symbol of the Cold War.
Thanks again to everyone who joined, and a special thanks to our guest judges @annapurnauna, and @nellyvels for sharing their favorite spots!

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