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"My fascination with photography comes from my architectural studies. Over time, I've begun to see how the two are beautifully, inextricably linked, which allows me to connect with my work on a deeper level. I no longer ‘see’ the buildings; I 'feel’ them."
@nicanorgarcia Istanbul, Turkey
What places make you "feel"? Describe the experience, and share your photos, boomerangs, and videos to #passionpassport!

"As a travel photographer, I try to dig into a place and understand it so that its spirit can shine through in my photos. To me, this shot is a portrait of the Karelian region. It’s a little mysterious, a bit dramatic, and full of atmosphere. Almost like a portal to another world."
@alex.mazurov Karelia, Russia

April showers bring May flowers, so this week is all about what's #PPInBloom!
Guest judges @annadoshinaphotography and @polabur are looking for the most colorful, exotic, and stunning flora you've come across on your travels.
To enter:
1. Post photos/videos relating to the theme between Tue. 5/23 and Sun. 5/28 at noon US-ET;
2. Tag @passionpassport and #PPInBloom in the caption;
3. Tell us about the experience in 3-4 sentences;
4. Visit the "Community" page on our site (link in bio) for full details and further inspiration."
Photo by: @elialocardi Osaka, Japan

"Copenhagen was built by its people for its people, and what makes it so unique is not its architecture and design, but the way those things are used by citizens and tourists every single day. As a Dane, if you love to do something, you eventually have to ignore the bad weather and continue in spite of it. Kayaking along the canal in subzero temperatures (or waiting on a bridge to take the perfect photo) might seem crazy to an outsider, but once you’ve learned to live with the weather here, it starts to seem a lot crazier NOT to."
@viktorsylvester Copenhagen, Denmark

Congratulations to our #PPSoloTravel Instagram challenge winner: @snowcappedcat!
Caterina recalls her experience trekking along the 'Camino De Santiago', a major pilgrimage route in Spain, and those moments of realization that on the Camino, "you walk in and out of each other's lives everyday", and the lessons we can learn from the interactions and people we meet.
Head to her feed to check out her whole write-up.
A big thanks to @hostelworld for joining us this week, and to all of you who shared your stories and learnings!

Sometimes our most transformative moments come when we #PPSoloTravel.

This past week, we teamed up with @hostelworld as well as guest judges @liolaliola and @ryannealcordwell to relive and share those experiences.

Give a round of applause to our honorable mentions, and check out their stories:
@easternsuns, @livelikeitsthewknd, @el_fotomat, @natebowery, @eskofilms, @insearchofperfect, @aarghwind, @dontyoushiver, and @maja_topcagic!

Stay tuned to find out who won our grand prize!

"As someone who grew up extremely shy, photography became a way for me to bond with others. In the cold morning hours before the mosque flooded with tourists, I observed this local basking in the warm rays of sunlight. Seeing him alone through the lens of my camera, I felt connected in a deep way."
@kartik231987 Taj Mahal, India

"I spent the entire day watching as the countryside slipped by out of the windows of two trains, then a boat, then two buses. It was beautiful, but visually overwhelming at the same time. Then, as our bus drove down the adjacent highway, fighting against the wind, I noticed the way the sun lit this valley. It was a much needed moment of relief in the midst of an otherwise exhausting day."
@nhatgeo Stalheim, Norway

Last chance! Enter #PPSoloTravel for a chance to win $1,000 towards your next big adventure. Instructions:
1. Post or repost a photo/video before 11:59pm EST tonight;
2. Tag #PPSoloTravel and @passionpassport in the caption;
3. Write a brief (3-4 sentences) caption describing what made that solo travel moment memorable; and
4. Check our site for full instructions and Terms & Conditions.
Good luck!

Singapore is a vibrant, diverse city with magnificent architecture, mouth-watering food options, and memorable museums and outdoor spaces. For such a small island, it punches far above its weight. Most recently, our team headed to Singapore to get better acquainted—discover more by clicking the link in our profile. #ad #visitsingapore #flySQ

Only 12 hours left: enter our #PPSoloTravel challenge for your chance to win $1,000 towards your next grand adventure! Head over to the link in our bio to see more about how @hostelworld can help you travel the world solo, and tag a friend who should know about this opportunity!

Guest judges @liolaliola, and @ryannealcordwell will be looking for the most nostalgic, stand-out, and unforgettable solo travel memories.

Head to for full details and good luck!

"Monument Valley is a place of deep contrasts — between the red rocks and the blue sky, between the film representation of this place and the reality of it, and between what can be seen from the valley and what can be seen from the peak."
@charliespicture Monument Valley, Arizona

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