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"It's easier for me to use photography to express how I feel and think. I've always been more visually inclined. Walking into the library inside the Stony Island Arts Bank I felt inspired. The book covered walls and vivid reflection provided a pronounced sense of immersion. Creative people tend to overthink everything, but we should just let inspiration and imagination guide us."
@israel_r Chicago, Illinois

One color! Two color! Three color, four! Color brings life to our surroundings — it’s a visual language that allows us to communicate with everything around us. This week’s Instagram challenge is all about #PPMulticolor! Join us and this week's guest judges @meanderingmacaron and @codyguilfoyle by following the steps below:

1. Post photos/videos according to your interpretation of the theme between today 6/27 and 11:59am EST Sunday 7/2
2. Tag @passionpassport and #PPMulticolor in your caption;
3. Tell us a story with your caption: Where were you? How do the colors make you feel? What was going through your head in the moment?
4. Head to our PassionPassport.com for full details!

Photo by: @jonathan_tucker_photography Yukon, Canada

"I live in another city not far from Amsterdam, which I'm actually happy about because I never want to get used to Amsterdam's charm. There are beautiful canals reflecting cozy streets, trees, and flowers, and almost every building has its own history. It's a real pleasure to come here for a walk and explore parts I haven't yet seen."
@een_wasbeer Amsterdam, Netherlands

Congratulations to @j9ryl, our #PPLostInThought winner!

Here he takes us to his first time in Hong Kong, dazzled by the bright neon signs and movement of the city.

We're sending a huge thanks to guest judges @emmett_sparling, @jordhammond, and @kazimghafoor as well as all who shared their memories this week!

This week's #PPLostInThought moments come from sitting in the Sydney Opera House to riding a bike in Tokyo.

Congratulations to our honorable mentions: @antoonella_, @demasrusli, @danielssonphotography, @photostorming, @aljvd, @cristapriscilla, @mostlyaimless, @iamdocgelo, and @kristafort!
Ready to see our winner? Stay tuned!

"San Francisco is one of those rare places in the world that can evoke very vivid visuals, even if you've never been there. Obviously there's the Golden Gate Bridge and the cable cars, you might even think about Fisherman’s Wharf, and, of course, winding Lombard Street. I think it’s really one of the most iconic cities out there."
@twheat San Francisco, California, USA

"Morocco is a country made for photographers — colorful medinas, vibrant markets, exotic architecture, and impressive camel caravans through the desert. In all the pictures I saw, I thought it looked like a dream out of ‘1,001 Nights.'" See more of @rrrudya’s Moroccan photography and read about her experience in today's story by following the link in our bio!

The summit of Volcán Acatenango, Guatemala, sits over 13,000 feet above sea level with Volcán de Fuego in the distance. While describing the long hike and conditions, @lobosinalma said, "La sensación en una situación así es sentir que estás más vivo que nunca; esos momentos son tan valorados e inolvidables."
"The sensation of being in a situation like this is to feel more alive then ever; these moments are invaluable and unforgettable."

Reading, journaling, or just reflecting — travel often lulls us to get #PPLostInThought.

Join guest judges @emmett_sparling, @jordhammond, and @kazimghafoor to share your most pensive moments:
1. Post photos/videos relating to the theme between Tue. 6/20 and noon US-ET 6/25;
2. Tag @passionpassport and #PPLostInThought in the caption;
3. Tell us a story with your caption: Where were you? What made you pause? What was going through your head in the moment?; and
4. Visit the "Community" tab (linked in bio) on PassionPassport.com for full details!

Photo by: @jordhammond Old Bagan, Myanmar

When @nickzavalishin was little, he explored his vast home country of Russia, learning its history and geography and searching for future inspiration. But Moscow — the busy metropolis where the people are always in a hurry and the traffic never moves — has always called to him. Even in rare, quiet moments, he’s able to feel the heartbeat of the city he loves.
@nickzavalishin Moscow, Russia

"What I love most about traveling is discovering new cultures, people, and mentalities. I've learned to discover myself through new experiences and challenges. But before dreaming of elsewhere, it's important to really know where we come from and appreciate our roots."
@audreyrivet Niagara Falls, Canada
How do you define "roots" and where are they for you? Tag your adventures with #passionpassport, and share something you learned!

"I'm enamoured with the skyline of this city and originally intended to get a shot of the sunrise. But when I saw the light, fog, and sun all in one frame, I knew I had captured the feeling I was looking for. I love Shanghai, so I want to try my best to record these beautiful, fleeting moments whenever they occur."
@youknowcyc_ Shanghai, China

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