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Ash Nordman 🌍 Health Coach  1st Phorm Elite Athlete Online Health Coach Nutrition Junkie Holistic Healing 💗 #IAM1STPHORM Sign up for my New Year Challenge!👇🏻


I’m 25 going on 40.
I have the loudest voice in the room.
My right foot is a whole size larger than my left.
My first broken bone was my middle finger.
The second broken one was my face (okay, my orbital!)
My first vehicle was a four wheeler.
I totally believe in zodiac signs - go Cancers!
I grew up on Play Station.. and Easy Mac.
I’m as type A as it gets.
I would rather run 5 miles than sprint 400 meters.
I have lived in Illinois, Georgia, New York, North Dakota, and now, Missouri..all after the age of 20.
I’ve always been a morning person. It’s the farmer in me!
I love water and it brings me so much peace.
I’m great at playing the alto saxophone.
I’ve owned my own business since I was 21.
Painting is one of my best talents.
I can read people very well - always have.
I’ve never experienced deja vu before.
Put peanut butter near me and I’ll gag.
I have always had a thing for turquoise.
Growing up, I had an honest addiction to bagels with butter.
I love Dr. Phil.
In middle school, I had 2 neighbors named Ashley AND we adopted a 10 year old dog named Ashley, so it made for some interesting situations.
I have never had braces, but I’m finishing up Invisalign this month!
When I’m nervous, I chew on things.
When I’m laughing, it’s usually me picking on myself 😜
#randomfactsaboutme #nowitsyourturn !!

When babe catches you munching on @wake_up_waffles as a pre-meal snack before date night 😜 ..What can I say? They are just too quick & easy, and you don’t wanna be around a hangry Ash 🙅🏼‍♀️
Haven’t tried @wake_up_waffles yet? You be missing out 😍 Grab some here —> wakeupwaffles.com with my code P2BF! Oh, and be on the lookout for their new flavor release.. it’s gonna be the best yet!

“I’ve never seen any life transformation that didn’t begin with the person in question finally getting tired of their own bull💩” - AMEN TO THAT! All of these ladies were ready to cut the crap, and look where it has brought them 👏🏼 I could NOT be more proud of my team! The #p2bf8weekchallenge crew absolutely crushed it and I am SO excited to announce the $1000 winner this weekend 🏆 Want to join in on my next one? Registration is now OPEN for my New Years Challenge! 🎉 [link is in my bio!]

The reason I am so supportive towards others is because I know exactly how it feels like to have essentially nobody in your corner. I was bullied and tormented in high school, and I lost all of my friends. I remember walking the halls with tears in my eyes because I felt so lost. I had nobody to turn to, most of my teachers targeted me, and I slowly grew dead inside. In turn, my body became a reflection of this feeling.. and it hit me the day that I wasn't even 100lbs on the scale during gym class weigh ins. I was spiraling downward pretty quickly and even my family felt hopeless.
But one day at school, when word got out that I had made the decision to graduate a semester early and get away from all the negativity, one of my instructors pulled me aside. With genuine concern, he asked me, "Are you okay?" And I remember feeling so much love. Feeling like I actually mattered. I lied, and said that I was going to be just fine, and as I walked out of the room he goes, "Ash? Just remember that this is YOUR life and you are in control. Just do whatever you gotta do to be happy." And that stuck with me. A fire lit within me and it kick started a new journey to finding "me" again.
Now, years later, I actually see him some mornings when I go back home.. and it reminds me of how much of an impact you can have on someone by simply showing compassion and support. If you ever find someone struggling, someone hurting, someone who feels alone, and you can help, I hope you can find it within you to do the right thing. It could change their life ❤

Most of you understand that BCAAs are important to take... but why? 🤨
Well what are they, anyway? 👉🏻 Branch Chain Amino Acids (BCAAs) are made up of 3 amino acids with similar structures, and they are highly responsible for anti-catabolic (preventing muscle breakdown) and anabolic (muscle building) activities in the body 💪🏼 While no, they do not form or create proteins within the body, they do help to stimulate a process know as muscle protein synthesis (MPS), which helps the body utilize proteins and other amino acids to repair and protect your muscle tissue 👊🏼
Numerous studies show that ingestion of BCAA's in and around your workouts will help dramatically with preventing muscle breakdown, promoting recovery and gains, and enhancing endurance ⚡️1st Phorm BCAAs also have electrolytes, like Sodium and Potassium, as well as Glutamine [which you guys know that I RAVE about for improving gut health and boosting your immune system! 😜] that also help you have better workouts with less fatigue.
We have these awesome flavors:
Apple Juice 🍎
Blue Raspberry💙
Green Apple🍏
And I highly suggest that you grab some! You will notice that your muscle soreness improves drastically, as well as more muscle gains! Win win! 🏆 Tag a friend that may need to hear about BCAAs and how helpful they are! I wish someone told me about them when I first started training.. I was #foreversore 😫
Learn more at ➡️ 1stphorm.com/passion2befit

Let’s do a ✨ G I V E A W A Y ✨
Buff Bake just launched Protein Sandwich Cookies 🤤 and they make for a perfect on the go snack!
🍪12g of Protein per serving.
🍪Only 55 Calories per cookie.
🥜Available in 3 fun flavors (Snickerdoodle, Peanut Butter Cup & Double Chocolate)
🍪Grab em in in any @vitaminshoppe nationwide
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❤️This photo
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✏️Comment with your flavor choice
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The other side of disease is gratitude.
Maybe you’ve been through it: Where you’re struggling, in pain, confused, lost. But yet.. you find a way to turn that negative experience into a positive one.
You see the silver lining and you become overwhelmed with a sense of gratitude. Where you’re truly GRATEFUL for the struggle. Where you embrace the hard times. Where you know, that no matter what comes your way... you’ll come out stronger. Where you’ll end up on the other side of disease.
One day I’ll say the same again. Just like I did when I had an eating disorder. Just like I did when I suffered through depression.
One day I’ll look back and be so freaking happy for my struggle. I know that sharing my story is helping someone, and that is enough for me to smile 💙
#HealingMyGut #OneMealAtATime #SIBO #IBD
[Also, this 1P scoopneck is life. Go check out @1stphorm apparel here —> 1stphorm.com/passion2befit]

H A M S T R I N G S. What is so advantageous about having strong hamstrings?
Well, the hammies stabilize your hips and keep your spine properly aligned. And if your hamstrings are weak, then they'll tug on your hips.. which tips them forward and compromises functional movement (like walking, running, etc). This can result in lumbar lordosis, which often leads to back pain! The hamstrings also keep your knees and surrounding tissues in alignment, so ensuring that you have strong hamstrings is crucial for avoiding knee pain!
This exercise is called the "gliding leg curl" and you can thank @bretcontreras1 for coming up with this one! It can be done at home, or at the gym with a smith machine!
To perform this:
-hang from the bar going across the smith machine (place bar near the middle)
-place feet on the middle of a step (I used a really high step today.. but you can use a bench or box, too)
-keep arms as straight as possible, and keep core tight, then drive your hips up towards the sky
-PULL your legs up through your heels, and keep your core/back as tight and straight as possible (similar to doing a leg curl with an exercise ball)
-then glide back down and repeat for 12-15 reps
The workout looks fun cuz you swing a lot haha.. but it BURNS my hammies so good! Bret, you are genius! Give this one a try you guys.. it is always good to change it up with those hamstring-strengthening exercises!

I guess I’ll open up a little about myself.. since I like to keep it real on here ☺️
I’ve always been a fearful person.
I fear death.
I fear disappointment.
I fear judgment.
I fear letting people down.
I fear hurting people.
I fear anything less than perfection.
All of these things I fear relate back to control.
I love having control. Control is a safety net. It’s a way of being able to steer your path in the direction you want it to go in.. and it’s powerful.
But what I’ve learned is that control is nothing more than an illusion.
Everything I fear involves things that haven’t even happened yet... things in the future. And what’s funny is: nobody can predict the future. It can change at ANY moment. We live in a chaotic and unpredictable world, but people like myself think that ‘having control’ will make it more tolerable.
But I’m learning that is very wrong. I’m learning that I must LET. GO. I must let go of the illusion and:
-stop setting goals, and instead do what excites me
-stop planning, and just go for it
-stop looking at the future, and live in the moment
-stop trying to control others, and focus instead on being kind to them
-learn that trusting my values is more important to taking action than desiring/striving for certain outcomes
-take each step lightly, with balance, in the moment, guided by those values and what I’m passionate about
-learn to accept the world as it is, rather than being annoyed with it, stressed by it, mad at it, despaired by it, or trying to change it into what I want it to be
This is something I must work very hard at. I have to train my brain to think in this way. Because my inner Type A wants predictable outcomes. My inner Type A wants to be in complete control. But living like that strips me of happiness. Living in FEAR is no way to live at all. I especially struggle with fearing death (and I’ve always been ashamed by that because I have strong faith). I’m learning to let go.. but I have to constantly remind myself of “the illusion.” And although it can be hard, I know it’ll result in more joy 💗

"Why do you follow a ketogenic diet?" I get asked this a lot. And I totally understand why! For most people, when they think of "keto" they assume:
Keto is only for weight loss.
Ketogenic diets make you lose muscle.
Eating high fat is SO BAD for you.
Keto raises cholesterol.
Keto is restrictive.
And I am here to tell you this is all WRONG! Ketogenic diets have a lot of great benefits:
-keto reduces insulin levels
-triggers autophagy (fancy word for cellular clean-up)
-decreases inflammation
-burns fat and improves energy
Now, carbs are the body’s preferred fuel source. When carbs are restricted, the body reacts as if it is fasting. This stimulates new energy pathways to provide energy for the cells. One of these energy pathways is called ketogenesis, and the result of ketogenesis is an alternative fuel source called a ketone! Ketones can be used by almost every cell in your body for fuel. They provide a more efficient energy source and help protect neuron cells in the brain, too!
Ketogenic diets can also reverse or reduce the severity of:
-high blood pressure
-heart disease
This is because, by restricting carbs, we take the biggest stimulator of insulin out of the diet. This decreases insulin levels, increases fat burning, and reduces inflammation. The combination of these three changes addresses the primary drivers of many chronic diseases — insulin resistance, inflammation, and fat accumulation!
So why did I choose to follow a keto diet? To reduce inflammation (in my digestive tract thanks to IBS), and to combat some precancerous cells. That's why! But now, it may be time to change it up a bit.. and I’ll keep you posted 😬 #IMissCarbs #RightPicIsToday #LeftIsFromSeptember #NoMuscleLost #MaintainingWell #Yay

This is my most requested recipe EVER! 😱 It’s.. protein ice cream 🍦 And it’s incredibly simple to make!
All you need:
A blender
6-8 Ice cubs
1-2 scoops Level-1
1/3 cup Almond or Cashew Milk
And all you do is combine everything into a blender, mix it on high for about 2-3 minutes, and the result is a super thick, super tasty ice cream 😋
Tonight I used the limited edition Peppermint Bark Level-1 and topped it with CoCo Whip! 💗 Macros come out to be: 6c 25p 3.5f for 1 scoop! You HAVE to try this if you haven’t already!
Is your protein lacking in taste? Not thick and satisfying like Level-1? Then check out @1stphorm Level-1 here: 1stphorm.com/passion2befit and let me know if you have questions 😘 #festivetreats #proteinicecream #peppermintbark #level1 #iam1stphorm

There are two things I want to cover when it comes to nutrition and your diet.. First, is that you must be eating ENOUGH! ☝🏼 Secondly, is that you must be eating the RIGHT foods.
You see, if you restrict calories and don't eat enough, you are literally biting yourself in the ass. You are teaching your body to adapt to low calories, and this is also placing a LOT of stress 😖 on your body overall.
Our bodies have one goal in mind: survival. So if we are eating too few of calories, our bodies sense danger and start to store our food as FAT. Years ago, when food wasn't always available, this was how we would survive for days on end without food. But now, this isn't so helpful if you are trying to lose weight, because your body is literally storing your food as fat instead of using it as ⚡️ energy!
Very active women should be eating around 2,000 calories (minimum) a day, while more sedentary women need between 1350-1800. [I literally don't have any clients who eat under 1200 calories].
And then when it comes to WHAT you eat, you need to make sure you're consuming good ✨quality✨ foods. Because guess what? Quality MATTERS. Food quality is actually one of the biggest factors when it comes to being healthy 👏🏼 So make sure the majority your food choices are:
-certified organic
-non GMO
-free range
-wild caught
-free of antibiotics
And ALSO make sure that you avoid foods you are sensitive to! If you have food intolerances or get bad reactions to food, then DO NOT eat them! 🙅🏼‍♀️ This causes inflammation which is horrible for your body!
Are you unsure of what foods you may be intolerant to? Then I suggest taking a food intolerance test like I just did today. I got mine from 👉🏻 @pinnertestusa and I am anxious to get my results so I can better improve my health and my immune system as I heal! (I have a discount code: "passion2befit" if you want to order one!)

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