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A M Y W E L L S  Wife and Boy mama-2 😘 Health, fitness & outdoor lifestyle ⛺ Strong mind, body & soul ❤ Helping women grow. 🌱

Every day is a chance to start fresh. I have been trying so hard to live in the moment lately, that every second feels like a second chance. .
I want to choose to be happy everyday. When stress comes, and expectations take a turn, I tend to live towards fear. Then doubt. Then anger. But I am tired of it. .
As I prepare for 2019, this is the one thing I will be hanging on.
To be happy. .
To live free. .
And to dance. .

Everyone listen up……FREE GROUP OPPORTUNITY and I want you ALL HERE!!
The Holiday’s are coming with a vengeance and I am getting fired up. It is hard to believe that we are in the bump and grind of the Holiday Season. .
💜We are a week and a half away from Thanksgiving. 💜We are six weeks away from Christmas.
💜We are seven weeks away from New Years. .
Instead of getting stressed out and feeling crazy, you should come and join this group! This is what is to come over the next 7 Weeks. We have got a PLANK CHALLENGE, HEALTHY RECIPES, WATER CHALLENGE, KID FRIENDLY FOODS, and the TWELVE DAYS OF FITMAS. This is going to be easy going, FUN and you will be given so many fun tips. .
I will be advertising for each segment as we get closer to the events, but if you want ALL IN NOW, message me or comment below ME and you are in. We start November 16 and I got some prizes. You aren’t going to want to miss this and I bet you even can lose 5-10 pounds before that ball drops! Who is IN?

What's your call to purpose? Like what makes you get up when your alarm goes off and jump out of bed?
Today I started a new way to work my business by being intentional with my time and my family's time. The best part of owning a business, is that you can work when it is convenient for you.
I woke a little earlier than normal today, but I finished my workout being done with all my work tasks by the time my workout ended.
My call to purpose is to help people, but in turn, to do it on my time when it doesn't effect my family's time. .
Today marks the beginning of big things. 🙌

Dream big. 🙌
Vision in layers. 💜
Find your passion. 💃
Don't ever give up. 😍
Yesterday was pretty incredible for me. Being able to find motivation and drive is what keeps this mama ticking and my event yesterday was picture perfect. .
When I began coaching, I had no idea what that even meant. I had no idea what was in front of me. You guys, I was given a gift that was bigger than anything I had ever experienced before. I was given an opportunity that could change my life and change my families life. And hands down, my life has forever been changed. .
I have pushed myself, but I have also held myself back. Fear has come in from time to time, and I have anchors that hold me down. #slowandsteadywins was my motto, but this gal is tired of sitting on the side lines. I am a leader on my team, but I can lead way better and so much stronger. .
We are just 8 weeks away from a New Year. I am not waiting 'til the ball drops. I am pushing full steam ahead NOW. .
If you are looking for a new opportunity and are ready to SOAR, message me or comment below. This business will change your life and I am ready to move mountains. 💜

Go Hunter!!

Happy snowy Sunday. ❄ Headed to Hunter's first running race. Wish him luck!

Love these people. .
Life doesn't give a lot of second chances.
Life doesn't give a lot of grace.
These friends make me whole. .
Grateful for them.

It has been a long time since I spent a whole day with a good friend. I had such an amazing day and it is hard to believe our paths didn't cross until this past May. .
We also learned a lot about Pride versus Purpose today. So much of your purpose in life can be blinded when your pride gets in the way. .
My purpose is constantly being defined, but I know for certain, my path is going the right direction. So grateful for this friendship and the many more that are coming my way .
Dreaming big and living life with purpose is what will set you free.


Nothing like attending a fun, inspirational event with a friend! Can't wait to sed Chris Downing today and become transformed! 😍

What if someone told you that you couldn’t do something? Like, what if someone said that you weren’t worth it? What if this someone was YOU? We are our own worst enemy and we have to STOP. .

These lies we replay 👇
🚫You never can lose that weight
🚫You are big boned
🚫You don’t have enough time
🚫You never can finish anything .

Can be changed to👇
💜You can lose that weight when you commit
💜You are strong and can get more toned
💜You can find time….we all have the same 24 hours
💜You can finish anything when you have the right amount of support .

I never believed that I could wear smaller jeans. I never believed that I could stick with something without going to the gym. I was so afraid of change and so afraid that I wouldn’t hold myself accountable. I had people I loved laugh at what I looked like. I cried in the mirror over what I saw. .

The one day I said ENOUGH. Enough of the negative self-talk and start with the positives.
Each day is a new day to begin your story. Start fresh and don’t be scared. If this mama of two can do it, ANYONE can. .
Message me or comment ME if you want to join. I will help you learn to love what you see and be proud of who you are becoming.

Happy Friday! 🙌
We made it!💥
Have a great day❤

This guy rocked it at his choir concert tonight. ❤ I love that he is always willing to get outside his comfort zone. ✌

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