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Simple progress is sometimes where it has to start.
This summer I have gained some weight, and really have been off track until this week. Moving jobs, traveling, and just being on my own little struggle bus has been a real deal.
What I love the most about my journey is that I am always in control of starting fresh. In one week I have lost 5 pounds and it is due to buckling down and getting on track.
So here is to simple progress and to losing 5 pounds. In the next 7 weeks, this is going to be insane. This new program is making me feel strong and the nutritional program rocks. Lets chat if you are ready to join me!

I love this Peace Pole. My mom and stepdad gave it to us a few years ago and it sits proud in our yard. It says the same thing, but in 4 languages. "May Peace be in our Homes and Communities." We represent a ton of nationalities in our little family. My husband is Welsh Irish. I am a mix between Italian, Polish, French and Lithuanian. So we chose to have our 4 sides be read in Irish, Polish, Italian and English.
I love this little pole and love all that it stands for.

Leg Day! My biggest struggle, but my favorite day...and where I need the most work!! I upped many of the exercises to 25lb. dumbells today. 😍 I hope I can walk tomorrow.

When you run over your sons bike with the car you buy him a new one right away. πŸ€¦β€β™€οΈ And a bike rack, because it is about time! Happy biking!

Ready for some real talk? Because I have got some. πŸ§šβ€β™‚οΈ I talk to a lot of women each day that are ready to change their lives. Like a ton of women that are 100% passionate about getting healthy and loving their bodies and themselves. Then it comes down to actually doing it and that is when the excuses come up. πŸ€¦β€β™€οΈ ~I am just so busy with my family and kids. {Excuse}. ~I can't afford to spend money on myself. {Excuse}. ~I am too old and my body hurts. {Excuse}. ~I don't have the same amount of energy you have. {Excuse}. ~I don't think my spouse will approve. {Excuse}. ~I just can't make a change. {Excuse}. Let me tell you. When I decided to take control of my health and really quit the excuses, I just DID IT. No more drama. No more excuses. I made the decision to say yes and I never have looked back.
I had ALL of these excuses and some. My husband was never around and sometimes for a couple weeks at a time due to his work schedule and I had two young kids under the age of 5, plus I worked full-time. I mean, those that know me well know that I took only a 5 day maternity leave. My life was crazy and I was beyond emotional, but I knew I needed a fresh start. I cried a lot and hated every mirror I saw. I think I was pretty depressed looking back, but when you are in the heat of the moment you just fight to survive.
To this day I still struggle with self-doubt and I am far from being in perfect health. I drink too much and portion controlling is difficult for me.
My personal life can be messy many days of the week and I tend to scream at everyone when I am upset.....ask my kids and husband. I totally need more PD! πŸ€” See, there is a damn excuse.
Regardless of my own drama and how I need to work harder each day, I never stop pushing. I push to be better each day no matter what. Some days I move forward and some days I move back. Regardless, I work to end the excuses and be better today than I was yesterday.

My challenge group is rocking and we have all ended the excuse that we can't do this. We are ALL doing it. When are you going to end your excuses?

Apparently sleeping is for a different season of my life. πŸ€£πŸ€¦β€β™€οΈ I haven't slept through the night in 5 days. My mind won't shut down, but at least today is a rest day from my exercises....which is good because I am SORE. So this morning I got up early, poured coffee and am working.

My littles are about to wake, so I am getting in the last few minutes of uninterrupted work in before they get up. #biggoalsbigdreams

Do you ever take a moment to stop, reflect and think? Like really slow down?
Nope, me either. With maintaining my home and feeding the bottomless pit children I have my summer have been ridiculous. Plus, I try to keep my kids entertained or I am sure I would completely lose my mind.
Today though, I took a minute to breathe and appreciate where I am at and to just slow down for a day. πŸ§šβ€β™‚οΈI had a great visit with a friend today and she brought me fresh lettuce from her garden. So grateful. πŸ§šβ€β™‚οΈI played a puzzle with my youngest because he cannot seem to get all the letters A-Z. πŸ§šβ€β™‚οΈI watched the first Twlight with my oldest and just enjoyed his presence. πŸ§šβ€β™‚οΈI listened to a rain storm. πŸ§šβ€β™‚οΈI read a book that wasn't a picture book.

My day felt SO LONG. When you stop to slow down and appreciate what is right around you, life doesn't feel so crazy. Slowing down is an art, especially for busy mamas, but I did it today. I challenge you all to take a breath and slow down this week. With only 2 weeks left of my summer, I am going to slow down every chance that I get.

Just a "little" Moose in my yard to start my morning off right. 🏞

Nothing like some Saag Chicken. πŸ˜πŸ™‹β€β™€οΈ I just need to add my plain yogurt and some added spices but the aroma in my house right now is amazing.❀ I LOVE Indian food. This is such an easy go-to family meal that the whole fam adores, plus it is LOADED with spinach. #everyonewins

L A U N C H D A Y ! ❀❀❀ Yes!! New Week.

New Goals.

New Results.

New amazing program, just 4 days a week with a simple meal plan. Easy peasy.

Prices went up last night, but I just checked and they are still on sale! If you want to do this you got a little bit of time to get the best deal!

Life is all about misconceptions.
When you hear the word Beachbody, you may think that this company has to do with "perfect" tiny body sizes. You may also think it has to do with narcistic people taking selfies.

You are so wrong. You have made a judgement about a name without even questioning your misconception. Question me please! I beg you.
I am team Beachbody, because......
❀I want to help people become their best self.
❀I love all body sizes and I welcome all body sizes. ❀I believe in personal development and know that it will help me to live a better life
❀I believe exercise and nutrition will allow me to live a healthy, long life
❀I believe in accountability and support
❀I want to help people lose weight and feel amazing (I met people that have lost over 140 lbs!!!) Whaaatt??
❀I want to teach people that I am a normal lady with a goal of putting myself out there on social media to help others thrive
❀I want the world to smile more
❀I want to surround myself with like minded mamas

This is a small fraction of why I am part of this Team Beachbody movement.
This company changes lives. Period. Before you decide to live your life off a misconception, ask me some questions. This company will blow your mind. I have never been more inspired since I started coaching. If you believe in mind, body, spirit and soul, you will believe in this company.
AAANNNNNDD, I am currently adding to my team! Come join me friend!

I found a cute little Cheetah. ❀

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