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Pasqualita Lewis  Living my life under a blacklight

I honestly miss my two sisters so much..! I want them by my side again, so I know that they are safe. I miss laughing with them, making fun of me, making me feel like a kid. It's hard being away from them because they're all I think about. Wondering if they're okay, safe, and fed. I can't wait to see my sisters again. They're my world even though we may disagree on certain things. I protect them, I juss need them around me, I'm not myself.. πŸ’”πŸ’―

I want someone to see all the hurt, the pain inside and out. Tell me things no one has before, grow on me, give me a vibe I never felt.. help me..

Why are you so amazing and perfect πŸ’– @phoraone

My stress reliever πŸ’– #reading

Tried taking a picture with my younger bro but I just got his fro #nomakeup hmm

I love the friendship we have together πŸ’– love you girl! @worship_hard

"I can't wait no longer, I need you. Cuz lately I've been crushing over you"

Because I'm a badass motherfucka! Lmao #cast #pink

My future lookin' so bright
I ain't sweating my past now
I've been working all night
I finish up and I cash out
Fly away and get high
Take shots of Crown 'til I pass out
Ain't no stealing my spotlight
They can play the background
There ain't no lookin' back now
Nooo-ooo R-I-T-T-Z Bitch! πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’―β˜


My sisters and I on my bday

My little cream cheese cake 😊

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