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Caitlin Pascucci  Founder/Director at @sanghastudio: nonprofit, donation-based yoga studio | embracing community, arm balances, and good hugs. #sanghastudio

pulled these 2 cards for someone last night and this morning....feels like it’ll be a pretty good day 🔥 🦅 #thewildunknown

BLISSED OUT IN BATTERY PARK {happening tomorrow!!}

Wanna do some yoga outside, get some sweet flash tats, and maybe even some giveaways during class?? Hell yeah! I’ll be leading OM AT FOAM {Saturday 7/7!!} 4:30-5:30pm — a part of Blissed Out in Battery Park — the first 50 people to lay their mat down get a free drink ticket for @foambrewers after (isn’t Foam the best??? PS: includes on tap kombucha). This is our first big outdoor fundraiser for @sanghastudio and it would be so amazing to see the grass full! Tickets are $30 and all proceeds support the 20+ and growing yoga service programs that Sangha hosts each week {{more yoga for more people!!!}}. Classes run from 9am-7pm with lots of other activities too — so stop by for a class, to hang out, or to check out the activities and vendors. Huge thanks to everyone who is volunteering, has donated or sponsored the event, and who has helped put this on. ❤️❤️❤️

Plus, small plug for weekly @omatfoam classes at Waterfront Park, every Tuesday from 6-7pm with @forreste.elizabeth and @chaselightwithme. $13 for yoga class and a drink ticket! 🍻

📷: @chaselightwithme #blissedoutinbatterypark #sanghastudio

awesome friends are in this photo, you just can’t see any of them. No, the friends in the water aren’t people I know. I’m taking a selfie of darkness...Happy 4th all. 💥

Some tips for Revolved Half Moon! [note: I totally messed up that the new Instagram tv needs to be in vertical 🤦🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️ (does anyone else feel like they also use this emoji to describe way too many things???) Catch the whole clip with the demo of alignment points on my Facebook page: Caitlin Pascucci, Yoga]

This summer’s intention (which hopefully just becomes habit) — to intentionally S•L•O•W D•O•W•N. To move more slowly day to day, to try to slow down time so the summer doesn’t fly by. And, maybe more importantly, to [put in the extra effort] to connect with the people I haven’t seen in a while but who I love. •

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One of the most beautiful things about practicing outdoors (or really in any place where you don’t have a yoga mat) is that it’s an opportunity to challenge your understanding of alignment and your awareness of your body and your surroundings. An opportunity to be completely in tune with your yoga practice and your environment. When the ground isn’t level, how do you move on it? When you step and it gets a bit shaky, how do you respond? With the elements of the wind, the sun, and the little critters that may be around, how do you let that all in to become a part of your practice? As we stroll through social media, theres so many videos and photos of people doing yoga in places that seem unconventional and comments that that photo or video was taken only for “the shot” tend to come up over and over. Yeah, maybe that’s true sometimes, but whatever. Those photos are often beautiful and artfully done so why not find beauty in that captured moment? In every photo there’s more than just the moment that was captured. What would happen if we asked ourselves, “what else do I see?”.

Last weekend year 2 of yoga teacher training graduated. From the weekend, I only have these 2 photos and 1 video — a photo of a group teaching, a photo of a sharing activity, and a video of @sarahdiedrick trekking up the hill in the golf cart that I think we all want at home for ourselves. With the close of the weekend and the last 7 months of training, I have no words other than thank you and I love you. To the 20 people who shared themselves and became a part of the story. To @b_lilien for taking endless notes and “doing it in the back” to keep us all organized and on track, to @sarahdiedrick for more than I could even try to write here, and to so, so many people for helping make the time and space for training to happen. With each training I grow and learn too and feel almost speechless and how it’s all worked out. When I think about that, it makes me feel so incredibly grateful for my teachers and the people I have learned from. To say that we’ve now trained 46 beautiful souls that are out there doing their thing is something I am continually blown away by. Thank you to everyone for showing up and being a part of that, in all the many ways that that is.

This is a post from 4 years ago today on Facebook. This photo was taken at the first studio, when I was working multiple jobs and teaching like 15 classes a week. Every time this post shows up on my page in that "from X years ago" area, it always makes me smile because every word still feels so true. <3

6/3/2014: I really, really love teaching yoga. And this is something I am just now truly understanding.
It's weeks like these that make me value and appreciate my yoga practice so much. Long works days because of Jazzfest, but also great nights out with friends. A busy new studio schedule, but fresh excitement surrounding the space. Moving in and out of apartments in a rush, but amazing people that offer their help. And the ebb and flow of family dynamics paired with the support and love that surfaces in times of need. Day by day I begin to realize that when someone comes to class and leaves saying, "I really needed that" - that I did too. Teaching is my practice. I need it. It helps me maintain those highs and lows in life, it recharges me, it fuels me. Granted - my energy levels may vary day to day but I always end class being so thankful for the people who showed up and shared the last hour with me. So thanks for showing up - in any way you have, on or off the mat.

favorite new mantra: asking “what’s more important?”, and then doing that thing.

📷: @lifeintheboonies

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remember, show up for the people who show up for you

One of my favorite things about teaching yoga is how when someone comes to class over time, how when someone commits to their practice, that they learn how to adapt the asanas so that they are able to give themselves what they want and what they need from each class. When these modifications happen in a shared space with many different people, it’s becomes so clear that the yoga practice is a beautiful, collective, deeply spiritual thing. To me (and I hope to the yoga teachers out there), this is clear reminder that that is why we need to keep showing up for classes no matter the attendance because it matters to someone, to keep up our own yoga practice and not get burnt out, and to keep learning by doing trainings, continued education, and challenging our teaching. “Showing up” doesn’t mean just physically being in a space to teach class, it means purposefully leading a group of people by showing up for the people who show up for us. •


Completely wiped out after a morning 1-mile run. My kind of running partner ❤️
Actual question to the dog people: other than fish oil (he already takes that) should I be giving him any other supplements to keep him healthy and moving as he ages?

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