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Caitlin Pascucci  Founder/Director at @sanghastudio: nonprofit, donation-based yoga studio | embracing community, arm balances, and good hugs. #sanghastudio

Hey friends. So, I’ve been 30 for 3 days now. To celebrate, Anthony and I came to San Diego to surf and just get away. We went to the zoo (which sort of looks like it came out of Jurassic World), camped on the beach, and explored the city. On my birthday, I got so many messages from people sharing their love (thank you everyone) — and a pretty good sized handful of awkward photos of me posted to the internet (thanks for those, guys, you know who you are...). The 2 days after my birthday, not gonna lie, I got into a little funk — one of those moods when you feel like you don’t know what you need to make yourself feel better but you need something. I don’t know, I just felt a little insecure and bummed out for whatever reason. But, as the saying goes — “saltwater heals everything” — we went surfing and it’s so true because I haven’t felt like that since. On my birthday (and really so many times since then), I’ve thought of so many things I’ve wanted to share, but instead of social media-ing, I decided to just reflect, to just sit on the beach and to just be ok with having free time to figure out what to do when there’s absolutely nothing that needs to be done. Today Anthony and I were talking about how we have spent more time together, just us, in this last week than we have in the 11 years that we’ve known each other. Not that I needed a reminder, but this last week has for sure been one of why he’s just the best guy ever. And a reminder that it’s important to work hard and do what we love, and that it’s also so important to {{really}} step away from it too. Going away makes me feel more grateful than I already was for the incredible team at @sanghastudio for everything they do for the studio and our community, and also for me. Maybe more thoughts later, but for now, just thank you thank you thank you everyone.

#10minutes21days — day 7

remember: this practice isn’t about the handstand or the bind or the crazy backbend. It’s about using the postures as a way to open up our hearts, to be able to see our world more clearly. To be able to have our own backs and the backs of others with more ease. So, wherever you, just start practicing.

Inspired by @m.stanton3 and the fact that this time of year is hard for a lot of people and that we could all probably use a little extra support and love, let’s try this together.....#10minutes21days

It’s said that 10 minutes of doing something consistent for 21 days makes a new habit. Mary posted that she’s rolled out of bed for the last 21 mornings and done 10 minutes of yoga each day. New habit, just like that. This time of year especially is known to be hard — seasons are changing, schedules change, routines shift, family dynamics. Maybe a little group support can help with that, or, get you into that home practice you’ve maybe wanted. It doesn’t need to be big. Roll out of bed. Set a timer. 10 minutes. Breathing, movement, meditation, sitting in stillness. Whatever. Just 10 minutes of practice for you and your day.

Post along if you’re inspired too. Either way, know that you are loved and cared for and, even if through the internet, there are people there for you. DM me if you have questions on poses or get stuck on where to start. Sending you all some love today.

It feels good to find people you love working with. To walk in and see this welcome sign makes it just extra right.

huge shoutout and thanks to @aragoldeneagle @wishbone_collective @lifeintheboonies @littleartsyfaces @tompearo .... and to my soul sister @sarahdiedrick. Magic happens together.

Check wishbone’s page for photos of the full moon event throughout the week 🌝 ❤️

class schedule this week! a few extra special classes in there ❤️
F U L L M O O N celebration 9/25 🌝 at @wishbone_collective, winooski
*6-7PM Candlelit yoga co-taught with @sarahdiedrick and live music from @tompearo (last co-taught class before she leaves!)
*7-9PM Open house with tarot card readings, body paint & portrait photography from @lifeintheboonies *pre-register on eventbrite or tickets at the door
F L O W 9/26 weds 6-7pm @sanghastudio — North
15-HR A S S I S T I N G T R A I N I N G level 1 + 2 at @sanghastudio — North
*9/28-9/29, level 1 // 9/30 level 2

YOGA CAMP RETREAT — happening this weekend! We’ve got a few spots left! DM me or @sarahdiedrick for details 🌲 🔥 ⛺️ location: @knollfarmvt in Fayston, VT

What’s included???:
- 2 nights on a beautiful farm in a yurt village with fire pits and a wood fired hot tub
- delicious home cooked meals (one night is outdoor pizza oven night!)
- 2x daily yoga and meditation in a rustic barn and a mountain top yurt
- an all around good time with some great people and some special surprises ❤️

reminder: it’s not realistic to always live in the same town as your best friends, so be sure to love them up whenever you see them. •

This past weekend I went to @otismtngetdown. I got dance sore, co-led a class with @sarahdiedrick to the sweet sounds of @tompearo to over 200 people, and just had an all around amazing time. I didn’t take a single photo or check my email all weekend. I actually left my phone in the car, something that hasn’t happened in a really long time. •

Before the festival even started, one of my best friends told me they’re planning to move next year. With Sarah moving a few months back and coming to visit this month, I’ve been thinking a lot about how it’s not realistic to assume that our friends will always live in the same place as us. It’s awesome when they do, but that’s just not what tends to happen as life goes on. We can’t assume that the way our friendships are with them will always be the same. Life changes. I’ve been telling myself to savor the moment and to be really present when I do have the ones I love around. It makes me think of being in college and how awesome it was to have all my friends live in a 10 minute walk, to be able to call them up to see what’s going on and see them half an hour later....and how it all changes so quickly after school ends. So, love your friends up. Spend quality time with them. Make the effort to see them. And let’s not take it all for granted. •

Huge, huge thanks to the Otis team for putting together such a beautiful event and letting me be a part of it. Looking forward to 2019 already.

GREAT ARTICLE READ: I’m currently beaching and reading the August 2018 @yogajournal and wanted to share this well written article on Yin Yoga. I personally stopped teaching Yin because wasn’t confident in my understanding of the practice enough to teach a room of people who have questions and want to learn more about it. This article is really well done and addresses what exactly Yin Yoga is, how its different than restorative, and what its mean to stress vs. stretch the joints and the science behind it. Apologies for if it’s hard to read (the paper got soaked with sunscreen...ha!) Article written by @jsummers


In addition to the points in the video, be aware of the person you’re assisting moving into a backbend and/or deep anterior tilt of the pelvis (ie, sticking their bum out). Use verbal cues to assist! — “Lengthen tailbone down” / “Gently draw the peak of the ribs together” / “Breathe and move up and over into a side-bend, not a backbend” AND: breathe WITH the person you’re assisting, not ON them. And notice where you want your gaze to be (or not be!) •

And incase you’re wondering: No, we didn’t plan our outfits. And no, Sarah isn’t back just yet (I found this video when I was looking at our text thread because I missssss her). But, she’ll be back soon!!!

head smashes and hugs are just the best things ever.

REGGAE FLOW TONIGHT! 7pm at @sanghastudio-north is ON!’ll just be inside instead of on the roof due to rain. But, that just means more people can come!! Here’s a little insight into the sequence for tonight + inversion practice time (for those of you practicing handstand: remember! Think knees to chest! We’ll go over this in classes for the next week too! All thanks go to @jason_crandell for this eye opening cue!)

I’d say this color is spot on. 👍🏻

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