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Danny Paschall  Who reads this stuff?

Footwork. Bonzo will hopefully approve. @georgiaplayersguild Zeppelin/Who show tomorrow at the Strand. Come on! #bonham #moon #zeppelin #who #gaplayersguild #strand #endlesshashtags #becausebusiness

😆🤣Another #tbt to a hang with my hilariously psychotic bro Andy. Vids here include 1) Andy beating himself with a leather strap. 2) him trying to refresh his gf’s memory on who Jamiroquai is (along with an interpretive dance of the music video) 3) him judging his gf’s choice of milkshake. Live wire this kid is...

Had a bit of a short #dragoncon hang this year, but fun was still had...and that’s muh boi @eggtronamus with that Sailor Moon swag

#tbt to my vacation last month. This here is my brother Gabe doing the voice of an unnamed character he made up. What shall we name him? #soundon🔊

👑 #aretha

This little shit was happy to see me

My old Eastern Shore band mates Clark, Andy & Brian (with us in spirit is Adam). I ran into these guys on a whim last night (as well as a few other folks from my past haunt) and joined them on a little impromptu jam sesh. It’s an understatement to say that these guys played a big part in my life: 1) first time playing paid gigs 2) getting the chance to play with a band of dudes that I thought were exceptional players and great guys 3)first time in my 17 years at the time that I really felt like I fit in somewhere/anywhere 4) I never laughed so hard in my life at all the ridiculousness that occurred constantly at band practice, and on/off stage. Couldn’t have asked for a better way to end my trip #oldpals

Not a bad haul for a record shop on the Eastern shore of VA of all places. @soundidearecords is a pretty cool place to check out. For those who like to nerd out to this sort of thing, here’s some vinyl porn for ya #vinyl #soundidearecords #esva

This right here was a sick show. Be warned: lots of greatness here. My bud @thekingseye and @zachdanziger melting brains along with @natewoodmusic . #whatsthatsmell #wrestling #nyc #nublu

Me and brother Pete at the Smashing Pumpkins last Saturday! A show that needed to happen and I couldn’t have been happier that Pete went with me. Pete was rocking out so hard, at one point he started pumping his fist so hard he nearly knocked out the persons in front and behind us 🤣. Great show. #smashingpumpkins #brothers

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