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Danny Paschall  Who reads this stuff?

Note the last screenshot of their IG page. I’m sure there’s a message there. #deathgrips #deathgripsfollownoone #zachhill #mcride #albumcoveroftheyear

One more for Father’s Day. My grandfather Joe Paschall (aka “The Man”) way back when. 🥁#runsinthefamily

Still lifting the steel in his 60s. Taurus (Apr. 30th). A voice that can be heard for miles (nay.....AEONS). A fairly sloppy eater. As one person put it, “a g’damn lummox.” Pretty smart fella too. Thankfully it was in the stars that the more stubborn/bombastic parts of this dude’s genes worked their way toward my becoming a drummer (everything else leaves a little to be desired on my end). Happy Father’s Day Bobbert.

Monday Steaks with the fellas. Love these dudes #musicianhang #illuminotreally #droogs


On a less disturbing note, I’m playing tonight with these hep cats. Free show. 830. Come hang! #argosy #eav #diamondstreetplayers

It’s 6 am. That’s a bug. It was in my ear. In there. And eventually fell right the fuck out. I’M AWAKE NOW. KILL ME.

Put some pants on asshole #indecentexposure


Pop Pop Paschall’s (“The Man”) 90th surprise birthday party PART 2!!! Lotsa videos here. In order you will see:

1) Uncle Mike’s Tijuana jail story (2 parts)
2) My dad’s short follow up to Mike’s jail story and him getting lost at an airshow (2 parts)
3) Uncle Larry calling Mike out on his baldness
4) Aunt MJ @mjstay making us all mushy and shit

Once again, on the official, HAPPY BIRTHDAY BEBOP! #90yearsyoung #TheMan #beatingswillcontinueuntilmoraleimproves

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