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we're dogs lol UwU xD

a candid photo of me, drinking the blood of communists

hey I produce music
there's a link in my bio if any of you are interested
love you

hey guys just wanted to let you know that we looked at the data, and it turns out that exploring the southern Italian countryside with a beautiful olive-skinned woman while drinking wine is the only viable mechanism through which we can opt out of this degenerate, hedonistic modern culture. have a nice day

this is a stickup give me your coins

what kind of lipgloss is this

a candid photograph of me, when people start rejecting modernity and returning to Skyrim-style tribalism, surviving off of fruits and vegetables grown in their own farms and protecting their families with Daedric warhammers

y'all mind if I uhhhhhh build a wall on the southern border

Everywhere around me are spineless soy zombies doped up on perfect cocktails of Communism, rap lyrics, and antidepressants. my only possible escape; the only bandaid on this egalitarian dystopia, is Higher Love by Steve Winwood.

i am in a deck of cards and you are most likely not. that's just how it's gonna be, friendo

I'm Ross'd up baby

imagine being this wild!

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