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Parker Schurer  Golfer ⛳️ 🏌️Piano player 🎹 Painter 🖌 Video gamer 🎮 Star Wars fan 🎬 and all around fun 10 year old kid. 😀Lowest 9, 18: 38, 81. Follow my journey!

Knocking down flagsticks! Played a fun little game practicing today. The flags laying down on the green were the edge of the water hazard. Had to carry them or else 💦... and try to get it close of course! Fun, practical game! Try it!

When you're fighting your swing and can't hit a green in regulation but you have to figure out how to get up and down for par. Thanks for a fun time @davidvillicanajrgolf and @beastmodecalebgolf.

Without my swing firing on all cylinders still, I was able to squeak out an 87 today on a course I've never played before. Practice/short game work paying off. All divots were replaced or sanded in the making of this video. 😀

Had a good practice session tonight. 9 holes. Every shot using an alignment stick. It really helped. Still had to execute the shots with a good swing but when alignment and good swing were matched up...I was hitting my targets. A 43 with 2 doubles and a triple. Hence, still have to execute the shots.

Gorgeous night! 2:10 minutes to finish 18 holes! Got to ❤️ it! Swing is starting to come back around. It left me for the past two weeks. Knocking back on the 🚪of the 80's. Should be there real soon again. Just have to clean up a couple of shots/putts.

Thank you Mr. @dwyanewade and Mr. @cooperkupp for taking the time for a picture! It was great meeting you! I'm a big fan of the Heat and the LA Rams! Next time you're here, let's play a round!

When it's too stinking hot to go practice, I have other things I can be working on. #piano #musicofthenight#toostinkinghottopractice

Thanks to Ms. @pammeyz and Mr. Dan, I was able to play this fun 18 hole par 3 Nicholas design course today! I had so much fun! You're seeing the best of the best because I played two balls. This course is tricky...just a hair offline and trouble awaits. I definitely found some of that (not shown here 😀). Beautiful course in a beautiful setting! Thank you again!

Happiness is busting one over the corner of the water to find the fairway!

Played a great course today. Too bad I couldn't play well at all. Managed to squeeze off a few good shots but that's about it.

Super fun tournament today! We took home the cup (175-191) against Seven Oaks Country Club in Bakersfield despite having 4 less people! Thank you @sparkgolf for all you did to set it up! Team Rustic Canyon!

PERSONAL BEST by 3 strokes! I shot an 81 today at Rancho Vista Golf Club in Palmdale from the green tees, 5,262 yards. Kept it in play and when I didn't hit a good shot, I got back into position and was able to get up and down on almost every hole to save bogey or par except one, the 9th hole. Triple bogey. This kept me from breaking 80 for the first time! Ugh. Pin high on a lot of holes and barely missed quite a few birdie putts or else this would have been real low. I was paired up with an amazing lady, 77 years old, and could play golf!! She was super sweet and excited for me and extremely encouraging. She kept saying how much she was enjoying this day playing with me. I equally enjoyed playing with her! Hope to see you again Ki (key)!

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