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Parker Marx  Adult performer. Staring into the void

The remains of @vextape —— a photo of a trace of a photograph from earlier this week

Sometimes someone puts you in a newspaper when you haven’t even committed any significant crimes. From Tagesspiegel. Photo by Paula Winkler

Packing up to go shoot my first set of sex tapes in Barcelona. I haven’t had a moment to talk about it publicly, but I have some amazing people to work with this week. I think it could be a beautiful beginning.

This shot was taken by Zoe D’Amaro from Godmother Films. She and her camera have become a big part of my life this week; but that’s a story for another time.

Performing in ‘The Bitchhiker’ with #olympedeg on #xconfessions
Written and directed by #olympedeg ;
photographed by @serenaslv

Still from "Hot Power Couple" on #xconfessions directed by @erikalust, photographed by @adrianaeskenazi

M I N ::: an ancient God of male sexual potency⠀
At the beginning of the harvest season, his image ⁜ stood in shrouds, crowned with feathers, erect penis in his hand ⁜
was taken from the dark of the temple and brought to the fields. They played games naked in his honour, casting a blessing the harvest

The condition of our earliest lives 🝤 the intense passion of our adult selves ⠀
#urbansigils #psychosex #sexualalchemy

Tomorrow // 10pm CET // #NPO3 #Nederland
Over the summer Dutch National Television gave a pot of money to three mainstream filmmakers to each make a porn film and had @vinboykars follow them with a camera. 'VIEZE film' (DIRTY film) is the tripartite result of that experiment.
The first episode follows the filming of 'CORN' by @angeloraaijmakers , the abstract tale of a sexual relationship between @misserisofficial and @parkermarx that plays out entirely within the secluded copse of a cornfield.

Still from "Idolatry" by Four Chambers,
out now (link in bio)

@lupavaux #idolatry #fourchambers

Still from "Un Beau Dimanche"
Directed by Lucie Blush for

A silent guardian of the city. The streets of #berlin echo with its roar; stretched out in time the cry is inaudibly deep. If we ever feel it, it's as a vague, uneasy movement somewhere deep in the background noise of the city. But for spirits who occupy a slower existence, it is deafening; a warning that the people here will as they will. #urbanfetishes #pride

not always pretty

Photo by @lenore_holloway

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