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Parker Marx  Adult performer. Staring into the void

Still from "Un Beau Dimanche"
Directed by Lucie Blush for

A silent guardian of the city. The streets of #berlin echo with its roar; stretched out in time the cry is inaudibly deep. If we ever feel it, it's as a vague, uneasy movement somewhere deep in the background noise of the city. But for spirits who occupy a slower existence, it is deafening; a warning that the people here will as they will. #urbanfetishes #pride

not always pretty

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Still from "The Latex Sessions" by @erikalust on #xconfessions

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We rejected this location only because it had so many practical difficulties. It's a beautifully beaten up old train turntable that can still be cranked round. You can imagine how the shots would be of the world sweeping past naked bodies as they writhe together, of rust worn steel gliding through the space of our intimacy. An idea, like all ideas, that eventually had to be let go.

days when you wake up to this fucker examining your soul⠀

thanks to @beeohvee for putting me on her couch

rope marks from inverted suspension

Remembering the time @erikalust @laila_alsane and @claireokeefe turned me into a vampire

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I recommended this book to many of you over the last year. I pick it off my shelves and in the first place it falls open I am reminded why... ❝ There is a certain economy to relationships, one reflected in the language that often surrounds talking about them. Let's call it emonomics. People talk about 'investing' in relationships, cutting their losses, also the word 'value' (multifaceted as it is) features heavily in all sorts of selfhelpish communications. When people consider their sense of self worth, how (or whether) they are 'valued' in their relationships, nobody ever seems to consider the hard sell, the flogging of your wares in a collapsed market. An object passes the event horizon, into the black hole, without ever appearing to do so to an external observer. I caught myself having a dream in which in an effort to persuade someone to have sex with me, I said to them: 'My father always told me "Nothing is free in this life, but some things are cheaper than others".' ❞

I die, in love, and rise again. Take this as a final voice of recommendation. For myself, I will keep the book beneath my pillow. It is a solace and a joy amidst a painful tide.

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When four parents get together for dinner it turns into an orgy of hot, sweaty, dirty, debauched fucking ✦ The story of all the best parties 'Hot Power Couple' featuring @linabembe @katanax_official @roosterxxray and @parkermarx. On

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