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Jennifer Tejada  Baking & Pastry Arts Student Fashion Design Chihuahua Mommy 🐢 Mrs.Gradilla-to-be πŸ’ Snapchat: kittenkissies


It feels so weird to wear my hair down 😱 it is literally in a bun all day every day except when i sleep. Wore this outfit a couple days ago but didnt get a pic , so here it is again! I love this sweater! I’m also thinking of redying my hair soon but i’m so lazy and indecisive on color :’)

Merry Christmas from my baby 🐢


Staff Meeting/ small party today with my adorable coworkers πŸͺπŸ’• It really ended with a bang but, at least we had this TO DIE FOR pudding!

When i’m not posting ootds, i’m busy being too short to whisk my meringue without some assistance πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

Had a beautiful date with my love yesterday πŸ’• Wish we didn’t have to leave early!

Honey 🍯
Adore this dress,fits like a glove after some alterations (bought the wrong size πŸ˜…)
The honey choker is TO DIE FOR
Happy Halloween!!

Shitty house party pics πŸŽ‰

Why the long face? 😒
Last minute sad clown costume for my annual halloween boardgame party tonight 🎲
Dedicating this look to @kiroitorii cause youre the cutest clown ever πŸ’•

Hi i’m a strawberry πŸ“
I bought a halloween costume to wear as a regular clothes :^)

Thank you everybody for the support last night ❀️ I didn't really expect much. I posted that more so for my own sake but didnt expect responses. I'm not going to post my whole story up just yet, its really really long to type out so idk maybe i'll make a video or something. Anyway I don't have too many pictures of myself at that point in my life. i hardly looked at myself in the mirror so i was not going to be taking selfies lol. But here are a few i had in my phone . The one on the right I took today, no angles,posing, or filters,nothing. The picture on the left was probably around January ,i'm not sure really. The interesting thing is besides the long list of side effects I had from the eating disorder, my BMI was perfect. Nurses would tell me i'm the exact weight for my height and it was ideal, yet everything else about me was terrible.
Its a bit difficult for me to compare how i used to be to how i am now. There is a false idea that i will be happier smaller, but at the same time I know i was smaller at some point and I wasn't happy then either.So I just have to keep pushing and moving forward. Physical health wise my recovery has been splendid so i'm sure mentally it'll come along as well πŸ‘πŸ»

Its been over a year since diagnosis, today Anorexia Nervosa was officially removed from my "ongoing illness" chart
Its odd, i know i've come along well physically. I'm no longer just existing while rotting inside. I quit therapy..my own choice not my doctors. Despite that i'm better than I was before
But I don't really feel quite recovered yet
I have energy in my body but mentally theres still many things i cannot do and daily life isnt as simple yet as I wish it were.
Sometimes I wonder if i'll ever be the same as "normal" people. No matter how well i seem to be any particular day its never gone completely. Its pretty frustrating. I wonder if i should make a lengthier post sometime about my story.I dunno
Its funny I'm eating oatmeal right now, this used to be the one meal i'd let myself enjoy just a bit when i was deeper into the illness

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