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Heirloom Clothing  Ashley Duggan Smith Handcrafted for the future readers, thinkers, and coffee drinkers | 3m - 6T | Made in Alabama Preloved @smithhousecollective

We went to the park this weekend, and the butterflies were out in droves. They kept landing on all of us, and since I watch way too much Sofia the First with my papoose, it reminded me of Princess Ivy. We all got a kick out of pretending we were frozen whenever the butterflies touched us, except for the baby who just looked at us like we were crazy.

Enjoyed our nature trail until we literally walked into a swarm of mosquitos. It was at that exact moment we turned around and headed back. On to the popsicles.

For all the little Huckleberry Finns out there.

A new shirt for my papoose, and a new meal for Bug Bug.

I am in such a clearing out mode right now. I gave myself the day off from sewing, and I tackled the spare bedroom closets. Dun dun duuuun. Is everyone's spare closet the junk all? Some treasures are going to giveaway, and some are going to @smithhousecollective. I feel so much lighter, it's such accomplishment, even if I do say so myself!

Well Dada came down with a sickness last night, and one papoose is down as well. Let's all just imagine we're in the Hundred Acre Woods with this precious Pooh Bear, and everything will be perfect. 🎈

I need your advice, y'all. What do you do to keep your kids from locking/ unlocking doors? Especially outside doors. I caught my papoose with the back door wide open today, and while I tried to not scare her with ideas of bad guys, she needs to know not to go outside alone. How do you handle that conversation?

How am I supposed to decide from all of this loveliness? I really can't help myself if I ever find any lace remnants at a secondhand shop. They're usually vintage and delicate and so, so lovely.

This cotton candy sunset though.

It has been VBS mania for us this week, and I've had to take a nap every day this week. Except for today. Today I got to stay up after a huge vomiting episode because my papoose decided to get sick on the last day after it was all over, just like I used to. I frequently got sick the first day of any school holiday, destroying the serenity of any vacation time. We are definitely sleeping in tomorrow!

So I realize all I really did was put it in the ground and water it, so basically nothing, but I am so proud of this little garden bounty.

Heading out today my papoose says, "Mommy, I just want to stay home and eat food." Me too, my love. Me too.

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