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Nicky  👼🏽✨ur local angel™ 👼🏽✨

✨🥀don’t call me a wallflower / I’m the damn bouquet💐✨ lol ty for the pic @himichelleli and the set @onepiecemaurice

⚡️🐆WATCH ⚠️OUT⚠️ NYC there are some wild cats on the loose somebody better call animal control or 9-1-1🐆⚡️#tbt to workmom and I 👯‍♀️twinning & winning👯‍♀️

✨🖤2 BLESSED 2 BE STRESSED BINCH!🖤✨WOW y’all to be on stage with such talent and have the honor of performing with ⚠️THE PANTHERA SURGE⚠️ was beautiful. I lived out my stomp the yard dreams (clap clap binch!) and held a 💥beat💥 that would’ve made my senior letter (high school step team) ladies proud while these queens pulled looks and had that audience ⚡️shook⚡️ in all the right ways! Thank you @panthydoll for inviting me on this wild ride and @kraejiyaeji for seeing the unlimited potential in this superstar😘💕 ❤️love you all, thank u for an unforgettable night❤️

🍒🍌FRUTTI🍑🍓TUTTI🍊🍉CUTIE🍋🥝feelin juicy✨

🌈🔥hot off the 💅🏽press💅🏽 it’s @hayleykiyoko by @evazar for refinery 29 dot com🔥🌈 her album is the 🌟MOOD🌟 read the words and listen to the music then catch me at the club dancing 2 the bops!!! 💕🥀🌶😜

✨☺️cheesin / but sad 2 b leavin☺️✨big thank u to 🗾Japan🗾 for sharing its infectious energy, dazzling visuals, culinary treasures, and so much more with ya boy on this inspiring journey. Grateful to have the privilege to see other parts of the world and can’t wait to bring this experience (and snacks!!! Lol candy boo) back 2 nyc😘😘😘catch ya soon💖💖💖

✨🏯binch if i were an oyster, i’d definitely have a pearl. hbu?🏯✨

✨🎉 お 誕生日おめでとう / Happy Birthday Sis!!!🎉✨Reporting live from the scene this Hawaiian hauté has just turned 💢21 years old💢 y’all lock those liquor cabinets up, nobody is safe tonight🤣🍶🍸🍾 In all seriousness, thank you @anastasiiaa__ for being a 💖fabulous💖 travel partner and a ✨marvelous✨ sister that continues to inspire me, challenge me, and crack me up with the jokes🤣 HBD 2 U🍰✨

✨🌃Japan is 💡LIT💡 y’all! There is something so 💫magical💫 about night time here. The sun sets but these streets stay 🔅illuminated🔅 by vending machines on every block, every corner!!!! Sodas, cigarettes, coffees oh my goodness the variety puts my neighborhood bodega 2 shame☕️🍰🥛🍶🥡 And you know I keep dropping my coin at alll hours of the night for that Calpico soda mm-mm also 7-11 is gourmet here🌃✨⭐️

✨🌃and on Sunday evening it was confirmed that Tokyo has stolen this sweetie’s ❤️heart❤️🌃✨📸 brought to you by @anastasiiaa__

✨🌸はじめまして🌸✨And after 18 hours of planes, trains, and lower leg pains this bby 👼🏽cherub👼🏽 found himself in the ☀️Land of the Rising Sun☀️where the sakuras are in full bloom and spring is in swing💕This jetlag has my head ➰spinning➰ but let me tell you!!! the destination was definitely worth the wait!💯✨🌸💛

✨🌈I cant articulate how 🏆proud🏆 I am to be part of the @refinery29 photo team. This week along with our collaborators we earned 10 SPD nominations and 3 selected winner AIAP images. Thank you for forever inspiring me, always pushing forward, and being 🥀CREATIVE AF!!!🥀; @tobykauf @marysnow @lorennags @amandapantz @erinyamagata @julieborowsky @meganmadden @yukimizuma @lilacperez ✨🌈 A TRUE DREAM TEAM💕😘

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