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Kelvin S.M.  My art is not about perfection of details but rather the perfection of emotions & fulfillment of the passion to create & learn. ©Papers and Crayons

"The Blue Teapot"

"Flower and Window"


"Empty Dinner (pondering emptiness)"

"The Evening Primrose"


"Madonna and Child (an unfinished touch)" -- This one is very special to me coz this belong to what i considered one of my classic art pieces. I happened to find this last night while cleaning my room here in Quezon (the place where i was born) and 'twas only last night when i arrived here to spend the long holidays. I remembered, this was the last art project i'm doing before i moved out to city and have a living there. It's been 6 or 5 yrs since i last saw this piece and the feeling is so unexplainable for this unexpected reunion between this art and me, the artist. Now i decided to leave it undone to preserve the emotions and the memories i put into it. I still use pencils back then in drafting my works unlike these days where purely crayons are being used by my hands to shape my art. Anyway, hope you enjoy this timeless offering from me. Happy viewing!!! ~Kelvin :-)

"The Little Match Girl"



"Night Roses"

"An Art Story"

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